Friday, March 17, 2017

My life | it's a mess, it's all a mess

Maybe there is something wrong with me.
It almost seems that I enjoy this little games we keep playing. 
It almost seams that I like figuring out all the little lies, all the little details. And yeah, I love to solve puzzles. I hate to solve these puzzles.
My brain is working all the time. I enjoy watching people. And I've learned a lot from that. I notice everything. EVERYTHING. Every detail, every word misspoken, every subtil action, every micro-expression. And I hate this side of me. I hate that no one can hide anything from me. I'm not saying that I can figure out exactly what is going on, but I know when something smells fishy

I often get it right. He can't hide anything from me. For a while I just pretended I didn't notice. But not anymore.

I know he also has this skill. We think the same way. The funniest thing about this is that all the plans and the lies he comes up with, Are all things that could have come out of my own brain. That's why I figure it out so quickly. And he is able to do the same, I know. I lied once, and he saw right trough me.

Because of all this crap, I know he is the one for me. We are indeed soulmates. Birds of a feather. Fuck.


  1. a vida as vezes e mm lixada :/

  2. Como te compreendo. Mas eu gosto de dar conta dos detalhes. Aborreço-me é quando ignoro os sinais porque "talvez esteja a exagerar".
    Encontrar outra pessoa assim não é fácil. E realmente, pode ser uma situação estranha

  3. Têm que ser transparentes um com o outro, vão ver que vai ajudar imenso! <3
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  5. I adored this cartoon in my childhood, it's brilliant!))

  6. Well, it sounds like despite the mess, you're meant to be

  7. Love this so much!

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  8. Ás vezes somos obrigados a conviver com o nosso próprio 'eu', visto e vivido em outra pessoa e isso é mesmo bem chocante. A vida é meio bagunçada assim...

    Visite o meu blog?! Eu adoraria receber sua visita <3 Um grande beijo
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