Sunday, March 4, 2018

My Life | The Soap Opera is back

You know when I told you that my life feels like a soap opera? Well, Season 02 has just started! This time, I am dating a guy who’s mom is famous -- like, really really famous. 
We met trough some friends in common. We hanged out one night, at a club with those friends and the next morning when I woke I had a text from him inviting me for a coffee. Let me state that at this point I had not idea about who he is.

So that night we went out to a super nice bar, with an awesome view of the bridge and the Tagus river. A super cool place, that I'd never heard of before. And there we were talking, and drinking when a hot famous Portuguese TV actor approached us and started to talk to him. I was like “oh he knows this dude, oh”.... He even introduced me to the guy, naturally, and, yeah, naturally there I was trying not to say or do anything stupid, just awkwardly drinking my gin’n’tonic through a straw, while they talked about random life stuff. I mean, I know that famous people are pretty much normal people with normal lives, but you know, I was not ready for that! After the other guy left, I asked how he knew him, and he told me who his mommy was.

We went out a couple of times after that. But nothing has happened between us yet. Not because he hasn’t tried. Trust me, he has. He tried to kiss me, he tried to hold my hand... But I don’t know. This is a stupid thought but the last thing I want Is a picture of us making out at some club to show up on a magazine.

The other day he invited me to have dinner in his place. With his father and brothers. I thought it was too soon, but I said yes. And honestly I was kind of excited to go. BUT as I was getting ready to leave the office — I had my computer packed already and everything! — my boss called me with an emergency. And I had to work. I had to make a bunch of Skype calls and solve some problems. And I had to skip our date. Since I was in a conference call it was virtually impossible to keep him updated so yeah now he is completely mad at me... and I don’t blame him. He was waiting for me and I bailed on him. That day, I was so exhausted and frustrated that I cried all the way home. And since I'm bad at feelings, I sent him a text saying that I really like him but I don’t have time for dating. I don’t know why I did this, because I do want to date him.


  1. É de fato, uma situação bastante caricata. :)


  2. The outcome is inevitable, no doubt.
    Keep us updated.

  3. Love the post! <3

  4. Wonderful post, my dear, really interesting!
    Have a nice weekend! ♥

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  5. O amor tem dessas coisas. Troca-nos as voltas e faz-nos ter atitudes contraditórias...

    Só tens que ser tu própria e dar-lhe espaço para entrar na tua vida! :)

    Força ;)

  6. Great post dear

    Have a nice day! :)

  7. A tua vida parece mesmo uma novela! :)

  8. Nós somos peritas em dizer coisas quando não devemos...
    Mas vais ver que acaba tudo bem ;)

  9. Ahh baby:( I feel your pain. Maybe he won't just give up so easily. If his mom is famous that means many girls which want popularity are trying to appourch him and you are a girl who is not interested in that and with your actions, like don't allowing him to kiss you, are showing to him that you aren't so easy and because of that he will want to fight for you. I will wish you luck and if nothing happens anymore, then it's not meant to be and someone another will come and make your life wonderfull.
    Amra <3

  10. Gostei muito do post :)

    Já sigo o blog! Beijinho*

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