Saturday, May 12, 2018

I can't say I'm fat, or that I've ever had to concern myself with diets or anything like that. But lately I've been feeling kinda of squishy. It's an evident consequence of spending every day sitting down in an office. I’ve noticed some orange peel skin on my thighs, some beads of celulite on my but and I don’t like that at all - I honestly doubt anyone does. So I've been trying to work out more often, and I of course I sought for some extra help. I went to pharmacy and asked what would she recommend -- she told me to take these Cellulase Pearls. This treatment is supposed to last 8 to 12 weeks, but that it actually really works. She said that just one box doesn’t really make any difference - actually she said that the first box just releases all the deep beads of fat lodged underneath all the rest. And that after one month it actually may look a lot worse, before starting to look better.

I’m supposed to take two pills every day - on in the morning and one in the afternoon -- the pharmacist said that it's OK to take both in the morning, the important here is to take two every single day. And that I should drink a lot of water.

I’ve been taking this for the past two days. I’ll check with you in a few weeks.

Also I’ve been thinking, maybe I should complement this with an anti-cellulite cream -- can you recommend any that’s really good?


  1. Já tinha ouvido falar, mas nunca experimentei.


  2. Gosto muito da marca Collistar, para esse efeito! :)

  3. Nunca usei creme e infelizmente bebo pouca água!bj

  4. Great post
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  5. That's a difference between Europe and the US, you'd never seen such cheeky underwear on such a cover unless that was the underwear

  6. O cellulase é muito caro? Disseram-me que era puxado e depois como te impingiram logo 2 caixas fico um pouco receosa... Mas se resultar avisa!
    Eu estou a aproveitar uns vouchers de drenagens linfaticas que recebi no natal e também me avisaram logo que demora muito a ver resultados... era tão bom que fosse só estalar os dedos :P

    1. 25€??? Disseram-me que rondava os 40! Compraste onde? :O

  7. Nunca ouvi falar, mas se resultar tens de nos contar! A celulite é sempre uma coisa chata e nada bonita, mas vamos ser honestas... todas nós temos xD

  8. Hello,

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  9. Que legal, não conhecia.. Parece ótimo!
    Beijos 💕

    Aos Olhos da Diu

  10. Não conheço, mas parece interessante!
    Estou lhe seguindo de volta!

    Cores do Vício

  11. Sem dúvida, no ano passado fiz e sei creme e tive um bom resultado. Esta semana também comecei a tomar. mas fui para a versão avançada.

  12. Great product.

  13. Há uns anos tomei uns comprimidos do género, faz sentido para mim que se trate a partir de dentro. Mas confesso que não notei grande diferença. Aliás, já deixei de tentar combater a celulite.


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