Thursday, August 9, 2018

INKBOX | Temporary Bad Decisons

I’ve always wanted a tattoo. I still do. But I have a problem — I change my mind in a flash. One minute I like something, the other I’m sick of it. Just for you to get an idea, when I was 10 or 12 I wanted to get my ears pierced — regular piercing, not anything weird — because I didn’t had my ears pierced and I wanted to be able to wear earrings like my friends whose moms pierced their earrings as soon as their were born. So my mum took me to this jewelry place on the mall to get it done, and after a week I was bored with it, didn’t like how I looked, and I just took everything off. So yeah, super permanent stuff is not for me. So I have to stick with temporary tattoos. And in the search of the perfect temporary tattoo I discovered INKBOX.

INKBOX makes temporary — real looking — tattoos that you can apply right at home. And no, it’s not that type of like crusty stuff that you glue over your skin and than after a while starts to flake off and look awful. This ink actually stains your skin. It takes a while to develop and after a while starts to fade away. I thought this was a great concept and I had to try it.

-- One hour after applying it --

I went on their website and I chose a design that I liked. They have a lot of designs, with different sizes and prices. But it’s fairly cheap. Since I was going to NOS Alive - a music festival here in Lisbon - and I was going to see Arctic Monkeys I thought It would be appropriate to have a coffee pot - it’s a reference to one of their songs. So I placed my order and waited. Impressively, I didn’t had any problems with customs and the delivery safely arrived after two weeks.

Each tattoo comes with a small kit with everything you need to apply it. It’a super easy and it takes around 20 min. You clean your skin, place the tattoo, and then you heat up a cloth they give you in the microwave. You cover the tattoo and apply even pressure without shifting the cloth for 15 min. This will transfer the ink to your skin and BAM you have a cool tattoo!

-- Three hours after --

-- The next day --

The tattoo takes a while to develop — for the first few hours it was really faded. But after a while it the lines started to get darker and it started to be more noticeable. I was afraid that it would look bad, or that the ink would bleed (you know, like when you draw on your skin with a marker and the ink kinda starts to spread out) but no — the lines were very crisp and solid. The only issue I had with it is that the color of the ink had a very blue undertone. But besides that, the tattoo looked completely real and even a couple of people from work saw it and asked me about it. And when I said it was fake, they said they couldn’t tell.  It lasted one week on full strength before starting to fade away.

Honestly, I love this product and already have a few different designs on my cart. I think it’s super cool and I really allows you to get the look a of a real tattoo without the full commitment. 


  1. Para pessoas como tu, o melhor mesmo é nem fazer nenhuma a sério, porque te vais fartar. No meu caso, como também não sou dada a coisas muito permanentes e me canso das coisas, fiz uma tattoo discreta, pequena e num local que eu não estou sempre a ver. Ainda assim, embora não me arrependa de ter feito, não sei se hoje me dia a faria. Nem penso fazer mais nenhuma. Imagino aquelas pessoas que têm super big ass tattoos em sítios muito visíveis. Eu tenho a certeza que me cansaria de ver.

  2. Beijinhos,
    Espero por ti em:

  3. Tão fixe! É muito cute e uma ótima opção por não ser permanente. <3

  4. Ahahah, sou tal e qual tu! Sei que não posso fazer porque me iria arrepender xD Mas isto é, realmente, uma ótima alternativa :D
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  5. Gostei muito do post, sem dúvida que é uma óptima hipótese para quem se pode fartar das tatuagens , ou mesmo para quem não tem coragem :D
    Beijinho *

  6. Oh my gosh YAY. I actually was looking at this site a few weeks ago and really wanted to order some designs (to see if I wanted to actually get a tattoo) but wasn't sure. SO happy to read about your experience. I will go place an order now!

  7. Tattoos always remind me of this

  8. obrigado :D

    suuuper gira :P sou fã de tatuagens... permanentes mas com muito sentido, tais como as que tenho :) o truque é fazer em sítios onde não estejas sempre a vê-las!

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  9. As minhas filhas amam este tipo de coisas. Vou mostrar-lhes.

  10. Que boa alternativa

  11. Looks really cute, I love tattoos and this alternative idea is great!

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  12. Muito fofa!

    Se quiser participar, estou sorteando um kit de acessórios lá no blog:

  13. Uau tão gira! Adorei a ideia, parece mesmo super real! :D

  14. É mesmo querida a tatuagem, e uma otima ideia.
    Confesso que eu acho que não conseguiria fazer uma tatuagem definitiva apesar de os meus gostos não mudarem muito, acho que me iria fartar, ou teria de ser algo mesmo com muito simbolismo...

  15. Achei a ideia muito gira, e o melhor é não ser permanente.

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