Saturday, September 30, 2017

EAT | Bala Mexican Food, Lisbon

Tacos are life. I love tacos. And burritos. And nachos. And anything Mexican really. And I am so happy that I've found this not so fast food restaurant inside Amoreiras Shopping Center, really close to my office. 
They have really huge yummy burritos that you can fill up with a bunch of yuumy things. But really, my favorite are the tacos. You can make your own tacos, since they let you choose the toppings and mix 
up pretty much anything. The menu is for 3 tacos, and you can play around and create 3 totally different tacos. They have coriander rice, and brown rice, two or tree varieties of beens. They have marinated, crisp and slow-roasted chicken. They have pulled pork and beef. And, of course, fajitas. And a so many different sauces for you to choose from, I cannot even mention them all. 

I find the menus relatively cheap -- compared to other places like this. And this includes chips and one sauce for the chips -- that can be guacamole (usually guac is extra!|). The menu also includes lemonade or tea. 

And one thing that is really cool and unique is that they don't serve it up on a regular fast-food type of tray! No, no. They serve it an super adorable cardboard box, ADORABLE!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Heidi Klum #LETSWOW

As you’ve probably heard by now, Heidi Klum lunched a small fashion collection with Lidl. When I heard about his I was excited! I thought that this could be great! Heidi is such a fashion icon, she is stunning and always looks amazing! But this collection for me personally was very disappointing. The clothes look and feel cheap, they look poorly constructed, the patterns are tacky and the pictures online and on the box are really deceiving. I had my mind set on this blue long cardigan.. I had seen it online and. I thought that that shade of blue was stunning and perfect for my life. But I guess I misguided by the pictures and I really really don’t like this shade of blue — you can see from the picture how different the color from the box from the actual fabric... I was really sad and disappointed...

Monday, September 25, 2017

FURLA Jungle Colection

These bags are just so adorable, I want them all! These jungle collection is just so cute! But I went to Furla the other day (and yes I bought a bag!) but they dind't had these at the store. I was so disappointing because I really wanted to see them up-close! But maybe it was a good thing, otherwise I may have ended up buying one of them! 

Friday, September 22, 2017

I love any toys that are collectible and come in a bling bag thingy. I love that feeling of not knowing what's inside the little bag! It's so cool. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Review | COLOUP POP Chic-y Palette

When it comes to make up, I am really minimalist. I don't like crazy, elaborated looks... I don't like to look like a crazy person. And I don't really use eye shadow that often. But when I do, I like soft, warm tones just to add some dimension and interest to my extremely minimalist looks.

I picked up this pallet from a while back. It's called Chic-y and it comes with 4 individual eyshadow pans. This little plate has everything you need for a really simple every day look, but you can also do a very nice and elaborated smoekey eye!

Three of the shadows are matte and one is a glittery metallic champagne gold rose color that is just to die for. It's so beautiful! The range of colors is really nice -- you have a nice rich dark brown (noche), a warmer brown to use a transition shade (freckles), a really soft pink to use as an all over the lid (distressed) and the stunning sparkly pink (vivacious).

Colour Pop shadows are known to be very pigmented and to be really easy to blend. And yes, they are. Even a noob like me can work this out. There is a little bit of fallout with the glittery shadow, but it's completely manageable.

Honestly I'm really happy with this, and as you can notice from the pictures I've used it a few times already. I really like to just swipe on a little bit of freckles all over my eyelid and to blend it really quickly and it gives me just the extra pop that I need. Some days when I'm feeling adventurous, I just tap a little bit of vivacious on my inner corners, like you would with an highlighter.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Quick Tip # 7 | Ask for a sample

I don't know if any of you do this or not, but this is something that I've started doing and that I think is really clever.

Whenever I buy a perfume to give as a gift -- for Christmas or birthdays or whatever -- I always ask for a sample of that same perfume and I add it to the gift.  Most stores will fill up one of those sample spray baby bottles for free or for a really small price. This way the person to whom you give the perfume can smell it and try it out before opening the big expensive packaging. And if they don't like it, they can easily take it back to the store and exchange it. Perfume is a super personal thing, and unless you  are buying a fragrance that you know the person likes, you might be wasting your money. I'm weird about smells and I can't tell you how many times I've received bottles of perfume that I hated the smell.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Review | LUSH Dirty Springwash Shower Gel

I know --  I know,  another lush product. I like Lush, you know that. And every time I go to the store I get tempted to get stuff that I have never tried before! They have so many awesome products!

I've not been very adventurous with Lush body washes. Mainly because I really like supermarket brands for this. I love Dove and Nivea -- they're my favorite and the price point is really good! And usually if I want something to shower from Lush I get a piece of Serendipity Soap. But on my last trip to Lush, the girl there sold me this shower gel. It's called Dirty Springwash, and it's a minty fresh shower gel, that makes your skin all tingly, like a cool dip in a mountain spring! It's cool for summer, because it's really refreshing. It has spearmint and menthol crystals, that leave you feeling super invigorated! it's also loaded with sea salt, to help softening your skin! It is truly a shower gel --  it has the consistency of a gel, with just the right thickness. And I love it's color -- it's so beautiful! 

I don't know if it's the minty smell, but this makes me feel perfectly fresh and clean. The smell is really intense if you smell it right off the bottle, yes. It almost smells like mint toothpaste, lets be honest. But in the shower, it feels really good. But don't worry, it is in't that overwhelming on your body. It's really refreshing and perfect for a shower on really hot summer day!

Monday, September 4, 2017

NEW IN MY CLOSET | Massimo Dutti

-- I love to shop at Massimo Dutti. The stores are always so neat, everything is in it's rightful place, it is such an elegant and exclusive experience... The customer service there is always excellent! Yes, their stuff is more expensive. But you feel so fancy when they hand you over an nice quality bag with your stuff inside... and when you buy shoes or bags they even give you a cotton bag to protect them ! So good! --

Friday, September 1, 2017

FEELBRIDAL | Prom Dresses

It's funny to see how my taste in fancy dresses has changed throughout the years...
I used to prefer short dresses, don't really know why. Maybe because I think they're more jovial and fun. But lately I've been more drawn to for form fitting, classic with a twist, dresses. I still like simple dresses. With not that many embellishments. I still like soft colors... but I'm no longer attracted to dresses with a sweat hear neckline. It used to be my favorite style!

Since apparently my taste in dresses keeps changing, if I had to buy a fancy Homecoming Dress, for example, I would definitely opt to buy it online, to avoid wasting a huge amount of money.
Feelbridal offers so many dress options at really good price points. And they have a huge selection for their Prom Dress 2018 collection... so many styles, colors, fabrics! Take a look, they're all really beautiful!

-- Please be nice and supportive and click on at least one of the links! I'd do the same for you. Thank you! --