Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Today's lunch was different | Tips & Tricks

Hello y'all!!

Today I just want to share with you what I did today for lunch! I want to share this tip because I know some of you are starting college and I think this is a super nice thing that you can do in your own lunch hour!

So,... You know I don't really like meat right? -- Check out this post if you want to know more about it!
So when I have to eat out I always have a problem. And if it's something like a quick lunch, between classes or you know between work, usually it is is a problem for me. Usually I eat at my office's canteen. They usually have a vegetarian dish. But they make it in very small quantities. Usually it's enough. But today veggie the lunch was something that everybody loves -- quiche! YUUMS! Yeah but when I got there, there was not even one tiny bit left.! And the alternative was meat with more meat... So I decided to make it a positive experience and go eat in the park!

Me, and another girl from work, we decided that it would be fun to go eat in Eduardo VII Park, which if you don't know it's like Lisbon's central park -- a bit smaller, but same concept lol.

We stopped by El Corte Ingles' supermarket and bought nice things to eat -- from the ready to eat section. I bought a sandwich, some chips and water. And she bought a tuna salad and some cheese. I know this is not a very healthy lunch -- but I prefer it over having some gigantic chunk of meat. And I also know this is not vegetarian, but again I don't eat meat because I don't like the taste. And I like the taste of this sandwich. And this "bacon" is not bacon -- it's actually ham.

We sat down by the lake and we ate there.

I used to do this A-LOT when I was in collage. I've graduated kinda recently but it I haven't done this in a while... I would go to the nearest supermarket and buy something to eat and i would eat it in the park. Some supermarkets -- like PingoDoce-- they have actually food that they sell -- like take away. And if you ask they will warm it up in a microwave and give you a plastic fork and knife, and you can just take it and go it anywhere!

This is a great way not only to save some money but to escape the gigantic chaos that usually canteens and small restaurants have during lunch hours. And eating in the park is just a nice way to kinda relax a bit, and restore some energy to be able to deal with the rest of the day!

And look at this water bottle! Isn't it awesome! I didn't trow it away, and I think I am going to re-use it every day with regular tap water! It has such a vibrant color! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Dry shampoo... Dry shampoo... where can i find you?! | Rant

I am going to rant a little bit again.. I feel like lately all've done is ranting on the blog! I getting kinda grumpy uhm.. 


So, today I tried to buy some dry shampoo. Oh I am a big fan of dry shampoo because -- let's face it, I am just too lazy and busy to wash and blow my hair frequently. And I also read somewhere that washing your hair very frequently is not that good, so dry shampoo is a very good option.

In the all the different countries I've lived in the past few years, I have always been able to find dry shampoo in the supermarket. From all different brands -- Dove, Tresemmé, Loreal, etc and my favorite Batiste. -- If you follow me on facebook you probably remember this picture.. See, I bought in a supermarket, with my Garnier bb creme!

But now, I am in Portugal, and I am gonna be here for a while. And it is impossible to find any brand of dry shampoo in any supermarket! I went to three different supermarkets unsuccessfully. And then I went to this shop called ibeauty in CC-Colombo. I asked if they had any and the girl handed me a can of dry shampoo from some fancy brand. 

I asked if I could try the powder on my hand -- she said no. I asked for if they had like a tester "oh we don't have any". I told her I've tried many dry shampoos and I wanted to see how this one felt like, if this one was any good. She said, "Oh yeah, this one is very good". I asked if she has used it or tried it before. She said no. ------ She had never tried it, how can she know if it's good....?! What a great employee! 
I thought "Ok, lets give this shit a try anyway". I asked for the price. It wasn't marked... So we headed over to the counter. As she was checking the price, I asked her if she knew if dry-shampoo was sold on any big supermarkets or like big chain stores... She said "Oh I don't know. This is a very new product. The supermarket brands don't sell this type of stuff. This is very exclusive". And then she told me the price.. 18 EUROS! I was astonished! Like, she is telling me that this is not sold on supermarkets when I've been buying this stuff for over 3 years on supermarkets... for under 5€ or 5$. And  she wanted 18€ for a 200ml can from a brand I don't know and I couldn't try!

What really bothers me is that she doesn't know what is saying. How can she say that stuff. It annoys me because I try to be the as good as possible at my job. I try to be prepared. And I try to know everything that I need to know about the stuff I work with. If I worked in beauty, you bet I would know everything about every type of product and where to find it. And if she is any bit interested by this field, she would have wanted to try out dry shampoo. It is just disappointing.

And 18€ for 1 bottle --  I can order my favorite from Maquillalia for 3.99€ !

Do you buy use dry shampoo? Do you have any idea where I can get my hands to some?! 
And also, who has a promocode for Maquiallila? xD 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Empties #3 | Shower Goodies

Hello y'all! So we are back with an empties post! I love shower/bath products and i am always trying new ones. And I use body washing stuff like craaaazy! --- Btw the picture is not perfect. I know. And it bothers me. 
A lot. 

NIVEA Cream Smooth Shower Cream. I go trough body washes pretty fast. Specially if they smell good. And this one smells like so good. It really smells like soap and clean. I liked it very much! And also, it's Nivea.. Nivea is always good for your skin! Will I repurchase it? YES (already did!)

VASENOL Milk and Lilies Body Wash.  This one also smells so so good! It has a more floral sent. It has a very milk like consistence. But it feels great. And it leaves a super nice smell on your skin -- not to strong and it definitely wears out after a while -- but super fresh e and girly!  Will I repurchase it? YES

PANTENE PROV Straight and Smooth Shampoo.  I think I have been striking out it all the "new" shampoos I have been trying. I din't like this one at all. It smelled a bit medicinal and weird. It didn't do anything special to my hair --  it didn't get more straight or smother. So yeah. Will I repurchase it? NOP

Let me know in the comments, if you like -- or not -- these products! And leave me any suggestions of products you think I might like! I really enjoy trying new stuff -- specially bath stuff! 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weird Habits | Crazy lady

Every morning after putting moisturizer on my hole body I wait at least 5 or 10 min before putting my clothes on so that all the lotion can be absorbed and it doesn't stick to my clothes -- I don't want to waste it!

Do you do this too, or just me? I know I know, I'm weird!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Restaurant Week | Must Go

Restaurat week is comming! YEEEEY! I am so happy :D

I have to admit, I love this event! To go and have dinner in a expensive 5 star restaurant for only 20€ is just super awesome! Last year, and the year before I went to at least 3 restaurants and this year I intend to do the same! This is actually a benefit event. From the 20€ you pay a part -- I think it's 1€, don't quote me on that!- goes to an institution! This year they are supporting ACREDITAR and Operacão Nariz Vermelho, two organizations that work with sick kids.. So it is a super awesome cause!

It is a simple concept, you pay 20€ for a menu with appetizer, main and dessert. And you can choose from a gigantic list of restaurants! -- drinks are extra but they usually serve free water. It's awesome, really! This nice event is happening in Oporto and Lisbon for the next two weeks! 

So if you like good fancy food, and you can spend the money check out their website and choose a nice restaurant! I guarantee you you will not be disappointed!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dentist Rant !

rant (rănt)To express at length a complaint or negative opinion

Today I went to the dentist. I went just because you should go to the dentist once every 6 months so they can clean your teeth and see if everything is ok. Yeah, but I hate it! 
I really hate it! The drills, the lady with latex gloves in my mouth, the suction thing, bahh I just hate it! 

It's not like it hurts, because it doesn't! It is just the vibration of the drills that really make me feel bad! And I always end up with an enormous head ache. I also hate the way me teeth feel after they clean it. When I rub my tong on the inside of my bottom teeth it looks like there is gigantic holes between each one of my teeth. I hate it so so much!

And also, my doctor, she is not very nice or friendly. I like her because she does what she has to do, and that's it. She is fast and efficient and doesn't talk to much! But sometimes I ask her something and I don't get any good answer, and that kinda annoys me! 
I have a spot where I always have a bit of tartar -- no mater how well I brush my teeth -- and I asked her what could I do to prevent it-- and because i hate the drills and would do anything to avoid them! The answers that I got was "Nothing -- that happens to everybody, just deal with it". And I asked if there was any special tooth past or mouthwash just to prevent it -- and she kept saying that there was no need for that. But after I googled a bit I found a million products and tricks to prevent it! Argh!

Oh and she found out that I have a "baby cavity" --  her words! So I have to go fix it asap before they grow --  so I guess am going back next week -- for more drilling -- this time to make a fucking hole!! ARRGH!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Partnershirp | Oriflame by Ana Dinis

Autumn is here -- and cold wheather is comming-- so there is no better time to start pampering your skin with some exquisite and luxury products! So, moi-je, in partnership with Ana, we are going to present you the new and renewed Milk&Honey Gold line from Oriflame
This line received a face lift but the formulation is the same and you should try it because you are going to fall in love with it!

This line -- as the name says, obviously -- contains milk and honey, two ingredients that are really good to add moisture and to protect our skin. The milk is very rich in vitamins, minerals and nutritive proteins that make our skin super nice and smooth. Honey is reach in also very rich in natural sugar full with yummy vitamins, minerals and folic acid that revitalizes the skin and sets the moisture in. This awesome combination results in -- first of all -- super nice smell -- if you have been here for a while you know how much I care about the smell of stuff! It smells very natural and smooth. I have to admit -- I am a sucker for stuff like this! I love things with this type of smells, so I honestly think this line is awesome! And I have to admit, the packaging looks so luxurious! For real! I am in love with this line! 

Catalog 14 focuses on hand care, so the hand cream, liquid and bar soaps from this line are very highlighted!

1- Moisturizer Hand Cream Milk&Honey Gold /  Creme de hidratante de mãos 
This is a luxurious hand cream, very rich and nurturing! For me, hand cream is a must-have in any purse! And this one sounds just perfect! It moisturizes your hands for 24h and gives you super smooth hands for the whole day! Also, this has a great size to take just put the tube in your purse and just carry it around evry day! In the winter I need to have some hand cream because the cold just kills my hands!

2 - Liquid Hand Soap Milk&Honey Gold / Sabonete Líquido Suavizante Milk&Honey Gold
This liquid hand soap smells just like luxury should smell! It it enriched with honey and milk extracts -- all biological! It cleans your skin, without drying it out and leaving a nice smell and making them feel super nice and smooth! It is so nice to have a super good smelling product in your bathroom! And the packaging is so cute!

3- Soap Bar Milk&Honey Gold / Sabonete suavizante Milk&Honey Gold
Well this is a super nice bar of soap. It has a very intense but smooth smell that is very appealing to me! It is a super creamy soap, it contains glycerin and talc and all the good stuff from honey and milk that I've mention before! It cleans your skin very gently and leaves it very smooth and smelling great for hours! 

The price, well to be honest, they are a bit on the pricy side -- i think. But thankfully they are on sale -- YEY who doesn't love 50% off! Plus, you can also have 10% discount if you use the girlygirl10  promocode with the blog partner! :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

My Week #09 | Easy Breezy

Uau! My 10th week! And this was a good one -- really! Work has been a bit less chaotic, so I had more free time and I sure used that free time to do some of the things that make me happy! I know life isn't only about working but this is the way I am! I am always working, and if have something to do, I can't stop until it is completely done, and done properly! I don't know if this is a quality or not. But I like being like this!

Anyway -- Since this week I didn't had to wake up super duper early I had time to go out and buy fresh yummy bread for breakfast every day... This is something I haven't done in years! I love fresh bread! And yes -- that is not coffee! It's chocolate milk! ahah

I went to down-town Lisbon -- to Terreiro do Paço --  it is my favorite place in the city! 

That that day, I endup spending all my afternoon in the Museu da Cerveja (in English Beer Musum). If you don't know this place you should definitely go there! It is a bar/restaurant that serves beers from very different countries. And they have something that is soooooooo good --  codfish cakes with cheese (Pasteis de bacalhau com queijo da Serra)! Have you tried'em? OMG They are so so good. I drank a Bohemia beer --  it's a type of beer, ok? I don't know the name in English -- I only drink it in Portugal. It is not dark bear but also not blond. If you know the name, tell me in the comment please! Anywho,  It is so so good. And they serve them in these super cool-looking glasses! Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

I also went shopping a bit... 

Okey,... I shopped a lot! But I promise I'll make a post of everything that I bought! I went to see the new H&M make up and cosmetic collection-- and i have to say, I was very impressed! I'll make a post only about it -- stay tuned! :)

And of course Sunday I went to vote! I hope you all did it too! 

Let me know in the comments how was your week! I am excited to know!! :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Morning Face Routine | Get ready fast

I promised y'all in this post that I wanted to show you my fast easy morning face routine, and guess what? Today I am doing that -- finally!!

These are all the products I use in the morning, I know, I know --  It looks like a lot of stuff! But I guarantee you that it takes me only 10 to 15 min to do this simple steps and they really help me to get read of my morning zombie face.

1.Wash you face with cold water. Use some soap, any soap. Doesn't matter. And cold water. (And dry your face, of course)

2.Moisturize and Prime. I like this Moisturizer from Topicrem, is very light and milky. And for me the best primer is the Stay Matte Primer from Rimmel. This helps my skin to look even and I feel that my make up lasts longer. I use my hands to apply these two products.

3.Cover your dark circles and any red spots. For me this is the most crucial step. I use my Rimmel Match Perfection 2 in 1 Concealer to do this. I apply it with my fingers and use the BeautyBlender to buffer it out. I also apply this concealer on my T zone just to give me some highlighting.

4.Even out your skin tone. To do this you can use anything you like. I have been using the Garnier BB Cream because I just need some light coverage, since I covered all the bad spots with the concealer. I also use my BeautyBlender to even everything. BB creams and CC creams are also more forgiving for when you are in a hurry, you don't have to be so precise, so it is good for a fast routine.

4.5. If I have any spots that are really bothering and still visible after I apply my BB cream, my I use my Maybelline NY cover-sticks. The green one is very good to cover redness, and the other to cover greenish spots, like acne scars or dark eyes.

5.Set everything up. This step is really important. You need to set the concealer under your eyes so that it wont crease. I always end up putting the powder on my hole face, just because I like the velvety look that gives me. I have been using the Rimmel Stay Matte Translucid Powder and I apply it with a little Sephora Powder Puff.

6.Lashes. Black. Intense. For me eyes are the most important. But in the morning I don't have time to do anything very fancy. So my I use this trick that almost makes me look like I have fake lashes. Fist I apply a nice coat of my Lancôme L'extreme WP Mascara. Is just a nice lengthening mascara that just coats and separates my lashes. After that I apply the L'effet Faux Cils Volum' Express Mascara from Maybelline. However I apply it only to my top lashes and only to the part of the lashes that is very very close to my eyelid --  meaning I just touch the wand to the part of the lashes that are attached to my eye. (Hope you understand!) This makes me look like I am wearing fake lashes -- and I love this effect.

And.. I'm done! Really, this is super fast, super easy and super effortless. After this, usually I apply some lipstick but that i can do on my way to work!

Let me know in the comments how is you morning make up routine! I am always looking to improve mine and I love to read all your tips!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Autumn is here already...

I can't believe that Autumn is here already! I just can't believe that Summer passed so fast this year. I love Autumn!

This is my favorite season of the year! I just love the cool and fresh days, where I can wear just a light coat or a long sleeve. I love the brown and burgundy colors that go so well with this season. I love the colorful leaves that coat the streets.

.. And Halloween! Let's not forget Halloween is coming!! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bourjois Skin Edition Compact Powder | First Impression

Hey y'all!
I bought this new product and I am loving it so much that I have to show you! You all know that I love make up, but I just hate to have a full face of make up, so I bought a powder foundation!

This the Bourjois Skin Edition Compact Powder
I had never tried any powder foundation before, I have always preferred the liquid ones, but lately I don't feel like I need that much coverage so I decided to try this out. In the store they had 6 different shades, two light, two medium and two dark. Not dark like for back girls but dark like if you just spent two weeks in the Bahamas -- which tbh I think is kinda discriminating!! I actually chose one of the dark colors -- 55 Golden Honey --  is just like a light bronzer color. It matches very nicely my skin tone right now.

 First I have to say, the packaging is really nice. I love the fact you can turn the mirror and it becomes like a compact mirror. And this mirror is really good -- I can see every fucking little imperfection of my face in it. It also comes with a little sponge that you can use if you need a touch up.

Something I noticed is that it looks like that the quantity of product is kinda small -- don't you think? Let's see how much time does it take me to hit pan.

As for the product it self, so far so good. I used it twice and it is really great. It is very light and it feels like I am not wearing anything on my face. I use my BeautyBlender to apply it gives me a light to medium coverage, but what i really like is that it gives me a very smooth and almost velvety skin.
I have been using with my regular concealer, and so far so good. 

P.S: Sorry for the pictures, the packaging is very shinny and it is really hard to take nice picture, but i think they turnout alright!