Wednesday, December 26, 2018

REVIEW | LANCÔME Bronze and Glow Pallet

It has been a while since I've actually reviewed a make-up product here on the blog. 
And honestly, I've had this product for while on my make up bag, I've used it a lot, but I've simply forgotten to talk about. In fact this has been one my staples since I got it, I use it every-time I do my make up and I absolutely love it.

This is the Lancôme Bronze and Glow Pallet in shade 02 Your Pink Glow Shot and it's from their 2018 Summer Collection. I know, It's mid winter and I'm talking about a product launched in the summer... But hear me out! This is definitely the perfect product to give your face some color on cold winter days. Unfortunately it was limited-edition, and yes mine is broken. I don't know how it happens. I bought it -- it was perfect --  I got home, it was wrecked. I cried for three weeks. I tried to fix it, and even tho it has those ugly cracks, it works perfectly fine.

This is a 2-in-1 highlighter and bronzer pallet that will give you that sun-kissed look that we all want keep after summer ends. 

The first thing that jumped at me? It's size! It's huge. It's a really big compact, with a really nice big mirror, and of the cutest abstract swirly art on the top. It's such a beautiful piece to own and to display on your vanity. The product it self is divided into 4 shades -- two highlighters and two bronzers. All four shades are shimmery, in order to give you that really glowy look. As far as pigmentation, it's perfect. Neither too much nor too little. The product is really easy to pick up and you definitely can either mix the colors or use them individually. I usually mix both bronzers, and use the highlighters separately. However, mixing the 4 shades all together gives a really sublime, bronzed and glow look, like if you had just spent all afternoon in the sun. The pink highlighter is definitely my favorite. It gives me just a little bit of color and glow, without making me 

As far as the price goes, well, this was not a cheap product -- all Lancôme is a luxury brand, and luxury products are expensive. But when you hold the compact in your hands you can feel that it is quality product. You feel the luxury. It doesn't have a weird smell. The package feels very high quality, it has some weight to it. All these little details make such a difference. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018


Because looks don't last forever, all celebrities try to find other projects where they can get some revenue from. We see this a lot in the USA, celebrities branching out to clothing lines, perfumes, cosmetics, whatever. But here in Portugal the trend seams to revolve more around food --  Portuguese celebrities are opening restaurants. Some go for a more traditional, homey vibe, others for a more sophisticated type of food. And one in particular decided to open an unconventional fast food joint --  The Portuguese actress Rita Pereira felt in love with the Brazilian tapioca crepe Beiju and eventually ventured into opening her own chain of restaurants called Beiju Tapiocaria. Beijo is made from tapioca flower that when spread onto a heated surface melts together creating a dry thin crepe that can be stuffed with whatever you feel like. 

It took me a long time to go try one of her restaurantes. I don't really follow celebrities, so the fact that she is a celebrity and she opened a restaurant wasn't that thrilling at all. In fact, it was a turn down for me -- what does she know about food or running a restaurant?? Besides, I'd already tried tapiocas when I was on holiday in Brazil 10 years ago, so I wasn't that curious. But everybody was so hyped about this that I finally cave in.

Beiju offers both savory and sweet options, but I opted for the one with smoked salmon and cream cheese, a combination that I know it works and that I know I like. The crepe it self taste like nothing. Completely bland. So when you take a bit of the whole thing, you only taste the filling. It's good, but you know, it didn't blew my mind. This is was so average that I can't even find the words to describe it.  The menu costs 8€ and it includes a drink, chips or soup, and coffee. It's the right price for what you are getting and the best part were definitely the sweet-potato chips -- crispy and yummy! 

The best thing about tapioca is that it is extremely low in saturated fat, protein and sodium. So it makes it supper healthy. But also makes it taste like nothing. It's cooked with no fat at all, so all the fat and taste really comes from what you choose to put inside. Perhaps if I'd chosen a sweet one -- with Nutella or something like that -- I would be less disappointed. 

I'll admit that this is a good alternative to the regular fast food places you can usually find at the mall -- it's healthier and lighter. It's a good option as snack, but as a meal I felt like it was not satisfying enough.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Praça do Comercio, Lisbon, Portugal

The Christmas Lights always turn Lisbon into a fairy-tale.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

REVIEW | Bio-Oil

Ever since I've started going to the gym more often I am much more concerned about giving my skin everything it needs to accompany the rest of my body while getting in shape.
I know I'm pron to get stretch-marks. I've had stretch-marks on my hips and butt since I was about 12. And because of that I decided to bring back an old friend that, honesty, I've missed a lot -- Bio-oil.  
This is not the first time you hear me talk about his product, and I bet it definitely wont be the last. I wrote a post telling how great it is in 2015 ...Way before everybody starting to talk about it, and before everyone went crazy about it. And my opinion remains the same! But let me remind me of what it is and what it does.

Bio-oil is well known for being a wonder product against stretch marks, scars and other skin marks that we all have and hate.  As I said, I deal with a lot of stretch-marks on my hips / butt. And I know what they are not going away -- it is impossible to get completely rid of stretch marks, BUT this product really helps in preventing new ones from forming and it helps reduce the appearance of the existing ones.

Bio-Oil it's what we call a dry-oil. This just means that it at first it feels like an oil, but after you rub it in it is quickly absorbed without leaving any trace of residue -- it leaves you skin looking silky and smooth. It's very smooth and lightweight, and it smells really nice.

Personally I've never had any problems but be aware that this is an oil and it may stain your clothes, so be careful when applying it and handling it.
I've had it in my gym bag and I always apply it after showering and after applying my Vaseline Spray Body Lotion, and this combination leaves my skin feeling nurtured, smooth and amazing.

Shop here:

Monday, December 3, 2018

Zomato Gold | Use my code CATYOL for 25% off !

A while ago I decided to subscribe Zomato Gold and I'm honestly very happy with this decision.
Zomato Gold is a service that gives you offers in some restaurantes, allowing you to eat out and save  some money.

There are two types of deals -- 1+1 meal or 2+2 drinks. This means they offer one dish if you get two, or two drinks if you get other two. Some restaurants offer the meal deal, others offer the drinks. But I don't think I've ever seen one that offers both (don't even know if that's possible).

The deal I feel it's more worth it is the one for meals. Two for the price of one it's a pretty good deal! This, of course, does not include meals to share, or buffet meals or all you can eat. Basically you need to oreder two separate dishes. And of course they always charge you the most expensive dish.
You can only use Gold on the same restaurant up to 8 times and all you have to do is to click on the Gold button on your app and let your waiter know you are using Gold when she comes to get your order.

This membership is not cheap, but it's always on sale! And if you use a referral code you get en extra 25% off and this way it defendente pays off. I think I paid 25€ for my one year subscription and I have already saved tree times that value. That's because I use Zomato Gold mostly to visit restaurants that otherwise I'd find too expensive.

Currently Zomato has a lot of Gold Partner Restaurants, serving all different types of food. One of my currently favorites is Prego D'Pescador in Parque das Nações -- serving very tasteful Portuguese food. Being already relatively cheap, using gold makes it a bargain! I've been there 4 times already and I've never been disappointed. Perfect for a casual lunch date. But if you want to try something fancier -- I'd suggest Akla at the 5 Star Intercontinental Hotel. Super expensive, but it's truly an exquisite experience -- just check out our fancy desserts!

Browse a little bit trough Zomato Website, check all the gold restaurantes, the prices, and do the math yourself. And if you think it would be worth it for you. And you can use my referral code to get 25% off the price.