Monday, January 28, 2019


This year, on Chanel's cruise 2019 catwalk, the models wore some very specials shoes -- the very classy Mary Jane. These shoes were a favorite of Chanel's in the 1920's and this year they made a comeback onto the runway. The Mary Jane have a very classic shoe shape, and they are a firm favorite for many MANY shoe lovers. Very ladylike  with a strap across the vamp and a sensible little heel these shows so classy and they inspire dreams of femininity!

For the 2019 collection Chanel revamped the Mary Jane by keeping the very classic shape but in white calfskin and in silve laminated goatskin. And I love both of them. The white ones are also available with a slightly higher heel, but I think the magic of these shoes are in the little princess heel.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Fashion designers have always taken a liking to Disney Characters. Specially for those really classic ones. In 2016 Kenzo launched a a capsule collection in collaboration with Disney to celebrate the release of "The Jungle Book" remake, and last year Coach put an edgy spin on our Beloved Disney princesses for its Disney x Coach collection. And now it's time for Gucci to release some Disney goodies.

With the Chinese New Year quickly approaching, Gucci is celebrating the Year of the Pig with the lunch of 35 pieces -- women's and men's ready-to-wear, luggage, small leather goods, shoes and jewelry -- all adorned with Three Little Pigs motifs, a Disney movie produced in 1133. They also play around  on the saying that “pigs might fly”, and they’ve created three lovely fashion jewelry pieces that feature a pig with wings -- which I think are my favorite pieces of this collection! The little pink ping with wings brooch is just the most adorable thing.

Launching on February 5th -- the day Chinese New Year begins -- the classic Disney cartoon characters will be featured on some very Gucci's Iconic pieces. I'll leave you here some of my favorite pieces but you should totally check the full collection on Gucci Website.
Just don't fall in love with anything... Everything is super expensive.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

TRAVEL | Lisbon, Portugal

-- Largo do Chiado, Lisboa --

I love to walk around in the city and just take in all the beauty that all this old buildings have. Lisbon is such an old city. all its buildings are so full of history and stories! If they could talk I bet they would have amazing things to say. And around Christmas they get even more beautiful and magical with all the decorations and lights. I kinda wish they could keep the Christmas decor all year around.

Monday, January 14, 2019

New In My Closet | My Furla Play

-- When I wrote my What I Got For Christmas post I totally forgot to include this. This Christmas my fuck-boy gave me a Furla Play bag. He saw that I shared this bag on an Instagram Story, and he knows I love Furla, so we just got me this bag. It was a complete surprise for me. I wasn't expecting at all. Specially because he is always bashing on me for buying super expensive stuff. This bag so beautiful and exquisite. I absolutely love it. And I know this picture isn't the best but the truth is I haven't even had the opportunity to wear it out. But it's such an expensive bag that I feel I should only wear it at a nice, special occasion. Guys, this bag was more expensive than my couch. I love it. It's amazing and it's something I'm going to cherish for ever -- 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

BerryLook | Bodycon dresses

A few years ago I thought that buying clothes online was insane. Not being able to touch the clothes, try them on, see how it feels, freaked me out. But now, I'm so used to it that it's just completely part of my routine now. This because there are so many great online stores that sell really stylish pieces at a much more affordable price!

This the case of BerryLook
BerryLook is an online store that sells cheap clothes that are super trendy. And for me this type of stores are great for when you need to buy a dress for some event that you know you are only going to wear once. They have really beautiful sexy bodycon dresses perfect for any occasion, really classy and beautiful!
Here are three of my favorites but I totally invite you to browse the website and find all the amazing stuff they have.

 -- 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

EAT | Zero Zero, Lisbon

Even tho I love pizza and pasta, I haven't been to an Italian restaurant in a while. And Italian restaurants are that the most safe place you can go. You know you are going to have a good meal no matter what you ask for. It's the magic of Italian food.

We visited Zero Zero on a Saturday night, for dinner. We were around Parque das Nações, and we were looking for a place with vegetarian options and Zero Zero seemed like a great place to go.

We called in advance to book a table, and the staff told us that they don't accept reservations, but that didn't seem to be a problem because there were plenty tables available. We asked for a table outside, because it was a warm night and the sun was going down over the river... everything was just creating such a nice sunset ambiance, that honestly made our meal taste so much better.

After sorting the menu, where everything sounded extremely appetizing, I opted for the Spinach Ravioli while my friend went for a pizza. My ravioli were amazing! Really tasteful and perfectly cooked! They come with a really nice tomato sauce, extremely flavorful and velvety. I only wish there were more on my serving! My friend's pizza was so good, that I almost regretted not eating a pizza as well! The crust was thin and not too crispy, and the sauce really rich and flavorful! We asked for a bottle of wine and we ended up having to help and teach the girl on how to open the wine bottle because she didn't knew how to do it, but other than that the service was really good and the staff really nice. It's not a cheap restaurant but I it wasn't that expensive. It's a nice place to go and hang with some friends, talk about life or just have a nice romantic date.