Tuesday, July 17, 2018

REVIEW | VASENOL Intensive Care Spray Body Lotion

I think that everybody here already knows that I'm one lazy-ass girl. Specially when it comes to skin care. Although I absolutely love to take care of my skin, and I love to use all these awesome products, I'm extremely lazy. But thank god, some brands think about girls like me. And for me spray-on moisturizer is one of the best innovations ever!
This is the VASENOL Intensive Care Spray Body Lotion. And yes, it's the easiest way to apply moisturizer to your whole body in like two seconds. It is available in a few different fragrances -- I don't wanna lie but I think I saw a vanilla one, and a chocolate one --  but since I'm weird with smells I went, obviously and as usual, for the one without any scent.

This is super easy to apply: You just shake it well, and you spray all over your body. After that you can just lightly rub the product in and you are DONE. It honestly takes 1 minute. It's a very light mist, really small particles that gently coat the areas that you spray. After you rub it in, it dries super-fast and it's not sticky at all.

And actually, this is perfect for summer and amazing for traveling, since there's virtually zero chance this will get open on your suit case and leave your clothes full of moisturizer...

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

INBOX | Embelleze Novex My Beach + GIVEAWAY

If you are an Embelleze ambassador, you know you are getting spoiled with some amazing goodies. They always send us the best products. ALWAYS.

This time, they sent me to try this NOVEX set of Shampoo & Conditioner and Hair Mask specifically created for the summer. This line is amazing - It's called Minha praia (in English - My Beach) and yeah, as the name implies it's a line specially designed to protect and nourish your hair throughout the summer. It leaves your hair all smooth and shinny and smelling like a yummy coconut!

Since currently I exclusively use a solid shampoo, I've decided to give this way to a worth-worthy  soul. Head over to my Instagram @thentosogirlygirl8 find this photo and follow these simple rules:

- Follow my page @thenotsogirlygirl8
- Double tap the photo
- Comment #thenotsogirlygirl and tag two friends. You can comment as many times as you want as long as you use the # and always tag different friends.
-The giveaway closes on July 12th and the winner will be announced on an instastory shortly after!

Good luck!

-- Please follow the rules! In this case Embelleze kindly sent me this products but most of the times the stuff we give away are bought with our own money, and we do this because we want to promote our IG accounts and our blogs, and it honestly sucks that no one really cares --

Monday, July 2, 2018


Last Saturday I went to Rock In Rio Lisbon. For those who live in another planet, RIR is a recurring music festival that started out in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, of course) but that eventually branched out to a few other locations worldwide, including Lisbon. It takes place every two years, since 2004, and usually it spreads across 4/5 days. The only edition I've missed was the fist one, but since than I've been attending at, at least, one of the days. This year was no different. 

I choose to go on June 30 because I really wanted to see Katy Perry live. I'm not into a lot of pop stuff, but I like Katy Perry. I like her music, I like her vibe. I like the message she spreads... And I was dying to see her live. I like her so much that I can't even explain how excited I was when I saw her on stage, on the flesh, with my eyeballs. It's stupid and crazy but yeah. I was for real excited.
I was also pretty excited to see Hailee Steinfeld whom I also really like. And of course Jessie J, who is an awesome performer, and even only knowing three songs from her set, I enjoyed her concert very much.
I took a ride at the Ferris Wheel, I danced, I dunk, I took a ton of pictures and I even wan a free eyebrow wax service from Benefit! It was a day well spent!