Monday, August 31, 2015

My week #06 | Chocolate Cappuccino

 Hello! This week has been so hard on me -- I worked every day, every single minute of the day! Kids, if you think work is better than school you are so so so wrong! I was even working on the train! But now I can be more relaxed! I finally finished my project -- like sunday at 4 am. My bosses are very nice and I just hate to disappoint them. When I have a big responsibility on me I just have the feeling that I need to push my self to be better and better! And this feeling keeps me going even through the toughest moments! :)

Well, his week, there are no picture of my coffee -- I had so much coffee but i dint take any picture lol
But there are some good stuff that I think you'll like!

I have tried a new cereal! Yummy! I love this brand this Chocolate Cappuccino flavor is just so good! It has bits of white and milk chocolate and some coffee flavored bits of chocolate! It is super good! Specially for mornings!

This week I was in the need of some extra-fuel, so I ate a ton of unhealty snacs -- I tried this one for the first time and it is super good! It's waffers covered in crunch -- supper yummy and light! I am addicted now!

I also wanted to show you my nails -- I was feeling a bit down so I spent some time (not to much) and did my nails like this! This is the same thing I did for my 4th of July nails -- one of the first posts on the blog! - but i used a blue base instead of the red! If you want to see what products I used you can click here !

I hope you had a great week! 
I will be spending the next days preparing new posts for the blog, including some more for the BTS series and some cool things :) What are your plans for this week?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Too busy to post...


I am sorry, I have been away from the blog for the last few days but if you follow me you know I have been having some crazy weeks. Work has been crazy and I have a giant project I am workig on that I have to finish ASAP!

The good thing is that when I get back I'll tons of great stuff to read on your lovely blogs! :)
I'll try to post My Week #7 (i think it is nr 7) on monday!

Enjoy your weekend -- i'll spend mine working :(

Thursday, August 27, 2015

BTS | Easy Mornings!

Since it is Back to School Season - and everybody is posting about it - I decided that I also want to give you some tips & tricks for all that about to re-start school. But I am not going to give you outfits or dumb advises like I have seen in so many different blogs! NO NO NO!  I will give you real things - from someone was in school for hmm almost 20 years if you count kinder-garden! All this things are stuff that I DID AND DO and that I know that they work! I hope this tips are helpful and I have at least 4 more posts planned! If you have any suggestions or, you have any topic that you would like help with, let me know in the comments! :)

This fist post is all about mornings! Mornings are a pain in the ass! I know! I hate getting up early and I am definitely not a morning person! So I came up with some "systems" to help me have a smooth morning and to not be always late!

1 - Create a routing and set alarms to avoid being late! Do everything everyday the same way! And time yourself so you know exactly how much time you need to get ready! This way you can set your alarm clock to wake up so you can sleep maximum amount of time possible and still have just enough time to get ready! Also, set alarms for when your "morning tasks" should end - like when do you need to get your butt out of the shower, or when do you need to leave so that you wont be late for school This works for me because it helps me keep track of time in the morning!
Now, I only set one alarm because I am used to my routine and I get everything done in time, but I used to have an alarm for each step of my morning - shower, makeup + clothes, eat, leave.
I know that I have to catch a train at 8:10h and it takes me 10 min to get to the train station, so I set an alarm to 7.55h (5 min before I actually have to leave) - this way when the alarm goes on I know that I need to leave right away buuuuut it still gives me some time to manage.

2- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - DO NOT SKIP IT! You will feel less sleepy and with more energy if you have a good breakfast! And you don't need to have something super fancy! Try to eat something that is fast to make, that you like and that makes you feel good! I like cereals, cruesli or muesli, especially if they have sort of chocolate pieces (the ones in the picture are my favorite ever), with cold milk, and coffee! I know lots of you are still to young to appreciate the qualities of a good cup of coffee, but for me it is a need! I also like to eat a piece of some sort of cake or sweet just to give me some extra energy kick, but something I can grab and take with me (just in case I am running late). An apple or a piece of fruit is also a good idea. 

3- Make up, keep it simple! I have seen people doing their make up on the bus or on the train but I am sorry, I am not THAT skilled! I have a 10 min routine that I use every day and that is super fast and easy -- i am making a post just about that! But the trick is, keep is limit your options. Have on hand the essential things that you need to put on your face -- if you have time for more, GREAT!, if you don't, at least you wont leave the house looking like a zombie. (The picture shows a few of my own essentials)

4- Prepare everything the night before! Pack your backpack, lunch and gym bag at night! And also, try to shower and blow your hair at night, before going to bed! This will save you a lot of time in the morning! Another tip: if you need to bring something that you don't usually bring with you -- and you don't want to forget it -- write "BRING THE **STUFF**" on a post-it and stick it on your door or another place that you know you will see before leaving! This way you wont forget it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My food philosophy | I dont like meat

The other day I saw a girl complaining on a blog about getting a lot of [bad] comments when she says that she doesn't eat meat, that i decide to share with you my food philosophy [as my mom calls it]! I hope my experience can help anyone that is trying to be vegetarian or vegan an keeps hearing comments from family and friends!  ***SORRY FOR THE LONG POST***

So I always had a problem with eating meat -- and no, I don't have any underlaying altruistic motive --  I just don't appreciate the taste and texture of meat!

It all started when I was in kinder-garden, about 20 years ago! I used to go this school that had a canteen and all the kids had to eat in the canteen. However, the food was awful! Really disgusting! I didn't like it at all. Specially the meet -- it was always way over cooked, and chewy and tasted just bad!
My mom is a wonderful cook and I would eat meat at home without any problem but in school just the smell would make me sick!
 And I knew the other kids didn't like it either but they would eat everything as fast as they can so that they could go play after lunch.
So, since I didn't like the it started to not eat it. I would eat my rice and vegetables and leave the meat on the plate.
The ladies that worked there -- they didn't care if i liked it or not -- they just wanted me to eat it. It was "the rules" ! So they started to punish me. They would not let me leave the table until I was finished and they would let me play in the playground.
Once, they forced me to eat it because they were bored of being there looking at me waiting for me. I got so sick that I threw up on the table.

After that I started to be really sicken [in portuguese "enjoada" is the correct word] of meat.
It got to a point that I could not even eat it a home.
So of-course my mom noticed and asked me what was happening, and I told her.
The next day she went with me to the school and talked to the responsible.
The bitch told my mom that I had to eat everything because if they allowed that, then the other kids would want to not eat their vegetables or their soup or whatever they didn't want!
My mom even asked If i could bring my own food, and they said "No, because this is a fancy private school, only poor kids bring their own food" [Maybe she didn't said it like that but that is how i remember].

My mom didn't want to take me out of that school because it was a very good school, and I didn't want to leave either because I had all my friends there and the school had so many fun extra-curricular activities that I loved.
So I continue to endure the torture of having to eat meat and my mom stopped cooking meat for me at home. She only made me stuff that I loved.
Most of the times I would go to the bathroom trow up all my lunch just after eating eat.
Thats how bad i hated it.

Two years passed, and I went to a different school - primary school.
There I could bring my own lunch.
And that what I did for all the years I went to school.

I have a follow (more or less) a vegetarian diet since I was 5. But I try to eat chicken or lean beef every now and than. I also eat fish! Love fish and seefood! And cheese and milk! Yumms!
I know my body needs some animal protein and I rather eat it then to have to take pills or whatever.

During my teen years I also found very hard to go out with my friends and try to not eat meat out -- if they wanted to get pizza or they wanted to get an hamburger, most of the times I would stay home and not go just because I didn't want to eat that and there was not vegetarian options. I was sick of comments like "oh shit who invited veggie-girl? I don't want to eat grass for dinner!".
But a really great friend of mine told me one day that the stupid bitched from kinder-garden was still making me feel miserable about meat, 10 years later!

So I came up with a plan: I decided to chose ONE day of the week where I am allowed to eat meat. And usually I try eat meat on a day that I am going out with my friends. This no problem for them, no problem for me. There is still a big "drama" for me to eat meat at a restaurant -- i am completely afraid of the taste! And me not liking the taste or texture -- oh it still happens, a lot! But my friends understand and they appreciate that I try to make an effort to fit it!

When I tell someone this story I usually get one of these to answers:
1) you cannot be a vegetarian AND eat meat
2) omg how can you not like meat? it is the best thing ever

I want to be in between! I like to be in between! What do you think?
If you have any question about this, let me know! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

My Week #05 | Fall is comming

Week number 6 here on the blog and not that much has changed in my life.
This has been my breakefast latly -- some Cruestli Cereal and a cup of coffee. 
I don't have time for more (I should even be wasting time writing this post!!)

I have to finish my project -- the deadline for the report and first draft of the presentation is this next friday! I have been working like crazy to get it done, so wish me luck! I still have like one million thing that I need to do!

Also, I have found the first sign that summer is going and fall is arriving! I haven't even gone to the beach this year yet! I just want to glue all the little leaves back on the trees!

No pictures of all cool stuff I have done or ate this week -- This week was truly boring! But I found a super cool stuff that I will review later :) I found a vending machine that sells a mini-BirchBox! Yes, a machine like the one for chocolates and sweets! BirchBox is a subscription beauty box with high end make up products! This is not "a thing" yet in Portugal (thank god or I would have to buy them all!) but in the US this is really trendy right now!

I think i need to add a watermark to my pictures with the name of the blog. But I cant really decide what to use! Any suggestions?


Interview on Agridoce Blog

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Gi for her "Tell me your story" [Conta-me a tua historia] column !
It was a pleasure really! The girl is super sweet and I think you should all do it! It was the first time every I have ever done something like that and it was so much fun to think about what to answer...!

You can check the interview here !

Also, leave me a comment if you have any follow up questions you would like me to answer, I'll post the answers here on the blog!  Oh, and follow Gi's blog -- Agridoce Blog !  She always has interesting stuff to say!

Have a nice Monday y'all :)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Stuck in my head....

 I have been singing this song all day! It just makes me feel so happy!

Can't you tell I got news for you
Sun is shining and so are you

What is the song that you just cant stop singing?
Have a nice Sunday! <3

Tips & Tricks | No more waste!

This is one of my favorite hacks ever!

I hate to waste stuff especilly products that I love! So I have I use everything to the last drop! 

If you think your product is over just because noting comes out of the tube you my friend are super duper wrong! 

Cut open the top of your moisturiser -- you will see the huge amount that you still have left -- and use a wood stick like the ones you get from starbucks to mix your coffee -- a CLEAN one of course-- to scrape all the product from the inside and voilá! No more waste!

Friday, August 21, 2015

007 Die Another Day (2007) Rant !

rant (rănt): To express at length a complaint or negative opinion

Last night I felt like watching a 007 movie. I really love James Bond movies, and I always try not to be too analytical about them -- I try to enjoy the show and don't really think about the details of the plot -- but this time I got some issues. It is not the first time I have seen this movie and the story it self it is awesome-- but this time I have to rant about it! I guess I have been working so much that my brain has started to analyze everything! This is the last movie that features Pierce Brosnan and he is great as always! And Hale Barry -- omg she is awesome!

If you haven saw the movie and you don't want me to run it for you, please don't read more! I am not telling you all the movie plot but just some parts that I felt like ranting about it!

So, the movie starts with Bond pretending to be someone else and he goes to North Korea to give them diamonds in return of weapons! Rant: it should be the other way around, no?! North Korea would never sell guns!
Then is cover is blown and he ends up killing the son of the General and the other guy who I guess has something to with security -- Zao, who gets diamonds stuck in his face due to an explosion. They fall of a waterfall or something similar. Bond survives but he is captured and made prisoner for 14 months, where it looks like he is tortured every day. After the 14 months he is traded to Zao who after all survived! Rant: When they show Bond after the 14 months he doesn't look like someone that was a prisoner in North Korea -- ok he had long hair and beard  and he looked bloody and dirty but he looked very and strong! I mean, North Korea must be the hardest place to be a prisoner, they would starve him for months!


When back in his world, Bond sets off to track down Zao. Bond gets caught up in yet another scheme which sends him to millionaire Gustav Graves who is super famous. Bond is invited to a presentation held by Graves about a satellite found in space which can project a huge laser beam. This Gustav guy is the son of the general that went thought a gene therapy and changed his looks and doesn't look Asian any more.
Now, the big Rant: So the general son pretends to die, but in only 14 months he is able to undergo intensive gene therapy while he is creating this fake company. Gene therapy that changes the structure of the face, hair and eye color? Meh doesn't bother me that much.

 But the solar ray -- this kind of technology costs billions of dollars to develop -- where did he got the money? Yeah, the guy had diamonds but you need a lot of diamonds to have billions of dollars! Don't forget he had to pay for the gene therapy (which was done in Cuba with some fancy and crazy doctor -- I bet it was not cheap). Also, It takes much much more than 14-ish months to develop something like this! This just looks to far fetched! And I not going to even start on the adaptive camouflage technology on his car! When Q explains the technology, It doesn't make any sense! Also the special effects are weak -- but the movie is relatively old.

Have you ever found this type of problems with a movie? Something that bothers you so much that you can't ignore it?

Have a nice friday!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just had to share it!

Just had to share it :)
Have you liked my facebook page yet? No? What are you waiting for?!

Today is going to be a rough day -- have a lot to finish today (work stuff) and actually not that much time! I shouldn't have procrastinated so much last week! Now i have to rush!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Really Grinds My Gears | YOLO

... people that say YOLO and use it as an exuse to do dumb shit. Because if you only live once you should enjoy the time you have on this planet and make the most of your potencial.

I also hate "swag" but we'll get to that...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Review | Bio-Oil

No, I haven't had a baby nor am I pregnant which is what I know most people associate Bio-Oil with,
although I have heard that it is a complete wonder product for stretch marks, scars or weird skin pigmentation! I goggled a bit and I have seen really promising before and after pictures, in different blogs, so I decided to try it out!
So what have I been using Bio-Oil for? Plain and simple to reduce the appearance of acne scarring on my shoulders and back and some small stretch marks -- gross I know but sharing is caring <3
Bio-Oil as many will know is a dry oil which essentially means it applies like a slightly greasy liquid but as soon as you begin to massage in into the sky it quickly absorbs without any trace of residue which is simply brilliant for all those like myself who aren't the biggest fans of oil products. It is very smooth and it smells really great!
I apply it everyday after shower in my whole body and on my face just before moisturizing -- and just a bit goes a long way!
I have been using it for around 2 1/2 weeks and OMG my skin is so much softer! I was a bit skeptical to be honest -- but you know I am really impressed with this! I am not sure if it will fix giant scars but I am sure that it will probably help with the healing process! And for sure it will help prevent stretch marks!

This small bottle (60ml) costs around 10€ but I feel like it will last me for ever!

Do you use any type of product like this? Do you like this type of products? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, August 17, 2015

My week #04 | Word of the week: Procrastination

I have to tell you, this week was all about procastination! I have so much to do and zero motivation! But the truth is that by the end of the month I have to be done with this project! I am already in the final stage but I am feeling so hard to find will-power and strenght to keep going.. argh!

I started to re-watch this show. It is called "Cougar Town" and it is with Courtney Cox (aka Monica from Friends). This is NOTHING like friends and Courtney looks a bit weird with all the touch-ups.  I think that this is from the same creators of "Scrubs" because it kinda has the same feeling and the same type of jokes, same actors and the same vibe. And it has nothing to do with cougars! Only like the first 5 episodes! They drink tones of wine, all the time and I kinda wish i was part of their cul-de-sac! I saw 2 seasons in the last week and now all I think about is wine!

This week I had some awesome fro-yo with all yummy things! So so good! For me a nice cup of really any type of ice-cream can solve all problems! Specially Ice-cream with candy! I love candy!

I also attempted to make some home-made iced coffee -- which i have to say worked out pretty yummy! I made some coffee ice cubes and everything and I used some Agave Syrup to sweeten it a bit! I will be posting the recipe because this is super fresh and healthy and y'all need to try it because I'm sure you will love it!

What exciting things did you do last week? Let me know in the comments!
Have a nice Monday! -- as nice as it can be, since Mondays suck!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

What Really Grinds My Gears | Stupid ass comments

... when people comment on my blog something that is completly clear that it is a comment that they just copy-paste on every blog because it has nothing to do with the post!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Some people are just dumb

So, this happend last night...
I was home and this girl that i know -- she is not my friend, we just hang out sometimes, she is my neighbor - came over to drink some wine and talk about life stuff. I haven't seen her for a few days so I asked what was going on. And the conversation was something like this:

Me: So what happend to you?
Her: Oh I was super sick during the weekend! I was throwing up and feeling really bad.
Me: It probably was something you ate.
Her: I only had an simple omelet before starting to get sick.
Me: Maybe the eggs were bad. Were they fresh?
Her: Yes, they were.
Me: Did you check?
Her: (starting to laugh) yeaaah i touched them
Me: ?????
Her: Yeah, I grab them from the fridge, they were cold! (laughing and looking at my like i am dumb)

The thing here is that she was serious -- she thought that fresh eggs means eggs from the fridge, and if they are cold ( when you take them out of the fridge -- which i guess all are) they are good to eat!

Natural selection at its finest!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Facebook Page

Did you know that I have a fb page?Like and share with your friends! I always try to be very interactive there! And i can share with you all the cool stuff I keep finding on fb :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

My week #4 | Summer days


My last week was super boring -- my life lately has been very boring -- i dont really know why --  I am such an interesting gal!

The most exciting thing for me this last few days its that i bought a new beautyblender! My old one was no longer pink -- it was all orange and disgusting and starting to fall apart! So i Trow it away and bought a brand new one. I dont think I need to make a review about it -- every blogger, youtuber has already done one and the whole world already knows how great this little pink -- money sucking -- sponges are!

I am still having coffee at home -- with all the money I used to spend on coffee every week I could buy hmm maybe 3 beutyblenders! I have to say, it is good but it is not the same -- but hey at least i feel like i am doing something right by saving me some pocket money!

My brand new addiction -- Badoit Sparkling water! Yumm! I take it everywhere with me! I is really becoming an addiciond -- Maybe i should call TLC to be in the next season of "My strange addiction"! LOL JK; that was a really bad show 

 Also I went for the first time to Chipotle! Omg it is so good! I had never been there before, but i had heard great things and it is so great! And their margaritas OMG so refreshing and tasty! Definitely coming back!

Have been to Chiptole? Do you love it? I know I have lots of people here that are not from the US and I am curious, are there a Chipotle where you live? 
What is your favorite combination? I tried the spicy chicken but I am definitely going to try the other meats next time! And also -- tacos! They looked so good!   Let me know if they are worth it!

I hope your week was better then mine :) Have a nice day

Friday, August 7, 2015

Trying to be healty

I try to be healty -- it s hard!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Healthy Habits | Drink more water

I have been trying to drink more water -- people say it is good for you!
I usually just forget to drink any water during the day -- and I can be like 2 days without drinking any water which is not good at all for me! They say you should drink 2 litters of water per day -- but I am not capable to do it effortless!
I have tried many different things like drinking tea during the day, or doing this thing were you mark your bottle to set some hourly goals of how much water you drink, but I always end up failing! It is a good tip and a good method if you actually remember to drink every hour or you will end up having to drink the amount corresponding to 3 or 4 hours!

So now I am trying sparkly water -- with flavor! This ones from BADOIT are so good!

 When they are really cold they almost taste like soda because of the flavor and the bubbles -- except it doesn't have any sugar at all, but they taste super good, trust me! Each 1L bottle costs 1,20€ more or less (yes -- more expensive then regular water but YOLO lol) and I have been drinking 1 1/2 per day. They come in a big variety of flavors and only 4kcal per bottle!

Let's see how much time I can keep going with this! Any bets?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Just spent my weekly food budget on a beauty blender! My previous one died (RIP my not so pink anymore but still cute old friend)  and I have been looking to replace him with a stippling brush but after talking to a nice Sepohara lady she convinced me to go back to the bb! The truth is that he does the same [ and better] then 3 or 4 different brushes would do so it is kinda not that expensive after all!

btw. It only costed 16.50€ @ Sephora -- and yes that is how much money I spend on food every week (on average and with a standard deviation of approximately 4) 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Travel | Lisbon, Portugal

I have traveled a lot, and I can say for sure that Lisbon is the most amazing and beautiful city I have ever seen.
It beats Paris -- and I have lived in both of them so trust me!

Have you been in Lisbon?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Penny for your thoughts?

Is it just me, or Adam Sandler looks like a retarded on every movie he makes?

Can you name one movie where he looked like a normal person? I can't.....