Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mini Continente Haul -- toiletries with 50% off #2

This was such a good deal that I couldn't let it pass. I had to go back and buy some more stuff!

Definitely the best way to deal with stupid people.
Just fart

Saturday, January 30, 2016

New In My Closet | Mango

My Week #13 | Another busy week

This last week was crazy. I have been super busy with work plus I have a lot of things planned for the blog that I've been working on, that take way to much time to plan! Anyway, I was away for part of this week, in Madrid. I was there for work, and I dind't had much time to sightseeing. But it's always good to go ;)

I have been addicted to this tea. It's super cheap and super good! I usually prefer to make tea with the actually dry leaves instead of using tea-bags. It is Green tea and lemon and some times I add just a spoon of rosemary honey.. oh my god, it so good and comforting! I love it!

Nickolaus was having a 50% sale on every single thing in the store, so I went and bought just two little Christmas decorations. Nickolaus is a Christmas Decoration Store that is open all year and sells Christmacy stuff all year - downtown Lisbon. It is so unique and it is one of my favorite places to buy Christmas ornaments and decorations. It's a bit expensive, so I always wait for sales. I I'll show you what I got in a few days.

The blog is also hosting its first sponsored giveaway! Our lovely Partner Ana Dinis kindly offer some awesome Oriflame products for me to giveaway! Have you entered the giveaway? NO?! What are you waiting for?!

And since I have been super busy, I do not have the time or patience to cook... So I have been eating super frequently frozen pizza. I don't like old pizza, so when I bake one, I always have the tendency to eat it all, so it doesn't go to waste. But one whole pizza is way too much food for me. So to avoid eating the whole pizza, I've been cutting the pizza while frozen in half and just stick one half in the oven. It's a good way to control how much I eat. And half is more than enough. 

I hope your week was better -- and more exciting -- than mine :)
Let me know in the comments the highlights of your week! :D

Friday, January 29, 2016

Mini Continente Haul -- Toiletries with 50% off

I'm a frugal person. I don't spend money on things I don't need or I don't like. And I am always waiting for things to get on sale. But I hate going shopping on like big sale days -- when everything is on sale, like Black Friday or just sales season. I can't stand how much people are in the stores, all the noise and confusion. I don't like it at all.
Anyway, Continente is having 50% of in many toiletry products. I saw it online and I knew exactly what I wanted and how many I wanted. So I went to get this stuff -- You can see it in the picture... It was 10.30 am, however the products were already almost gone! For example, the L'Oréal face-wash, there was only one unit left. And of course I grabed it immediately. The deodorant, this is my favorite and I guess a lot of people likes it too, because the shelf was almost empty. The same with the floss!

If you want to get any of this stuff that's on sale hurry the crap up!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review | Oriflame Swedish Spa Exfoliating Massage Bar - Limited Edition

Today I'm bringing you a small review of the Oriflame Swedish Spa Exfoliating Massage Bar - Limited Edition. I have been wanting this soap bar ever since I did my Oriflme Christmas Gift Ideas post! You know I love shower stuff, specially exfoliating products, and I was super excited to try this!  This is one of the products you can win in my GIVEAWAY!

The first thing I need to talk about is the smell. It has a very soft, fresh, clean smell. It kinda reminds me of the beach and sand -- one of the main ingredientes is a sea-weed extract, so maybe that's why. Anyway I like the smell. The fragrance don't last long on your skin but I think that's not an issue, specially if you are like me and you kinda overlay lot's of products. 
Something that I've found really different, was the shape of the soap bar -- and that's mainly why I was so excited to try it out! It has some grooves that massage and exfoliate your skin. And it is actually very relaxing. The exfoliation it self is very gentle, but the actual massage is very good.
The soap creates a very fine foam, it lathers really well. But I think that the little massaging things are not going to last a long time, since they have already started to lose their shape a little bit. It's not drying on the skin at all. It's really soft and gentle. I think you would all love it.

Overall I am loving  this soap bar so so much!

If you are interested in getting one of this soap bars -- or any other Oriflame product -- don't forget, you can always order it with our partner Ana Dinis and profit from a 10% discount or free shipping! Hurry up because it is a limited edition product!  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Braces | Week #9

Last week I din't post anything about my braces, because there is not that big change really. It was weird, I didn't have really any extra pain or discomfort from getting a new wire. I still can't bite with my front teeth but that doesn't really bother me.My teeth keep shifting around. Gaps are appearing between them. It looks like black magic. I really see spaces appearing between my teeth every day-- an getting bigger and bigger! 

I forgot to tell you  in my last update, I got hot pink elastics ;D I like this color better than what I got before -- teal blue. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

About the presidential elections...

I'm not astonished by the results of the presidential elections. If you were not expecting that Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was going to win this election you were probably living in another planet. He was a present figure on every single house, every Sunday night. He made comments on everything, gave his opinion on the most vast subjects, even recommended books. Every sundry, on prime time, on public TV. You probably saw him more often than you see your friends. No wounder people voted for him. 

I'm also not astonished about the rest of the results. A very simple guy -- Vitorino Silva -- got more than 3% of the votes. People are sick of the typical black tie politician.
I'm not astonished that Maria de Belém only got 4.24% of the votes. Her voice is annoying. Her face is annoying. I've never like this lady. Sorry.

I'm astonished that only 49% of the Portuguese people voted. And that there were only 1,24% of blank votes. For me, not voting means "I don't care". Because the percentage that each candidate has is related to the total amount of votes that actually go into the ballot boxes. If you go there, and you don't like an candidate, you should put in a blank vote. Imagine if the 51% of the people that stayed home, had gone there, and made a blank vote... How cool would be to have more than 50% of blank votes? That would be interesting to see...

I am also astonished that Henrique Neto had less than 1% of the votes, he had such an awesome theme song!! Check out the first 20 seconds of this video. LOL I'm joking about this, in case you haven't noticed...

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Today I am bringing you a Giveaway! This is my first sponsored giveaway and I am so excited! Some of this products were kindly offered by the blog lovely partner Ana Dinis! Thank you Ana for all this awesome stuff :) This includes a bunch of samples, some full size products from Oriflame and a cute make up bag! 

To enter the giveaway, the only requirement is to follow the blog via GFC. You can do this by clicking the "Join this site", on the followers section on the right side of your screen! There are a bunch of stuff that you can do to get extra entries, such as liking and visiting some things! This giveaway will be ran with rafflecopter, so you have to sign up in the widget at the end of this post. I hope you guys enjoy this awesome giveaway because I've putted a lot a work in to in. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy day :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Promdresses with PromTimes!

My blog is not even close of being a fashion blog. I've never posted an ootd or anything similar. I have shared with you stuff that I've bought, made some wishlists. But it's not like I am some sort of fashion, very à vant garde type of girl. I share what I like and my experiences. So when asked me to write  post about them I was a bit unsure about what to say.

Prom? Oh yes I went to prom. It was awesome. I partied like a rock star, and had a really awesome time! Do you wanna know what I wore? Some designer dark blue skinny jeans, super high black heals and a pink corset that I had specially made for me - really I picked the fabric,  and I payed a lady to make it to fit my body perfectly. It was not the traditional prom look, but I never liked being a sheep, ok? And besides, this kinda of look was very trendy! Everybody on TV was dressing like this ! I looked cool, I felt like myself and I don't regret what I wore. But if my prom was today I would chose a totally outfit! I've chosen some dresses from that I love and that I would totally wear! offers a huge variety of dresses. They not only have all types of dress, as they also offer the same model in a rainbow of colors, so you can choose the perfect dress in the perfect color. They also fit the dress to your size, if you want! They give info about how to size yourself and how to take your measurements! This is awesome. A fitted dress without having to go and deal with the big mess of shopping? What more could you ask for?! It's the perfect online shopping experience!

Apparently I'm into sweat heard necklines, because all the dresses I've chosen have this feature.
I really like this very fitted watermelon dress. I think the rushing is really beautiful and very flattering. This would be a great option. It would also be awesome in black!

Another type of dresses that I really love are these A-shaped ones. I like that is fitted on the top, and slightly more flowy at the bottom.The first one it's in on of my favorite colors -- olive green --  but I think that it would be just the perfect black dress to have in my closet for any occasion. The one with the pink skirt, is a slightly more fun, I think. But I think this royal blue color is just so beautiful and fun, as well as the beading on the top.


I also really liked this two with a fuller skirt. The pink one just reminds me of a Modern Disney Princess. I love the beading on the top and the high waist! The second one, just screams fun! It makes me think of a rock star ready to have the best night ever! I love the corset on this one also, the beading is just so amazing!


Did you went to prom already? What did you wore? 
And if you are going to prom, what kind of dress are you thinking about wearing? If you need some inspiration, browser though! I am certain that you'll find something you love!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Inbox [YOUZZ] | L'ORÉAL Paris Revitalif

Today I've received in the mail some great stuff to try! It's the new L'ORÉAL Paris Revitalif Filler! This was sent to me by Youzz. Youzz it's a website where you can sing up to try out new things that come in the market and tell everything about your experience in a blog or on your social media. It's not only beauty related products, but also food, stuff for around the house, even experiences like going to see a movie! A lot of different products! Click HERE to sign up and become a youzzer!

I've received a full size product, a guide and info about the product, 10 samples and 10 5€coupons to giveaway to friends and family! I'll be trying out this product for the next 4 weeks and I'll make a full review about it.

#youzz #youzzrevitaliftlaser #youzzrevitaliftfiller

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review | The Body Shop Aloe Gentle + Honeymania Body Scrub

If you have been here for a while you know that my thing are shower and bath related products. And there are two or three brands whose products are just heaven. One of them is The Body Shop. Recently I've bought this three products and I have been loving them ever since.

The Aloe Gentle Face Wash and Exfoliator are awesome! I really like them. They are indeed very gentle, and the exfoliator grains and very fine, finer than what I am used to. I usually like more abrasion because I feel it works better,  but I actually think this is better for my skin, more gentle, specially since I use it on a daily basis. The Facial Wash, it looks liquid but when you pump it out it magically transforms into a soft, smooth foam. They don't have any smell, which I like. I usually use them, together, in the shower, with warm water and this make my face feel really clean but not dry at all. 
The other pot you see in this picture is the HONEYMANIA Cream Body Scrub. I've always loved Body Shop's body scrubs and I think this one is my favorite. It has a very creamy texture, as befits his name. It is abrasive but at the same time it's very moisturizing, and after using it my skin feels super soft and smooth. I love the smell, It is just divine. It doesn't have that very sweet, straight up honey smell, and to me it smells a bit like flowers. There is obviously an undercurrent of honey but it's not going to slap you in the face. I also use it to scrub my lips, and it work wonders.. And I don't feel conscious about putting it near my mouth since I know it's a natural product. I have done this with other body-scrubs, and they usually taste soapy or just bad. This one tastes salty, which makes me wonder if the grains aren't actually some sort of salt. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

What Really Grinds My Gears | I'm not a robot

You when you make a comment on someone's blog and google asks you to prove that you are not a robot by clicking some pictures? Is it just me, or that is annoying as hell?
Specially because with the amount of comments I've made so far google should know by now that I'M NOT A FREAKING ROBOT!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stuck In My Head | Cool Kids

The fist time I heard this song, I thought that this described my teen-years perfectly! I always wanted to be one of the cool kids. But I was smart, I had really good grades, and I thought the cool kids were dumb and stupid and I couldn't stand them. And also, they all looked and dressed the same. And I did't really liked that. I was never bullied or anything because everybody actually liked me. But you know, I wasn't a cool kid. And this song describes exactly what I used to feel back then!

Now, I know I was super cool -- and still am! -- , just because I was unique and I was who and how I wanted to be. 

"She sees them walking in a straight line, that's not really her style.
And they all got the same heartbeat, but hers is falling behind.
Nothing in this world could ever bring them down.
Yeah, they're invincible, and she's just in the background.
And she says,
"I wish that I could be like the cool kids,
'Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.
I wish that I could be like the cool kids, like the cool kids."

Inbox | Smiling poop!

Isn't it adorable? :D
Thank you The Girl In Jeans -- she made it and she is awesome!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Are showers really more eco-friendly?

If there is something that I love is a good shower. I've always enjoyed that. I'm not a big fan of taking a bath -- you know the kind were you fill up the bathtub and you just soak for a while. It's nice to relax but I just prefer not to lay in water that is filthy with my own dirt, you know what I mean?
And I always thought that showers save water.
I don't own a bathtub. Actually for the last 6 years the only place where I've cleaned my self in a bathtub was in hotel rooms, and even there I always shower. And usually it takes me 7 to 10 min to shower.
Last week I've stayed in a hotel for 4 days -- No, I was not on holidays, I was working, a lot unfortunately. The hotel had a bathtub and one morning when I decided to shower I didn't noticed that the drain was closed -- you know, with the little black rubber cap -- and while I was showering the water started to accumulate. And I left it close, just to see just how much water I spend. I showered normally, like I do every day. And I was really surprised because when I was done, the bathtub was almost full. And I realized that I consume as much water in one shower as I would if I took a soak-in-bath. I was astonished, really!

I guess showering only saves water if you close the water while you scrub yourself, or wash your hair, but I never do that. At least in my home, the water takes a couple of minutes to heat up, and if I close the tap I have to wait a couple of minutes for the water to come out hot again -- which means more waste... 

I feel the need to be more environmentally concerned, I recycle, I don't have a car, I always use public transportation or walk. I try to buy things that are eco-friendly. But I guess there are just somethings I can't really avoid.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Alan Rickman

Today we lost someone that was very important in our childhood. Cancer, the Avada Kedavra curse of our muggle world, took the life of this awesome men. Alan Rickman was notoriously known for playing Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series, and that's how we will remember him forever.
Rest in peace

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Braces | Week #7 Update + Check up

Okey. So another week has passed. And from last week there were no big changes. Still have a gap. My front teeth are stil very sensitive and it hurts when anything touches them. Anyway...

So today I had an appointment with my orthodontist and with my oral hygienist. It was my first time changing the wire and rubber-bands. I was not expecting this to be a big deal -- oh god it hurted so fucking much! The pressure that the doctor has to make to take out and to put the new ones... oh god! Almost made me cry! But she said it was normal, since everything is still moving around.  She told that I should the intradental brush more, because she found a tiny piece of my breakfast between two of my back teeth! Yuck, I know! But I have to admit, this morning I was kinda hurry, so I didn't brush super thoroughly! She was not able to glue the bracket that had come loose. She glued it down but when she was putting the rubber band, it came off again, so she just cute wire and left one thoot without a bracket. She said the treatment was going very well, she was very happy with the developments and that iIll be putting my bottom braces around April.
Right after that, I had an appointment with my Dental hygienist. She is super nice and I feel super at ease to ask anything -- which for me is really important! I have to bond with me doctors to be able to trust them ok? For example,  I feel like my orthodontist is always in a hurry, she does everything super fast and I feel lik she is tryig the get me out of ther asap... So I never asker her a lot of stuff. I feel much more comfortable talking to the oral hygienist. And she always looks happy that I have questions and I feel like she really likes explaining!  I had a question about flossing -- I thought that I was doing something wrong because every time I do it it looks like the floss isn't really doing anything. And she explained me how to brush more efficiently,  how to floss properly,  and she recommended a tooth paste for me to try. Then, she clean my teeth. I will admit, I was so scared of this. All I could think was how my teeth were so sensitive and she was going to tdo stuff to them, with a drill, and that I was going to die lol -- I know I am such a baby lol. She was so careful and it didn't hurt one bit. Then she clean my theet with a salty solution that tasted like old fishy sea wather and that makr me gag so much, I was afraid I was gonna  though up!

Now I have a headache... I always get one after going to the dentist!  It's weird.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Organize your extra buttons efficiently !

Something that used to annoy the hell out of me was what to do with the extra buttons and little thing that come when you buy a new jacket or shirt. Usually, you never care about this, because you end up never needing one. But, a  few years ago I really needed a button for one of my favorite jackets and I could not find the correct one anywhere! My mom keeps them all together -- she has them all dumped in an old cookie tin... And there are hundreds of buttons in that container -- all shapes and sizes. Over the years they have pilled up and today there are so many that it is impossible to find anything. I wish I had a picture to show you. I always hated this "system" -- if you can even call that a system. And I have always tried to find new keep my own extra buttons organised, but most important, to be able to tell to which garment they belong to!
Some people say that you should sow them to the label of the respective garment, but I don't like that. I don't want to carry them around. Just to be able to find tem. This is the best solution I've found, it's easy and very simple! 

You know, usually the buttons come in a little plastic bag -- don't take them out! Leave them in the clear baggy. Then, use a small piece of paper that fits inside the bag, and write this 3 things:
- Type of garment -- e.g: jacket, blazer, shirt, etc
- Recognizable Characteristics, like type of fabric, color or pattern
- Brand

Just stick the little piece of of paper inside the plastic bag and now you can store the everything in a container, box or envelope, and still know where they came from!  --  I keep mine in a little lego box just because it's super cute!

These 10 extra seconds that takes you to write this 3 things will save you a ton of time when you'll need to find a button, if you ever need it -- but hey, better safe than sorry!

I hope you've found this tip useful! How do you store this tiny annoying things? :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

This or That #2 | Coke or Pepsi

It's the battle of the sodas! Which one do you like the most?
For me? Coca-Cola, always Coca-Cola!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weird Habits | Lemon Everywhere

I add lemon juice to all my food. I love it and I think it makes everything taste better and fresher.
Chicken, fish, pasta, rice, vegetables -- YES, it's great on vegetables Yuuuums!! 

Who's with me? :)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Empties #5 | Sad to see you gone

I haven't done an empties post in a while. But the truth is that it takes me me kinda of a long time to get enought stuff to show you. I'm a but frugal. I don't waste products, ok? Okey...

- NEUTROGENA Visibly Clear Désincrustant Points Noirs Face-Wash. I love it love it love it. This has been my face-wash for years and years. It is so good. I even gave one away in my back to school giveaway, back in September. This little tube lasted me 7 or 8 months. And it is not expensive at all. Just one thing --  Neutrogena doesn't sell face stuff in Portugal. I usually buy it when I go to Paris or Madrid for work, but lately I I have taken low-cost flights, and you know I can't take this stuff in my cabin luggage because it's over 100ml. Will I repurchase it? Yes but not right away - I want try something new.

- PARADONTAX Toothpaste. I got this sample through Youzz and I'ved used it every single day since I've got it. I really liked it. I've made a review about it -- you can read it HERE. The only think I have to point out, is the price. I feel like it is a bit pricey. But I think it lasts a long long time. So I'm still on the fence. Particularity because I don't know if I am benefiting from it or not. Will I repurchase it? I don't know yet.

- PALMOLIVE Ultra Moisturization with Olive and Moisturizing Milk Body Wash. If you have dry skin, this is awesome for you. It really made my skin very soft and smooth. It is vey moisturizing. And It smells super good. Will I repurchase it? YES

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dresslink Wishlist !

Hey y'all! 
I have always shopped online, specially on Ebay. I've ordered a ton of cheap clothing items, accessories, make up. But I've never shopped of any online Asia-based shop. Honestly, because I didn't knew any that I could rely on. But now I've found Dresslink, and I have to say I am amazed with the amount and variety of products that they carry! I've been browsing their website for the last 4h -- yep 4 whole hours -- they have so much stuff it's crazy -- and I've chosen my top 10 items and  I created a wishlist. It was hard to only 10, I have to admit! I've chosen things not only because they are super cute, but also because I was super impressed with the price! What do you think?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Braces | Week #6 Update

I keep seeing things changing in my mouth. I have huge gaps between my 4 front teeth. Really, my teeth used to be very thigh. So tight I was even worried that the doctor may wanted to pull me a tooth to create some more room. I don't know where all this space came from!
My broken bracket is still broken. Doesn't bother me at all.

Lately I feel like brushing my teeth in public bathrooms is my new hobby. For me this is the most annoying part of having braces. And it's disgusting. But I am always so self-conscious about it. I even bought a small mirror to carry with me all the time, so I can check if I really have something there of it's just my imagination. 

I have a brushing/cleaning routine that I used to do in the morning and at nigh, but lately I have been skipping the mornings, just because the whole process takes around 15 min, and for me that's way too much time to waste in the morning. This includes thoroughly brushing , flossing, using the intra-dental brush, mouth wash and applying some gum gel.
Also, I have been waking up with really chapped lips. Actually, my whole mouth feels so dry in the morning...

Next week, I have an appointment with my orthodontist and with my hygienist.I will finally get my bracket fixed. What color rubber bands should I put? I am thinking dark blue or burgundy if they have! :)

This or That #1 | Good Morning!

What do you prefer? 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Be strong!

Some bloggers I follow are giving up. Last week I've red in at least 5 blogs that they are abandoning or closing the blog because they don't have as much followers as they wanted and they don't have a huge success with their blog. That they started their blog at the same time as others, and the other blogs have much more views and comments and followers. And I felt like I needed to say something about it.

If you are doing this for fame or attention, or free stuff, you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. You should do this because you like to share, because you like to write and to give your opinion. And you should be your true self. All the great and famous bloggers have their blogs for over 5 years. And I'm sure that they all went by not-so-good phases with their blogs. But they didn't gave up. Because they were doing it for the right reasons!

From my personal experience, having a blog is almost a full time job if you really want to do it properly. I always get more views when I am more active in the blogger community, when I comment, when I follow others, when I visit other blogs, share the love. Make yourself present in the blogger community! And that takes time. Hours, really. And getting posts ready, taking pictures, thinking about what you want to write about, that also takes time and dedication.  I now that I'm like a no-one to be saying this. But I just hate people that give up! 


New In My Closet | Mango

(it has a little slit in the bust, that is kinda revealing, but it makes the dress look so much younger and sexy!)

Monday, January 4, 2016

My Week #12 | The last moments of 2015

The last week of 2015. Not much happened. It's a week of celebration and good time with friends and family! And lot's of work ... but that's just the usual lol

I wan a Christmas giveaway! See more about it here!
And I am actually getting one ready for you... A "welcome 2016" giveaway! What do you think?

My very very last moments of 2015 were spent at the Casino! I loved it! It was super super awesome and fun! I got to drink, to gamble, to see the fireworks and it was just such an nice environment to finish the year in! I really loved it!

How was your last week of 2015? :)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winner | I wan a giveaway!

Last week I wan the Christmas Giveaway at Direito Por Linhas Tortas blog! And I got my gift a few days ago!! I was so excited to get this! Thank you so much, I loved it :)