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First Impressions | PHILIPS Lumea Prestige IPL for home use

Summer is coming you guys! And you know what this means? This means that we are all going to start shaving our legs like crazy-mad girls. I hate having to wax or shaving. I hate hair on my body and I've been wanting to go get a more permanent hair form of hair removal done. I've looked into a few options but they all involve appointments and having to be somewhere on a certain time, and I'm not good with that, so I've just been postponing it forever.

But recently, Philips contacted me and they asked me if I was willing to try an at-home IPL device! And of course I said yes and I was super excited to try this out! Permanent hair removal, at home? It sounds like heaven to me!
So far, I've done what we can call one session, where I used this device on my legs, underarms and bikini-line. Philips say you need 5 to 10 sessions to actually get rid of hair, but I really want to share my first impressions and this journey of hair removal.

So while ago, Philips came out with this super cool device -- called Lumea Prestige IPL. IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and you've probably heard about this term associated with permanente hair removal. Owning a device like this is really nice, because you can do your own treatments, at your own time, your own pace, in the comfort of your home. Any time of day -- you can do it late at night while watching some TV, or on the weekend. It is just so much easier to be able to get your more permanent forms of hair removal done without having to make those commitments.

This devices is super easy to use and it comes with a little booklet that will help you understated all the details about the process and the product. It's really helpful and I advice you to read it because it explains everything you'll need to know.

With IPL technology gentle pulses of light are applied to the skin and absorbed by the hair root. The lighter the skin and darker the hair the better the pulses of light are absorbed. The pulses of light stimulate the follicle to go into a Resting Phase  and as a consequence the hair sheds naturally and hair regrowth is prevented. It's recommended four to five treatments, every treatment two weeks apart and than afterwords a follow-up phase, with touch-ups every four to eight weeks. I think that with this sort of treatments, you really need to be consistent. One session is not going to give you any results! Not every single follicle is going to be affected by that one treatment so you need to do the treatments consistently over time to make sure that you get all the hair follicles. It will eventually start coming back, and that's why you need to do the maintenance stages that Philips recommends as well.

Dark skin is not suitable for IPL, because there needs to be a contrast between the hair and your skin tone -- because the darker colors will absorb more light, and if your skin is the same color as you hair, the light pulse will be absorbed by the whole area, not only just that little string of hair, and it won't have enough intensity to affect the follicle. By this same reason, this technique won't work if you have really light hairs. Therefore, the very first thing you need to do before starting to use this product is a skin test. The skin test will tell you what is the intensity that you'll need to use your device on. To do the test, you need to press the button with the magnifying glass and hold the device against your skin in the area that you are intending to use it. The recommended intensity will start to flash -- for me, it's intensity 4 -- and to accept and tell the device you are ready to use it you need to press the little check button. If you would like to use a lesser intensity, that's totally OK, you can just use the little arrows to go up and down and select the intensity that you are comfortable with.
The next step is to actually get on with the real hair removal. You take the device and you press it against your skin. If the device is correctly positioned, the is a light on the back, that will go on and you can press the trigger button positioned on the handle. You will see a bright flash and that's it.

The device comes with four different attachments, specially shaped for different parts of the body -- one for large areas, like legs and arms, one for your face, one for your armpits and one for your bikini area. It comes with a battery but in my experience one full battery is not enough for you do to one session but it does work plugged in, so I recommend you do that instead. You can use this device on you face, I haven't because I was scared it would could burn my face but I definitely want to try it.

And now the really important question that I know you are all wondering -- what did it feel like?  Honestly, it's, in my experience, completely pain-free, however you do feel something. You feel a pulse, and a little heat. But no pain what so ever. Not even on my arm pits or my bikini area. I was thinking that maybe I would need to lower the intensity for the areas, but there was no need for that.

I've only done one session, and I can't yet say it works but I know that this technology in general works and the fact that you can do it at home is just perfect. I'll keep using it and I'll keep you updated. And if you have any questions or tips about this product, please leave me a comment!


  1. I'm wondering this brand's product ūüėä but little expensive in a Turkey unfortunately☹️ waiting for your use comments... thanks for your sharing ūüėä

  2. Ooh I look forward to hearing more about this process! It's great that it doesn't hurt though. Always important!

  3. Great product!!! Pain free??? Fantastic!!!

  4. Can´t wait for the updates! I am really thinking about getting one too ◡‿◡✿

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  5. It looks very interesting, I'm thinking about buying one so this post is very useful for me ^^

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  6. This is a very useful product. I'd like to try it.


  7. Desconhecia tal coisa, mas isso é capaz de dar imenso jeito.

  8. I have this one.But I do not understand how good he is yet.))

  9. Estou curiosa para saber se funciona a longo prazo! :)
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  10. This was gifted to me by my sister n i just love it

  11. Cá por casa andamos muito curiosos com este tipo de máquinas. Depois podes dar novo feedback? Fazer uma actualização a este artigo para sabermos realmente se vale a pena? Agradecíamos imenso.

  12. Engraçado que também comprei um aparelho deste tipo mas de marca "branca": comprei a do Lidl. Já usei duas vezes mas quero experimentar durante mais tempo para fazer a review ;)

  13. Deixaste-me com a pulga atrás da orelha! A minha mãe tem uma máquina destas e, ou muito me engano, ou é exatamente igual à tua. Acho que vou cravar para testar eheh

  14. Já tinha ouvido falar, e sim o facto de pudermos fazer em casa é um must! Depois diz se vale mesmo a pena!
    with love, ♡


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