Thursday, June 30, 2016

Review | ORIFLAME Very Me Smoothie Foundation & No Time For Shine Powder

I'm not a foundation type of girl. Usually I prefer BB or CC creams. My skin is not that bad, and to be honest I don't need a lot of coverage. But when Ana Dinis told me about this foundation I was super excited to try it! So I got the foundation and the matching powder in Ivory. Turns out, they are too light for my skin... But I can make it work with some bronzer. I have this rule -- when in doubt always go for the lighter one. You can always bronze it up!

I've used them both a few times now, and I have to say I really like them. The foundation claims to have berry and yogurt extract, and this gives it a super sweet smell -- just like bubble gum! It's really nice. The texture is very runny (almost liquid like), which I really like. It almost reminds me of those weightless foundations that are so trendy right now. It is very smooth and glides on super easily. It blends seamlessly onto the skin and you won't find any harsh lines even if applied in a hurry.
As for the finish, it is slightly dewy. But it feels very light and comfortable on the skin, And it's not sticky at all. The coverage, yeah, it's light to medium I'd say. But it really turns down the redness and evens out the completion. What more could you ask for?!

As for the powder -- I love the name! It became my go-to powder. It's matte and it is great to do some touch ups during the day.  I love the pattern on the little sponge it comes with, it's super girly and I just love that pop of color. You know I'm a sucker for cute packaging!  And speaking of packaging -- I've actually read some reviews saying that the lid breaks off easily. Mine is perfectly fine. I've been taking it with me every day to work. And I think I've even dropped it a couple of times and it's as good as new.

Don't forget --  if you want to get any of these products you can contact Ana Dinis and she will hook you up! And if you use my code GIRLYGIRL10 you can get an even awesome deal!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Must Watch | Kat Von D Beauty Face Projection


 This is truly mind blowing! Truly Amazing! Trust me and watch it.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stuck In My Head | Into You

My celebrity crush used to be Katy Perry. But now... Ariana, I'm into you!
Yes, it's really late, but I'm still working. This is the song that is helping me to stay awake and motivated! 

So baby, come light me up and maybe 

I'll let you on it
A little bit dangerous, but baby, that's how I want it 
A little less conversation, and a little more touch my body 
Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you

Saturday, June 25, 2016

I'm loving my Soufeel Bracelet so much! It's gorgeous and it think I'll never take it off!
The Memorable Charm is stunning!  A lot of people have asked me where I got it because it's just so cool and original! 

I remind you that all these are staling silver, and that you can get a 5% discount on  any purchase by using the code BLOG5.  If you're not happy with your purchase, Soufeel has a 365 days return policy which is awesome! You can also have free shipping if you spend over 59$ -- which is not a hard amount to reach at all. Everything is so gorgeous! Soufeel also has amazing necklaces and rings to die for!

And yes, I needed a Starbucks-Cup Charm in my life. 

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wishlist | Kate Spade

OK. If there's a brand that I've been obsessed with, is Kate Spade. I love the super clean but luxurious look of all her stuff. I'm so obsessed! It's one of the brands that I feel fit my style the best!
I'm thinking about getting a wallet -- the little black one that I'm showing you here -- but it is damn expensive andI don't know if I'm getting it or not. In the mean while, I'm showing you here some of the stuff that I have my eyes on!
If you're curious about the prices, just click on the pictures, but make sure you're sitting down ;)   -- Be nice and supportive and click on at least one of the pictures! I'd do the same for you. Thank you! --

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stuck In My Head | Grow

This ad, this song. It almost makes me cry every-time I watch it. It's breathtaking. Just watch the video.

" Grow, grow
Oh, so you know it all
Then it's gone
Grow, grow
You know
I'm here holding on
Tying up your loose ends
And you're drifting esteem
Grow, grow
If you never try, you'll never know " 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Minimalism | Less is More

I am minimalist person. 

I like simple, useful stuff. And that is reflected throughout my life. I don't own a lot of junk. I really like plain, clean cloths -- as you've probably noticed from my New In My Closet posts. I usually don't buy a lot of stuff. I don't keep a lot of souvenirs from the cities I've passed through. And I don't keep all the free stuff they give you on conferences or music festivals -- I don't even get it anymore because to me that's all trash!.
I know a lot of people that doesn't think like me and really enjoy keeping everything for sentimental value, but I was never into that. I feel like a lot of stuff is just clutter, that fills up our lives and our homes. 

For the past months I've accumulated more crap than I'd like to admite. So  I m going to start decluttering my home little by little, space by space, until everything that I don't need or use is gone. And maybe I'll write some posts about it.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

I really enjoy running and I wish I had more time to do it.

-- today, 4.56km, 28min --

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Empties #08 | Essentials

- BATISTE sassy & daring wild Dry Shampoo. You know I love my dry shampoo right? I can't live without it! I'm not sure if I like this one better or the blush one -- the one with the floral smell. But it's really awesome. If you haven't tried it --  You should! Will I repurchase it? YES

- PALMOLIVE Aroma Sensations Feel The Massage. GUYS! Guys.. GUYS! this is my favorite shower gel ever. I've been pretty obsessed with Palmolive products, but this on is AWESOME! It's a shower gel, smells like clean laundry and it has an exfoliating agent in it! You know how much I love exfoliation, and this is just perfect for me! This product is life. LOVE IT. Will I repurchase it? YES - a truck load if possible!

- NIVEA Cream Classic mini-tin. The classic Nivea Cream. Good and useful for any skin care emergency. I carried this in my bag for months. It is small, compact and it has just the perfect size for carrying around. Really nice even for having on a drawer at work. Will I repurchase it? Yep.

- LUSH New Solid Bar Shampoo. Note that you are seeing here my empty tin. Lush products are awesome, and these Shampoo Bars come without any packaging, but they sell these cute reusable tins for you to keep and travel with your shampoos or soaps. This was the first shampoo bar I've tried and I think I'll never use regular shampoo again. It lasted me about 4 months. It is very foamy -- makes a super cute pink foam! -. and it lathers super eaasly. Makes my hair feel light, clean and stronger! You can read my full review here. Will I repurchase it? Oh yeah. Already did but this time I bought the Jason and the Argon Oil ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Soufeel Bracelet and Charms!

You guys know the blog has a partnership with Soufeel right?

I've finally received their awesome bracelet and it is just gorgeous! OMG I'm super in love with these charms! They are starling silver and they even come with an authenticity certificate! And if you are not happy with you purchase,  you have 365 days to return it! It's awesome!
My order took about 10 days to arrive,  but I asked for a custom-made charm -- and that alone takes 5 days to make -- Curious?! Yep. Soufeel now has Memorable Charms, where they can add a picture and engrave some words. It's so beautiful and a super original gift! On mine, I added a picture that I love: my mother-in-law and our baby-cutie-dog and in the back I had them engrave the name of the dog. It turned out better than I was expecting!
The charms and the bracelet came super well packed. They come in this padded yellow envelop, inside this cute box! Inside the envelop, besides the bracelet and charms were also a cute velvety travel bag -- which is awesome, and something I really needed! -- and a polishing cloth.

The more I see on their website, the more I like Soufeel charms. And this is my honest opinion. They feel lighter then other charms that I own. But to be honest, the designs are super cool and really original! I own a few Pandora charms and I feel like everybody else has the same exact charms as me, and that kinda annoys me. I'm definitely going to get more charms from Soufeel. I'm completely in love with the ones that I got.

Bracelet HERE

Soufeel is offering free shipping for any purchase over 50$ -- which is not a hard amount to reach! They also have super cute ring sets and gorgeous necklaces.
And you can always use the code BLOG5 to get an extra 5% discount!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

I think I had sleep paralysis!

I've read about this many years ago. But I honestly thought it was a myth or IDK something that only happens to other people. But I think it happend to me las night.

Sleep paralysis is something like -- your mind is a already awake but your body isn't. And you feel like you can't move.
And I honestly felt that. I felt like I was stuck between a dream and reality. It is really hard do explain. I was having a dream and I woke up and I couldn't open my eyes. I felt like I was completely awake but still in the dream. I tried to move my legs and arms but it wasn't working. So I just stayed layed down for a while. And then I after a while everything was normal! It was so weird. But the weirdest thing was that i didn't panic, or felt scared. Like I said,  I know I was awake but I felt like I still in a dream...

Has anyone been though this before?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Click on the partnerships' links people! Let's all help each other out yes?

If you have been on blogger for a while, You know how partnerships with stores -- specially online stores -- work. 
Oh you don't? So let me tell you all about it...
They give you some products, you take some pictures and you write a post. In that post you add links for the products you are showing and in the link you add your own "sufixe". This helps them counting how many people clicked on that exact link -- meaning, how many people visited their website coming from your blog.
If you have a lot o people clicking it, you may get to keep on working with the brand. If you don't... probably they will not contact you any more!

Me personally, I open every single link that you guys post on your blogs, regarding partnerships. Why? Well, why not?! I know that this is helping you, and it doesn't cost me anything. I just wait for the page to load, and then I close it. I think it's something nice to do for other bloggers and I wish that you could do that for me too!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tomorrow I have job interview...

... via Skype for a company in Braga. I've only went to two job interviews in my life and I got both jobs. But I've never done a Skype interview. Any good tips or advice?

Saturday, June 4, 2016

I just love Lush

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Guys Gift Guide | Tommy John

Lets just get something straight -- buying gifts for guys is hard AF, okey? Specially if it's someone close. For example, last week was my BF's birthday. And I had no freaking idea what to get him... I ended up buying him a gigantic cake made entirely of candy -- which was a pretty fun, and original gift, and I know he loved it, but it wasn't exactly the best gift ever!

Since I don't want you to be giving lame gifts to men of your lives -- BF, dad, brother, stepdad, best-friend -- I've created a gift guide that I believe is suited for men all age, very classic and masculine.

One of the brands I'm showing you here is Tommy John. If you don't know Tommy John, it's a men's underwear store, that make super high quality underwear, Super comfortable “wedgie-proof” underwear, and undershirts that fit perfectly. My BF actually has a couple of boxer-shorts from this brand and he says it's the best he ever tried and that he is only sorry that he can't find them in portuguese stores! You have to check out their website: first because hot guys in underwear,! and second because they have some pretty funny commercials!

I hope you enjoy my suggestions, and let me know  in the comments what do you think is a great gift for a guy! I'm always looking for new ideas!