Thursday, May 24, 2018

Vichy Idéal Soleil Bronze

Vichy sunscreen is the best. It's my favorite. And I absolutely love this line -- Idéal Soleil Bronze -- not only protects yours skin but helps you tan faster. The formula is great -- fluid, not sticky at all, really easy to apply. Absolutely perfect!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Morning Face Routine V2.0

The last time I showed you my Morning Face Routine was 3 years ago. Somethings have changed. But one thing hasn't -- it's my get ready fast routine. Takes me 10 mins tops do do all this.

I know this looks like a lot of products but it isn't. And comparing it to my old routine, not much has changed. The products are slight different but it's basically the same thing. Fast, simple, easy, effortless. Oh and yeah, I use brushes now!

This is my routine: Moisturizer, primer and concealer under the eyes. Power foundation all over, very loosely. A little bit of blush, bronzer and highlighter. A bit of powder foundation as if it was eye-shadow. Mascara and if I'm feeling fancy a little bit of eyeliner.

And I'm out the door.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Review | KLORANE Quinquina Strengthening & Revitalizing Shampoo

When it comes to shampoo, I'm picky. Extremely picky. I don't like regular shampoo --  the kind you buy at the supermarket. I just don't. My hair can't handle that. It gets all oily and weird. And for a few years now I've been using almost exclusively Lush's NEW Shampoo Bar. I love it, it's amazing, and I don't know how to live my life without it.
Before discovering Lush's solid shampoo, I tried many other shampoos and one of my favorite brands used to be Klorane. I've always liked this brand because their products are very natural. Every product is based on a different plant or herb and the brand it self is very eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. 

I picked up this Strengthening & Revitalizing Shampoo, with Quinquina. I choose this one because I am always shedding hair... It's not that bad now -- it used to be much worst. But because of that I always go for strengthening shampoos! 

This is a tick, brick red shampoo. But it is really easy to apply. It's that kind of shampoo that it doesn't foam up a lot if your hair is oily or dirty. I always double wash my hair and usually on my first shampoo application, it doesn't make any foam at all. But the second time, it foams up pretty nicely, making small little bubbles that really get in between your hairs and that deep clean your scalp. And I like that! It really makes me feel clean!
There is one thing that I have to warn you tho -- the smell. It's strong, medicinal and not very girly at all. I'd say that it definitively smells like a man's shampoo. It doesn't bother me, but my advice to you is that you smell it before you buy it. I've red a lot of reviews and a lot of people hate the smell.

And another effect -- that is not advertised but which I have noticed -- is that this quinine shampoo leaves some auburn, reddish highlights in my hair, which has already a natural reddish undertone. I've noticed as well that it leaves my hair very shinny, very healthy looking! Totally worth the money.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

EAT | IL Mercato, Lisbon

A lot of people told me about this place... An Italian fresh-pasta restaurant, that only has pasta dishes. --there's no pizza here -- and where everything comes from Italy. Everything: the flower, the olive oil, the proscoiutto, the parmigiano-regiano... They don't sell Coca-Cola, for example, just juice and Italian soda. They only have Italian beer... The staff speaks Italian... You get the idea, it's supposed to make if you feel like you are in Italy. Oh and yeah, the menu is in Italian. 

It's a very charismatic restaurant, in a very charismatic place -- Patio Bagatela. I don't know if you've heard of this or not, but it's just a small nook, a small courtyard, that almost make you forget that you are just around the corner of one of the busiest thoroughfares of this city.

Inside the actual restaurant, they have a small traditional looking grocery store, where you can buy all kinds of Italian goodies. Inducing freshly made pasta that you can actually see the lady making and kneading it right over the counter. 

I ordered what I always order whenever I go to a new Italian restaurant -- Spaghetti carbonara alla romana. With real organic eggs. I love carbonara and I mesure the quality of an Italian restaurant by how good it's carbonara is. It's served on a large plate, and they grate fresh Parmesan and pepper right on top of it. It's so nice. The carbonara was creamy, cheesy and delicious. The pasta, for me, was a tiny bit over al dente... but I'm extremelly picky with pasta and I like it really under cook. But it was really really tasteful and comforting. I'm definitely going back -- the ravioli looked delicious!