Monday, November 30, 2015

Black weekend madness

I didn't had time to enjoy this year's back friday. Actually I think we should call it black weekend because most of the stores were extending the sales during the weekend. Anyway, I had to work, so I was home alll weekend. And I did not had time -- nor patience -- to go shopping.
Let's face it, most of the stores that were having like 20% off, wore not worth the trouble. Most of them are relatively cheap and actually they are always having promos and mini-sales. And I hate --really really hate-- to be in a fucking full store. You can't move, usually people smell bad because it's too hot and it's way too loud for me. I rather have a good and smooth shopping experience than to save 20%. The only thing that would be worth it, it would be electronics or appliances. But now I don't really need or want anything...

In the USA usually the sales go up to 60-70% and that is totally different. But still, is it worth having to - literally - fight and endure all that shit?

I hope you had a great weekend - either you spent it shopping or not!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Review | Colgate Portable Kit

Since now I have braces, I need to be more careful and more responsible with my oral hygiene because I don't want to walk around with food in my braces and because good hygiene helps speeding up the process. Therefore, I needed to buy some sort of portable toothbrush that I can just stick in my bag and always have it with me. I ended up buying this one. 

This one comes with a foldable toothbrush, a baby toothpaste and a plastic zip-lock bag to keep everything thigh  I think that having a toothbrush with you always is a very good idea, even if you don't have braces. You never know when you may need it, and it is good to brush after every meal. If we carry mascara, lipstick and blush why not have a toothbrush as well? This is super small and compact. I found it perfect for everyday!

I saw a lot of different options -- and there are this type of kits specially made for braces, but they cost around 10€ and I know that braces ruin toothbrushes super fast. So I thought that It's not wort to invest in an expensive thing when it's just going to get ruined. This one costed only 4 euros. Its nothing fancy but it does the job. 

Do you own something like this? And do you actually use it or it ends up just being there? I'm afraid that's gonna happen to me! Let's see!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Braces | Let's get it on

Today I went to get my top braces putted in.

The spacers I had on -- click here to read about it --  they were hurting a bit. Mainly because they were really pressing again my gum, but it was bearable. I had them for two days  The first thing the doctor did was to remove them... 

The process of punting on the braces was very easy. They glue each individual bracket with a special glue that needs a blue light to set. So far, so good. No pain at all. 
But then the doctor had to put some rings where the spacers were. These rings are what hold the wire and they have to be really stuck between my teeth. And ooh god. When she pushed them in, it hurt like hell. But it's just for a moment. Then the pain went away. But yeah that's not nice at all... After that she added the wire and the rubber bands to keep it in place. Again, painless. I choose baby-blue for my firs color. 

She explained me how to brush and how to take care of my braces. I can't eat anything crunchy like chocolate, toasts or apples, nor sticky stuff like chewing-gum, soft-candies. I should not drink carbonated drinks -- like coca-cola -- because it can remove the glue. Also, if I drink natural fruit-juice, to use a straw because the acid from the fruit can also remove the glue and oxidize the brackets. She gave me some wax to put on the braces if something is poking my mouth. 

As soon as the doctor finished installing it, I immediately felt pressure. A lot. And I'm still feeling. It's not pain, it doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable. But so far that's it. It doesn't hurt. Just pressure. 

I have to admit, lunch was hard. I was not able to chew properly and I kept hurting my tong.So I just ate some soup and some ice-cream. But I guess -- better say, I hope -- I just have to get used to it. Ans yes, food gets stuck all over the place. 

I am returning there in the beginning of January. But I will keep you updated :)
Also, guys, if you have any tips or tricks that will make this smoother, let me know :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What Really Grinds My Gears | Slow people

I understand if you are a slow person, you know you're not fast passe. That's ok. But when you're a slow person and you are completely inconsiderate to fast people, that really pisses me off! You're not in a hurry, I understand you going slow. I don't do it. I'm always in a hurry. But if you like to go slow and enjoy life, that's fine. But not when I am trying to hurry because I have a bus or a train to catch! And these people usually go on the escalators and stay there. ON THE LEFT SIDE! aaargh this annoys me so much. If you don't want to walk, if you are lazy, if you are tired, stay on the RIGHT SIDE! Other people have lives, busy lives, I don't have to be asking for permission to walk faster than you! 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Braces | Spacers

Sooooo.. today I went and get my spacers putted in.

What are spacers? Well I thought it would be something weird but actually they are just some rubber bands that they put in between two teeth a few days before they install the actual braces. 
They literally shoved a rubber band -- like the ones people use in their braces -- between my teeth. The idea is to create space where the fixating part of the braces will hold on to my mouth.

To do this, they just stretch out the rubber band and use it like floss -- just push them in between the teeth. They added one between my last tooth and the next one, and between that one and the proceeding. So my "second" tooth is in a sandwich of rubber bands, lets say. See the picture, you'll understand. And of curse they did this to both sides of my mouth -- right and left -- but only on the top. 

Does it hurt? No, not really. To put them in, it's was actually easy. I was expecting it to be hard, since -- i thought -- my teeth are very close together. But no. It was easy. I felt like the right side was easier, because she pushed way harder on the left side. But no pain at all.

I did this at 8am and at the beginning it wasn't hurting at all nor being uncomfortable. It actually felt kinda nice because when I close my mouth I feel something bouncy, almost like chewing gum, and it was a cool feeling. 
But after a while it becomes a bit annoying.You know when you have food between your teeth and it gets super annoying? That's the feeling. 
Lunch was okay, I din't had any problems eating. But the doctor told me not to eat anything sticky so that the rubber bands won't come off. And now -- it's around 6.30pm -- I feel like my jaw is a bit sore -- but nothing to bad. 

On Wednesday morning I'll be getting my braces, and i'll tell you all about it! I don't know if you are actually interested in following my journey, but I think it's so much fun to keep a journal about it. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Friday, Friday!

Finally it's Friday! YEEEY.. or not.  I should be excited for the weekend but I don't have anything planned. It is friday night and I'm not even going out. Yep my life is boring as hell! Or maybe I'm just becoming an old person.. uhmm..

I'll have a bunch of work stuff to do and boring chores -- like cleaning and laundry. 
I also need to prepare some posts for the blog and work on my Gigantic Christmas Giveaway. If you don't know what i'm talking about click on the link!
And I also have a birthday party on Sunday! -- And actually I need to go buy a gift ASAP! It's for a girl that literally has everything. Any cool suggestions?

And you? What are your plans for this weekend? :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christmas Giveaway | Choose your own presents!

I know what you're thinking ---  "Christmas giveaway, is't it too soon for that?!"

Well yeah, but this time we are going to make thinks a bit different. This is going to be a very big giveaway, and I was having some trouble choosing what to give you, because I feel that you are all so different and unique. So I decided that you should chose what you want me to give away! :D

Every Wednesday i'll be on my facebook 4 pictures of possible presents. And you guys have to vote on the one you prefer! By the following Wednesday, the picture with more likes will be one of your gifts, and on that day i'll post 4 more for you to vote! This will happen 5 times, every time you'll have different presents to choose from! The pictures for this week are already up, so go take a look!

Beside the 5 "chose me" presents, the person who wins the Christmas Giveaway will also receive some surprises! I don't have a date for when the actual giveaway is going to happen, but you'll know when I know!

I hope you enjoy this little game, I'm just doing this to have some fun you guys, and I'm so excited to see what are you going to pick! I also hope you'll like the stuff I've chosen.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

100 followers | Thank you ❤

5 months. 11432 page views. 72 posts. 657 comments. 100 followers.
1 Gigantic thank you to you all for putting up with me :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

My heart is with all of you ☮


Last friday, I was shocked when I heard about the attacks in Paris.
I used to live in Paris, actually when I started this blog I was living in Paris. I didn't live in the city-center but very close.  I know the Bataclan and the surroundings very well since one of my friends lived very close to that. Last year I was in Paris when the Charlie Abdul thing happened and I felt completely terrified. After that, security got very tight. The Police was always armed with gigantic guns, they were always checking people's bags before letting them go inside any important building or even doing identity checks. So i know that the police was trying to prevent this type of shit. But it still happened. It makes me so sad to see this and it terrifies me to my very core knowing that is happened even with super tight security.

Fortunately,  non of my friends were victims. And my heart is with the families and friends of the people that were horrible attacked. I also think we should all thank all the police officers and the people that helped rescue the victims for their bravery and efforts!

In a couple of months I'll have to go back to Paris, but I know that the city I've left a couple months ago is not going to be the same. But we are strong. We are Paris. And we'll not let this take the light out of Paris. After all Paris est la ville lumière!

Shopping |

So, last week --  I think --  I ran out of dry shampoo. So since I could not find any dry-shampoo, anywhere --  read my rant HERE!-- I end up ordering some from This website is really nice. And it has lots of make up brands that you can not find in Portugal. Which for me is awesome, since i am mostly used to american brands. The shipping was super fast. I ordered it one day and I think it took two days to arrive! I love when I don't have to wait a week for the stuff.  This company always sends a gift. This time they sent me some tea. I loved it! -- And I used them before taking this picture...

So I ordered two cans of dry shampoo from my favorite brand -- Batiste-- in Sassy & Darling wild. This one smells like vanilla and it is very very good. 

I also ordered this brow kit.  It's the Wet'n'wild Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash-brown -- I think that there was only this color available, actually.
Anyway, I'm not very into filling in my brows, because I have naturally full brows but I decided to buy one of this and try it out just because I've red really good reviews about it.  The first square is just some clear wax, and the other two are just two shades or brow powder. And they are super super pigmented. They are super nice. Even to use as a regular eye-shadow. It also came with a super super super tiny angle brush and tweezers! So cute!

I've red in the comments that most of you didn't knew what dry shampoo is, and I'm guessing that you don't know what's for and how to use it, so If you'd like me to write a post about it, explaining what I do,  let me know in the comments! 
And do you fill your brows? What products do you use for that?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Empties #4 | love love love

- BATISTE Blush Dry Shampoo. For me this is the best dry shampoo ever. I love it and I use it all the time. Apparently they don't sell this brand in Portugal... and the brands that are sold are super expensive! So I had do order it online. Will I repurchase it? YES (already did! - from

- LISTERINE Total Care Mouth Wash. This is something that I need do use every single day. Twice. Or more. I feel like my teeth aren't completely clean if i don't use Listerine. And this one has alcohol. Yes it needs to have alcohol and it has to make me cry. Otherwise I don't believe that it's doing anything. Will I repurchase it? YES

- PANTENE PROV Hair Spray.  I loove this hair spray. I use it when I curl my hair or when i want to control some fly-outs or baby-hairs . This can is super old. It lasts me FOR-EVER. Really. And what i really love about it is that at the end of the day you can just brush your hair and all the product goes away.  Will I repurchase it? YES

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I guess I am getting braces...

I'm getting braces. Yep. Now that I am an self-sufficient adult, I'm getting braces.

I have been going to the dentist because I have been fixing a cavity. I don't have very bad teeth, it's not a cosmetic problem, I just have a bit of overbite. Nothing very weird or that makes my smile weird. My dentist suggested that I get that fixed, just because.

So I went to see an orthodontist. I went there just to ask some questions and to see if she thinks I should really have it. I wasn't even sure that I wanted braces. As soon as she started so see my mouth she said I really need to do it, because it can really damage all my teeth and in 20 years I will have a lot of problems, bla bla bla. And she made the molds and everything right away and she said -- "Ok so we'll be back on the end of the month to put your braces so you can get your teeth fixed ASAP".

I am still a bit in a chock. Because I wasn't expecting to get them so soon.
I'm getting them in about two weeks and I am going to have it for a bit more than an year! So I will be posting about it on the blog regularly!

Anyway, let me know in the comments if you have/had braces and tell me your experience and any tips or advice for me :) Thank you!

Partnershirp | Oriflame by Ana Dinis

Hello Hello! So today we have again another Oriflme post!
Do not forget --  like our partner's facebook so you can see all the new products that are available or that are on sale! And don't forget, you can always use the promocode girglygirl10 to get a 10% discount!

So, Oriflame is a brand that stands out not only for its quality but also for the variety of products that it offers -- from soap to nail polish. This month the long lasting nail-polishes TheOne are on highlight on catalog 15, where there are featured the most beautiful Fall/Winter colours: Reds, nudes, purples! Keep your nails perfect for a very affordable price! Look at this awesome colors!

This long lasting nail polishes have an Expert Gel technology that gives you an uniform coat and a vibrant color that resist to fade and chipping. They have a wide and high definition brush that helps you apply this nail polish very precise and to have perfectly painted nails! This is great! I suck at painting my nails -- specially my painting my right and using my left hand.. yeah it gets messy.

As for the prices, they are at a very very affordable price! 5,95€ - 10% makes 5.36€ witch for me is an OK price for a nail polish. Specially if it stays for a long time! I hate when I paint my nails and two hours later having already a piece missing! 

Don't forget, visit our partner's Ana Dinis facebook! And since you're at it, like the blog's facebook as well! 
Let me know in the comments what is your favorite color from this line! Mine... i'll have to say number's 6 and 7! I love red nails and that purple is just awesome!