Friday, September 30, 2016

How to find the PERFECT internet provider | StudentBroadband

If you are a collage student, and you are away from home, living on your own, you may only need broadband for part of the year - especially if you return to your parents home during the summer months.

Sometimes it can be particularly daunting to find a provider that allow you to have a short-term contract that allows you to cancel it by the end of the school year. is a company that is  specialized in finding the best short term contacts thus allowing you to compare multiple relevante providers.

Taking into account your internet preferences -- if you want more mobile data, or fiber, or more download speed --  they help you find the package that fits your requests the best, within your budget. It allows you to compare the diferente offers, helping you find the best deals! And it's always a 9 month short-term contract, so you don't have to deal with all the nastiness of cancel the contract at the end of the year, when all you want to do is relax and party!

This is such an awesome system, and for someone like that that has lived for short times in different countries, it's a dream! I only wish this was available worldwide! I really think this is super useful, because there are so many different providers, and so many different options that it is super hard and time-consuming to find out what's the best option for you! And this is truly a life saver!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Stuck In My Head | We don't talk anymore

Don't wanna know
What kind of dress you're wearing tonight
If he's giving it to you just right
The way I did before

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Are you following me on Instagram? No?! You should! I post the most interesting stuff  cof cof on Instagram, every single day! Not really, but you know, if you follow me, I'll follow you back ;)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hot Guys and Undershirts | Tommy John

Since it's still back to school season, I wanna teach you a lesson today. A lesson about undershirts, and how their can change a whole look!

In my office, guys have to wear suits. All the time. And there's nothing more hot than a guy in a nice suit! I mean, Let's just all admit it OK? Any guy looks hot in a suit! They look like classy hot gentlemen...
But then they take their jacket off, and that's when you get all disappointed! You see pit stains, you see hairs picking out of the shirt, you notice that they look kinda weird around the tummy... and that just takes all the classiness out of wearing a suit (and it's slightly disgusting!)  But you know why this happens? Because these guys are not wearing a good undershirt!
Guys usually just wear a regular white t-shirt under their shirt. But t-shirts are not made to be undershirts! They are too short, they get untucked through the day, ruffling and creating wear volume around the stomach area, or it doesn't handle sweat properly!  And if this is as uncomfortable as it sounds, I feel sorry for whoever wear these!

Thankfully, Tommy John, came out with the perfect undershirt. They made it very well fitted, and extra long, allowing it to stay tuck all day! And the cool part is that they not only offer 3 types of fabrics to keep guys comfortable in different conditions, but they also have 4 different necklines available so that guys can use it in any occasion, from buttoned up with a tie events to short sleeve in summer days!

Next time you need to buy a gift for one of the men in your life, check out Tommy John website.They sell THE best underwear for guys!

And in the meanwhile, you can always share this with all the hot guys in your office. I know I will!

Friday, September 23, 2016

How to become Rapunzel

I'm really enjoying making these "how to become..." posts! It is so much fun to thing about how would a Disney movie character look if she was a real person! This time, I chose Rapunzel. I really like this character, I think she represents a super strong, practical girl, and that's what I tried to show trough this outfit. I know the dress isn't exactly the same colour as hers but I just liked it so much! I also included a key-shaped key chain, because, you know, she was locked in a tower...

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How to become Jasmine | How to become Ariel |

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sometimes all you need is just a cute Disney chocolate :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review | Novex Pra Bombar Hydrating Mask

I have to admit. When it comes to my hair I'm a bit careless. I wash it, blow dry it and straight it using a flat iron once a week.. And that's it. I usually don't use conditioner, or masks. Most of the times I even forget to heat protective spray. Yep, I'm that careless.

So when Embelleze sent me 1kg of the Novex Pra Bombar Hydrating Mask I was scared. I don't know what I am going to do with a gigantic bottle of hair nourishing marshmallow fluff ( I don't know how to describe it better, Ok? Don't judge me)

But since it arrived at my door step, I've being doing a effort to use it -- as a hair mask -- every time I wash I wash my hair normally,  then I apply a nice coat the mask, trying to focus more the product on the tips and I just leave in for 3 minutes, as recommended. After, I rinse it thoroughly. 

My first impression was that I didn't make my hair super soft and smooth, super easy to comb through, after applying it, like I'have experienced before with other conditioners or masks. It felt the same, which is good! Because for me usually that feeling comes with oily hair after two days, and that is unacceptable for me! And yeah, this product doesn't do that to me, YEY!
The mask it self has a ver nice fragrance -- I like it. And the smell actually lingers at in my hair for like two days!

I do feel like my hair is a bit stronger and more hydrated, specially on the ends. I can't say if it made it grow more or not, because my hair already grows at a pretty fast pace. But the difference is noticeable, at least for me. I only use it once a week, but I've red that if you use it more regularly, and if you use it paired with the Novex Pra Bombar Shampoo, it really makes your hair grow super fast!

Someone told me you can also apply this to your nails yo help them get stronger and to help them grow faster! 

Overall, I think this is an awesome hair mask, really! The only complaint that I have is wish that the bottle was smaller, because it's going to take me a lifetime to go thought this amount of product!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

5 Books Everyone Should Read

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These 5 books are, in my opinion, something everyone should read.
Have you red any of them? Do you agree?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tips&Tricks | How to get more followers!

There are a lot of blogger tips and advice out there. yet, I'm writing my own, I am not a very experienced blogger, but I've learned somethings along the way. 

I've red some blog posts where the blogger complaints about their blogs' numbers not growing : no new followers, small amount of daily views, not that much comments. And this bother a lot of bloggers. Sometimes they even end up giving of on their blog because they are not happy with their numbers. There are a few things that I do that helps me keep growing, steady and slowly, that do not take much extra time.

1- Visit other blogs and leave comments that are meaningful. Don't just copy-past a random comment like "Lovely Post" or "Very Interesting". Say something that is actually related to the post and you can also leave a question, so the other blogger comes to your blog and also leaves you a comment with the answer.

2 - Reply and return comments. Try to keep in touch with other bloggers. If someone takes the time to come to your blog and leave a nice comment, it is polite  -- to say the least -- to go to their blog and also leave a nice comment. 

3 - Leave your url in every comment. Every comment you leave, creates viability for your blog. so you should leave your url or a link to you blog in every single one. 

4 - Try to find two or three new blogs a day, follow them and leave a comment about their last post and end it saying something like :"Hey, you have such a nice blog, I'm following you. I would love if you could follow me too". 
And how to find new blogs? You can try to find them on platforms like Bloglovin' or you can just google a product + review +  blogspot and you'll most probably find very diffident blogs. Just make sure the blog is still active (if the latest post has maybe like a week or two).

5 - Don't unfollow blogs. I don't think that there are a limit of blogs that you can follow so there is no need to unfollow blogs, even if that blogger doesn't follow you. Don't forget that leaving a comment increases your blog's visibility.

I try to follow this tips. I try to use the time that I spend on the bus, in the morning and in the afternoon, to visit blogs, and to leave comments. This method is giving me 1 to 3 new followers each day  -- which I think is really good! 

Let me know if you already follow this tips and what do you do to keep your blog growing :)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Boots' season is back! YEY!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stuck In My Head | Closer

This song has been completely stuck in my head for the past week or so. I'm just always sing it!

So baby pull me closer 
in the back sit of your rover 
that I know you can't afford
bite the tattoo on your shoulder
pull the sheets right off the corner
of that mattress that you stole
from your roommate back in Boulder
we ain't never getting older
we ain't never getting older

 -- watch the very last seconds of the video, lmfo!! -- 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Review | SISTEMA Cutlery To-Go

I'm one of those people that always brings lunch to work. I first got this habit when I was living -- and working -- in Paris. Going out to eat is super expensive, unless you go to a fast-food joint like McDonald's or KFC... The place where I worked actually had a canteen where I could eat a full meal -- bread&cheese, soap, plate, dessert, fruit -- for 5€. Which is a bargain, for theat amount of food. But there was way too much food. Usually I would get just the plate and the dessert and that would be enough for the whole day. But I realized that i was paying for something I wasn't eating and also most of the times I din't really like the food. And with 4€ I can make a much better meal that the one I was getting,  so I just started to pack my lunch with me.
One of the best "accessories" I've gotten is this to-go cutlery set. I've recently bought a new one, and I just wanted to show you. 

This brand is super good --  I also had a food-container that was actually stolen from my old-office' fridge, and it was the best I ever had! They are phthalate and BPA free, machine washable and they come in a super convenient travel box.
I don't know if you can see from the picture -- It has a snap on system. It comes with 2 handles where you can attach one of the different heads, so that you can always combine two of the three most used cutlery -- spoon, fork and knife.  It also comes with two chopstick attachments which is really cool, in my opinion!

I think that one of these sets are a great investment. It is way more convenient and practical to bring these instead of your kitchen' metal ones. And you always have the three options. It's super compact and completely weightless. These are sold at Continete, they cost 4€ and they last a lifetime. They come in 4 different colors (green,blue,pink,purple) which match the containers. It's a great thing to add to your Back to School wishlist.

Friday, September 9, 2016

I don't think Pasteis de Belem are the best ones in the city, but they good. Specially when they've just came out of the oven!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Week #16 | What have I been up to, lately!

I haven't done one of this posts in while. Why? Because my life has been pretty boring in the last months. But this last weeks were pretty exciting, full of changes and I have things to share!

I spent a few days in the beach. I hadn't gone to the beach in 2 years! Crazy, I know! But I took some holidays, right before starting my new job, and used those days to relax, have fun, and to get my head in order.

I've also tried to work out as much as possible, I've been going for a run everyday at night fall. If I am too tired to run. I'll just walk. It's super nice, and I get to see really beautiful sunsets!

I also enjoyed my free time to catch up with some friends! We had dinner at my house and I made Tacos! I made everything from scratch: the meat, the guacamole, the salsa, and even the flat bread! It was soo good, as I wish I could do this more often, but it takes too much time to prepare! But it was super fun!

I've also been super obsessed with this tea. Have you tried it? It is so good. It is my newest obsession! I've been drinking one of these bottles every day! It is super super good! If you haven't tried, you should!

And these are some of the things that have been going on in my life! 

Monday, September 5, 2016

BTS | College Essentials

September is here. And we all know what that means: It's back to school season! Yup, that time of the year were we get to buy cute and awesome school supplies is here!
From what I've seen, a lot of you are going to college this year -- so first of all Congratulations for finishing high-school and for getting into collage! I hope you got in the uni and the degree you wanted!
Here I'm showing you a few of the things that I had and that helped me thought collage. I know that these things and advice may not be useful to all of you, and it depends on your university. But I hope these sugestiona can be helpful in anyway.

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The first thing that I recommend is a sturdy backpack. And why a backpack and not a cute bag? Well, you'll probably need to carry huge, heavy books, your laptop, your notebook and whatever else. And you'll need a backpack that can hold all of that. Also, it's way more easy to just through all your stuff inside your backpack when you are in a hurry.
Something that will also come in handy, is a tablet --  and a cute case for your tablet. I like the ipad, but any tablet is useful. Usually the classes have PowerPoints, and the professores put the slides or the worksheets on your university's online platform. So it's good to have a way to access them in class. Of course you can also take your laptop with you but a tablet is lighter and easier to use. You should also think about getting a nice powerbank! I didn't had this in college but I would be so useful. I cannot tell you how many times I was out of battery on my phone or my tablet when I need it the most!
A nice planner is also a very good thing to have. You can mark your classes, due dates, tests and exames and really organize you life. And to do that, I really like to use colored pens. I'm not into any fancy planning, like with a lot of stickers and washi tape, but I think using a colorful pens is more fun -- click HERE to see my current planner. Also, they are awesome for taking notes  -- the ones in the picture are the exact ones that I use regularly on my life. I'm not going to suggest if you should use a note book, or loose sheets for you notes. Everyone has it's own preferred method. However, I'm suggesting you to have also a nice sturdy big pencil case. A cute fun one, with a nice bight color so you can easily find it inside your backpack. When I was in collage I had always a lot of work to do. And I always tried to have something to cheer me up in those days that I was completely tired and worn-out. And nice bight cute stuff always helped!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

This or That #07 | The Best Slice!

Have you tried Domino's? Because if you have, I know your answer already!
I love Domino's Pizza. LOVE! How about you?

Friday, September 2, 2016

Rant | Dealing with Customs Authorities

I like to try new stuff. It's part of who I am. I love to get new products and shopping and new stores! And I am always so happy when any store or company contacts me and say "hey we want to sent you some things for you to try out for free!". I get so existing when I get these offers. But I hate having to deal with customs and with the post office to get my stuff.

Most of these stuff comes from China. And now portuguese customs authorities are really freaky about big packages arriving from China. If it is a small thing, like if it comes in an envelope, they always let it through. But if it is a package,  like if it needs to be delivered, they hold it. They hold it and they send me a letter asking for my personal information and for me to send them an invoice or a receipt for the payment with the price and description of the items. Well, if it's a gift I don't have any of that! I din't pay. But trying to explain this to the guys in costumes is really hard. So they told me to write a statement where I explained this, gave the prices and description and this work fine a few times. But last time, when I was trying to get my package from Gamiss, they did not accept this document. I called. They told me that the items contained tags and that the tags didn't match what I was stating -- that the values were higher. And they also told me that they had opened the packaging. I didn't knew what to do. They wanted an invoice. And couldn't give them that! So I had to talk with the person that contacted me. I asked the girl if she could help, if she could send me a statement with the prices and saying that i din't pay for anything. She sent me a document in really bad English, with prices waaaaaay under the prices that I'd sent before ( really, like 1 USD for each product -- it was just absurd and ridiculous). I sent that to the customs office,  and guess what? I got the exact same answer... the values don't mach, bla bla bla. At this point I didn't knew what to do. Then I had the brilliant idea of sending them the statement I created initially and a print screen of my order on the website. This had pictures, prices and everything they wanted to know. I wrote a small text on the email saying that this is what they told me the price was, and again,  it was a gift, because I have a blog... and it finally worked! This took me more than 3 months! It's so crazy. And when I finally got.the package I understood why they were all relutante and not believing what I was saying: one of the product had a 70€ tag (I posted the picture on the other post, you can check it out!) ! And I was saying that it costed 7 or 8€ ! I mean, it's logical that they would believe.

Now I know how to deal with this situation, and I wanted to share with you in case this ever happens to you! If you need/want the template for the statement I used, send me an email and I'll be happy to give it you! And don't forget, always attach a print-screen of your order!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Quick Tip #03 | Shower Puff

Using a shower-puff (or loofah or whatever you call it) will help you save a ton of body-wash. 
Just drop one blob of  your body-wash liquid on your loofah, scrub it around ib your hands until it starts foaming up, and that - usually- is more than enough for you to wash up your body.

And your skin will also thank you for the extra scruby-scruby.

I always buy mine at Sephora and the one I'm currently using is the one in the picture!

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