Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Guys! Let's just take a minute and look at this. This is definitely the coolest PR box I've ever received. Really cool. Novex is really stepping up their game.

This is Novex's New Line -- My Curls Movie Star -- and it's design to give you Hollywood worthy curls. The line is composed by a Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Hair Mask and a Leave«-In Conditioner, that Embelleze kindly sent me to try. Much as the other products in this line, this Conditioner promotes long-lasting modeling, leaving your curls more flexible and moister resistant! Because, now, with the help of these products taking care of your curly hair does not have to be a DRAMA or a HORROR movie!

Because I don't want any more curls in my hair -- in fact I'm always trying to get rid of mine! -- I'm giving this away to one of my blog followers! That's right! We haven't had a blog giveaway in a while and I think it's time to shake things up around here.

To be qualified to win, all you need to do is to:
1 - Follow my blog via GFC. To do so, you have to look on my side bar (right over on that side --->) for the the thingy with a bunch of small squared pictures. Have you found it? GOOD! Just click on follow, it will probably ask you to log in with your google account, you do that, and BAM you are following my blog. This doesn't have any impact in your life! You won't reverencie emails or spam or anything. Don't worry. And it will just help me grow. If you already follow my blog, you can skip this step.
2 - Leave a comment right here on this post, telling me that you are in.

And that's it.
The giveaway it's open worldwide. And you have until February 28th at 23.59h to participate!
Good luck!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Best Eggs Benedict in Lisbon (?)

I have a mission --  to find the best Eggs Benedict in Lisbon. I've tried a few, but my favorites are the one from Dear Breakfast -- full post coming soon, with tons of picturesPerfectly poached eggs, with crispy bacon on an English muffin, covered a really velvety, tangy hollandaise sauce. Very simple, and very yummy.

Where should I go next? Where can I eat the best Eggs Benedict in Lisbon?

Monday, February 4, 2019

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2019

Did you see this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show? Omg, It was dreadful. It lacked soul and passion! It was just dull.. plain old boring. I was so disappointed. I love Maroon 5, and Adam Lavine is one of my top 5 celebrity crushes, but his performance was so underwhelming. Even the line up they chose to perform was not that special.

The show it's self just failed to impress. There was no awesome light effects or people flying through the air, the dynamic between Maroon 5 and Big Boi and Travis Scoot was flat, there were no connection between Adam and the audience... It was so bad. I think this was the worst half-time show of the last years. 
They have done so well before -- remember when they did the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2015? That was so amazing. So energetic, so charismatic. What happen Adam, WHAT HAPPEN?

The only great moment of the show, was when Adam was singing Moves like Jagger, and right after that part where he says 'I swear I'll behave', he takes off his shirt. That was good. But Adam's abs weren't enough to save the show. Oh, and don't get me started on the Sponge Bob thing! I mean, the main attractions of Maroon 5’s concert were characters not on stage, and not even in the stadium. I love Sponge Bob but it didn't make any sense. I feel like they were trying to add a whimsical character to the show to make it somehow memorable -- remember left shark from Katy Perry's 2015 half time show? Last summer, when I saw her live, SHE HAD A THE LEFT-SHARK ON STAGE! No one is ever forgetting that one.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Review | NIVEA Make up remover for the shower -- DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY

A while ago, while I was picking up my regular bathroom supplies I noticed a product that I'd never seen before. The NEW yellow label caught my eye and made me really curious about this product --  A Makeup removing product to use IN THE SHOWER. Being the lazy girl that I am, I never take off my make up before getting into the shower. I just go straight in, take a shower like I normal would -- this includes washing my face with whatever face wash I'm using at the time. And usually when I get out and dry my face with a towel, all my make up ends up on that towel because the face wash didn't really did a good job removing it. We've all been there, don't lie! On a daily basis I don't wear a lot of make up -- just concealer, brow-stuff and mascara. And usually getting out the mascara is what gives me more trouble. If it's not completely off it goes all over my towel.  And make up is so hard to remove from clothes that I absolutely thought that this product could be a life safer.

The instructions on the bottle make it sound pretty straight forward -- they suggest you should apply the product to your face directly with circular motions, rinse it thoroughly and all the make up is gone.
Well ... honestly that didn't quite work for me. Yes, it release some of the make up but nothing that my regular face-wash wouldn't do. It didn't to any magic with the mascara -- it ran all around my eyes, giving me pretty huge panda eyes...

But dying to make this product work, the next day I decided to try it out with a sponge that I often use to exfoliate my skin. I squirted some product onto the sponge and tried to remove my make up with with it. And yes, this got me some better results -- most of the make up was gone, and it got transferred to the sponge, and no panda eyes. But I don't think this success is the work of the product as much as it is the work of the sponge, because I think I would get exactly the same result with any other product combined with that sponge. 

Not everything is bad. As all Nivea products, it smells really nice, it has a hint of that classical blue tin Nivea cream smell.  I love the texture, it's something in between a cream and gel, super smooth and easy to apply.

The new label actually is misleading. That label, combined with the fact that I've never seen any ads for this product made me think that this was in fact a new thing on the market, but no. After some research I found some reviews from 2016 but I'm pretty sure that I'd never heard of this before! I think that this product never worked as intend and Nivea just kept it on the selves so that suckers like me would still buy it. It sounded too good to be true. Don't waste your money.

Monday, January 28, 2019


This year, on Chanel's cruise 2019 catwalk, the models wore some very specials shoes -- the very classy Mary Jane. These shoes were a favorite of Chanel's in the 1920's and this year they made a comeback onto the runway. The Mary Jane have a very classic shoe shape, and they are a firm favorite for many MANY shoe lovers. Very ladylike  with a strap across the vamp and a sensible little heel these shows so classy and they inspire dreams of femininity!

For the 2019 collection Chanel revamped the Mary Jane by keeping the very classic shape but in white calfskin and in silve laminated goatskin. And I love both of them. The white ones are also available with a slightly higher heel, but I think the magic of these shoes are in the little princess heel.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Fashion designers have always taken a liking to Disney Characters. Specially for those really classic ones. In 2016 Kenzo launched a a capsule collection in collaboration with Disney to celebrate the release of "The Jungle Book" remake, and last year Coach put an edgy spin on our Beloved Disney princesses for its Disney x Coach collection. And now it's time for Gucci to release some Disney goodies.

With the Chinese New Year quickly approaching, Gucci is celebrating the Year of the Pig with the lunch of 35 pieces -- women's and men's ready-to-wear, luggage, small leather goods, shoes and jewelry -- all adorned with Three Little Pigs motifs, a Disney movie produced in 1133. They also play around  on the saying that “pigs might fly”, and they’ve created three lovely fashion jewelry pieces that feature a pig with wings -- which I think are my favorite pieces of this collection! The little pink ping with wings brooch is just the most adorable thing.

Launching on February 5th -- the day Chinese New Year begins -- the classic Disney cartoon characters will be featured on some very Gucci's Iconic pieces. I'll leave you here some of my favorite pieces but you should totally check the full collection on Gucci Website.
Just don't fall in love with anything... Everything is super expensive.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Travel | Lisbon, Portugal

-- Largo do Chiado, Lisboa --

I love to walk around in the city and just take in all the beauty that all this old buildings have. Lisbon is such an old city. all its buildings are so full of history and stories! If they could talk I bet they would have amazing things to say. And around Christmas they get even more beautiful and magical with all the decorations and lights. I kinda wish they could keep the Christmas decor all year around.