Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The importance of good photography in our life

Our photographs tell us what is important to us. When you ask people what possessions would they rescue from their burning house, one of the most frequent answers is the photo album or a computer  - holding their digital images. It's so interesting that when panic mode hits, you're most likely lunge for you photos rather than for your valuable jewelry. This impulse to save our recorded memories is a powerful force that just show us the important role photography has in our life and our constant desire to distill and imortalize our most precious moments into images.

Photography preserves the most important events and people in our lives. Photos are our personal story, they construct a timeline of our lives, filled with faces and places that we love.  And they allow us to share our life and important moments with others. They allow us to share and communicate, and can convey all kinds of emotions! 

So yeah. Having good photos, that really capture the moment is very VERY important. But not every one can do that. We all have some amador photographer in us. And that's enough for every-day memories, vacations and family gatherings. But for important moments -- moments that you want to capture no only the people but also the feelings -- you have to with a professional photographer. Don't ask you cousin that own a professional camera to take pictures of your weeding. You will definitely regret it! 

So, how do you find the right photographer? It may not be an easy task, but you only have three rules:

1. Find a photographer that matches your style, your aesthetic. Some with the same sense of style as you. Because most likely he will produce something that he likes, and if you have similar taste, you will like it too.

2. Find a photographer who edits well. Editing can really change a picture, the mood and the feeling it conveys. You if you have an editing style in mind you should find a photographer that is capable of delivering that style with consistency. If you don't know what you want, go trough your prospect-photographer's portfolios and see if you like what you see. Just make sure that the photographer you pick has a consistent editing processes, and be sure to communicate the tone and atmosphere you want your photographs to give off.

3. Find a photographer who has a good personality. Your photographer will be everywhere with you. Up in your face all day long. And there is nothing worse than having a photographer who is too opinionated, too boisterous, or too awkward to be around. So find someone you really click with. That is positive and has has an upbeat personality. Try meeting him over a coffee and really get to know him, build relationship with him, turn him into a friend!

And how about where to find the right photographer?
You can google it, ask your friends for recommendations OR you can use Fixando. Fixando is an online platform that makes hiring profissional services very easy, including a professional photographer. It's really easy to use -- you just answer a few questions about what you are looking for, how much is your budget and this information will be sent to all the available professionals registered on this platform. They will then submit their proposals and you can compare the different professionals, check their portfolios and compare prices. Fixando is available in several 
locations, including Portugal. So yeah, if you are in need of a Photographer in Lisbon or Photographer in Porto or a Photographer  really anywhere else in the world, Fixando can help you.


  1. Concordo! É felizmente temos cade vez mais fotógrafos e com muito boas qualidades!
    In Beautyland

  2. Eu no meu casamento contratei um que enfim... Nem lembra ao menino Jesus!
    Não deve saber metade disto =/


  3. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog. I don't think you can underestimate the importance of photography, especially when you're blogging. I'm forever carrying my camera around and photographing things, and for my outfit photos my husband is the next best thing to a professional photographer ;-) xxx

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  8. I hadn't heard of FIXANADO.. thanks for sharing.

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  10. Photography is really important specially for us bloggers .


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