Monday, September 5, 2016

BTS | College Essentials

September is here. And we all know what that means: It's back to school season! Yup, that time of the year were we get to buy cute and awesome school supplies is here!
From what I've seen, a lot of you are going to college this year -- so first of all Congratulations for finishing high-school and for getting into collage! I hope you got in the uni and the degree you wanted!
Here I'm showing you a few of the things that I had and that helped me thought collage. I know that these things and advice may not be useful to all of you, and it depends on your university. But I hope these sugestiona can be helpful in anyway.

-- Please be nice and supportive and click on at least one of the pictures! I'd do the same for you. Thank you! --

The first thing that I recommend is a sturdy backpack. And why a backpack and not a cute bag? Well, you'll probably need to carry huge, heavy books, your laptop, your notebook and whatever else. And you'll need a backpack that can hold all of that. Also, it's way more easy to just through all your stuff inside your backpack when you are in a hurry.
Something that will also come in handy, is a tablet --  and a cute case for your tablet. I like the ipad, but any tablet is useful. Usually the classes have PowerPoints, and the professores put the slides or the worksheets on your university's online platform. So it's good to have a way to access them in class. Of course you can also take your laptop with you but a tablet is lighter and easier to use. You should also think about getting a nice powerbank! I didn't had this in college but I would be so useful. I cannot tell you how many times I was out of battery on my phone or my tablet when I need it the most!
A nice planner is also a very good thing to have. You can mark your classes, due dates, tests and exames and really organize you life. And to do that, I really like to use colored pens. I'm not into any fancy planning, like with a lot of stickers and washi tape, but I think using a colorful pens is more fun -- click HERE to see my current planner. Also, they are awesome for taking notes  -- the ones in the picture are the exact ones that I use regularly on my life. I'm not going to suggest if you should use a note book, or loose sheets for you notes. Everyone has it's own preferred method. However, I'm suggesting you to have also a nice sturdy big pencil case. A cute fun one, with a nice bight color so you can easily find it inside your backpack. When I was in collage I had always a lot of work to do. And I always tried to have something to cheer me up in those days that I was completely tired and worn-out. And nice bight cute stuff always helped!


  1. Olá querida, tudo bem? :)
    Gostei imenso do post, vou voltar ás aulas dia 16 e admito que estou um pouco ansiosa e com receio ao mesmo tempo pois vou para o 10º ano e não conheço ninguém... Acho super importante ter uma agenda, mantém-nos muito mais organizados, as canetas coloridas eu uso imenso, ajuda-me a focar nas coisas mais importantes. Ótimo post.

    *Tenho um post novo, caso queiras lá passar ficarei muito agradecida!
    Beijo ♥
    Alexandra's World

  2. I really love those picks!
    Having new stuff for school, makes me feel like I'm ready to rock the year :)
    The planner seems cool.

    Celien | The Losing Struggle

  3. Adorei todas as escolhas, a mochila é girissima!

  4. Great post dear :) This were my essentials too :)

  5. Obrigada pelo comentário <3
    Adorei as tuas escolhas, especialmente o caderno :)

    Beijinhos, xx
    My Little Corner

  6. I love notebooks, pencils, pens... :-)
    Kiss kiss, have a great week!
    New post is up on my blog, take a look Trendy Tips Trendy Girls

  7. Óptimas sugestões!
    Beijinhos! Já não passava por aqui, há um tempinho... vou espreitar as últimas novidades...

  8. I agree, these are amazing items for school.
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  9. Great ideas for college essentials!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  10. These are all great essentials, I used to carry my laptop or print the presentations.


  11. Adorei as escolhas, nem sabia que o Mr. Wonderful tinha uma powerbank, é mesmo gira! kiss^^


  12. Eu uso sempre mochila com duas alças devido a problemas de costas e afins.
    An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram

  13. Awww que escolhas tão cute!

    Mia |

  14. O meu tempo escolar já lá vai e tenho bem saudades:) Hoje em dia teria um tablet eheheh seria o máximo:) Beijinhos

  15. I remember having a terrible backpack in school. It didn't last very well against the massive amount of books they gave us.

  16. Gostei imenso das sugestões mas para mim, pelo menos por enquanto, a escola já acabou :p

    Beijinhos, Hellen

  17. Ótimas escolhas! Me fez lembrar que preciso de um planner xD

    Um beijo!
    Heeey, Maria! | Fanpage

  18. hey sweet
    amazing things

    Lua do Meu Mundo da Lua
    FanPage (se inscreva no blog, te esperamos por lá)

  19. Gosto dessas canetas :)

  20. Excelentes sugestões :D

    Mochila para mim é inevitável quando carrego mais coisas, para evitar as dores na coluna :)

    Dash of Wonder

  21. Sinto que estou velha nao so porque ja terminei a faculdade há 2 anos, mas porque ja penso mais que quando tiver filhos setembro é uma altura em que tenho mil despesas escolares dos miudos. Ainda hoje tive essa conversa no trabalho... :p enfim, na faculdade apenas comprava umas canetas, lapiseira e caderno. E assim se passou uma licenciatura ahah :)

  22. Boas dicas! Sinto imensa saudade de comprar material escolar!

  23. Wonderful post! Great ideas!
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  24. Great recommendations. This makes me miss being a student. Only this though. :P

  25. Sou uma perdida por material escolar! Sempre que chega esta altura dá-me uma saudade da universidade! Só me apetece é voltar! ah ah ah


  26. Boas dicas, nesta altura do ano há muita gente a precisar delas! Sem dúvida que uns apontamentos coloridos no material dão outro alento :D


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