Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hot Guys and Undershirts | Tommy John

Since it's still back to school season, I wanna teach you a lesson today. A lesson about undershirts, and how their can change a whole look!

In my office, guys have to wear suits. All the time. And there's nothing more hot than a guy in a nice suit! I mean, Let's just all admit it OK? Any guy looks hot in a suit! They look like classy hot gentlemen...
But then they take their jacket off, and that's when you get all disappointed! You see pit stains, you see hairs picking out of the shirt, you notice that they look kinda weird around the tummy... and that just takes all the classiness out of wearing a suit (and it's slightly disgusting!)  But you know why this happens? Because these guys are not wearing a good undershirt!
Guys usually just wear a regular white t-shirt under their shirt. But t-shirts are not made to be undershirts! They are too short, they get untucked through the day, ruffling and creating wear volume around the stomach area, or it doesn't handle sweat properly!  And if this is as uncomfortable as it sounds, I feel sorry for whoever wear these!

Thankfully, Tommy John, came out with the perfect undershirt. They made it very well fitted, and extra long, allowing it to stay tuck all day! And the cool part is that they not only offer 3 types of fabrics to keep guys comfortable in different conditions, but they also have 4 different necklines available so that guys can use it in any occasion, from buttoned up with a tie events to short sleeve in summer days!

Next time you need to buy a gift for one of the men in your life, check out Tommy John website.They sell THE best underwear for guys!

And in the meanwhile, you can always share this with all the hot guys in your office. I know I will!


  1. totally agree! haha

  2. Bons conselhos para os senhores ;) que ficam bem de fato, disso não há dúvida nenhuma! :D

  3. Totalmente de acordo! Não me cruzo muito com homens de fato no meu trabalho, mas de vez em quando cruzo-me na rua com alguns espécimes que me fazem virar a cabeça. Ah ah ah Beijinhos
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  4. Bom eu acho que cada ser é um caso, pessoas com um estomago saído ou barriga crescida não favorece uma t-shirt branca, bem eu não gosto de branco uso de cor, de uma boa t-shirt ou um bom polo.Aqui chamamos camisola roupa interior,para usar por debaixo da camisa,mas depende do trabalho ou do sitio onde se trabalha. Mas é uma dica muito boa.

  5. Here I am on your blog! I follow you with pleasure :)
    Kiss ;*

  6. I used to wear a cotton undershirt under a dress-shirt when I used to dress-up for work. Never had the suit-like jacket, just shirt and tie.

  7. Ola Linda:) Tudo bem?
    adoreiiii:) Bjs Karina

  8. r: soube mesmo bem, já precisa de uma semana assim à muito tempo.
    Bom fim de semana :)

  9. Gostei muito do post! Muito interessante!

  10. Bons conselhos mas eu não gosto muito de branco, gosto mais de cor :).

  11. Great tees, very useful post sweetie! x

    Love from London,

  12. Sempre ficam mais arranjadinhos com essas que sugeres!

  13. R : Obrigada, dificilmente um dia volto ao karaté, a doença que eu tenho é crónica ...

  14. confesso que nunca tinha pensado nisto, mas realmente um homem fica muito mais sexy com um fato vestido, se depois o tirar e estiver com uma camisola toda suja e rota por baixo, é logo um grande turnoff! esta ideia é de génio :p
    beijinhos, Noelle :)

  15. All boys need them.
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  16. Adorei o post! É tão diferente do habitual, raramente encontramos o post para homens!
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  17. E resultam super bem em qualquer outfit :D

    Eu ando sempre de tee branca. :D Dá sempre aquele ar limpo x)

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  18. haha I just love the way you introduced it. Really nice!
    Following you. i don't see your follow, hope you follow back :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  19. Well, what can I say?
    Looks good on them men and I bet they're comfy too. :)

  20. What a great post, I had fun reading it.
    This underwear for guys looks really great.
    Have a fabulous week ahead!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  21. Boas dicas para eles, adorei a ''aula'' hahaha.


  22. Adoro branco, adoro:) È uma cor que costumo apostar muito.

  23. Such a lovely post. You have a nice blog! I like your shirt

    Would you like us to keep us blogs each other?

  24. Realmente é um pormenor importante, tanto em termos e aparência como de conforto e até higiene! Boas dicas, realmente essas peças dão prendas fantásticas :)


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