Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review [YOUZZ] | L'ORÉAL Paris Revitalif Filler

I have finally used this product for two weeks straight now and I think I'm finally able to give you my opinion! This product was sent to me by Youzz to try out and to review! Youzz is a website where you can sing up to try out new things that come in the market and report your experience in your blog or on your social media. It's not only beauty related products, but also food, stuff for around the house, even experiences like going to see a movie! A lot of different stuff! Click HERE to sign up and become a youzzer!

I have to make a disclaimer first: this product is not really appropriate for my age. It is designed for more mature skins, so I'm not sure it worked properly. Anyway, I like to try new stuff so I gave it a shot. And I have a lot to say about it!

Let's start with it's appearance! I love the color scheme, and I think that the pot looks super nice. I like the gun-metal color on the outside of the pot and I love how simple it looks. No big labels and ingredients' list. I like it.

When you open the big lid, it has like a plastic protection cap, which I have no idea what it is actually for, but I always like when products have it. It give me an high-end feel -- because usually high-end products have this little cap and it just makes the product feel more luxurious to me!

The product it self is very creamy, and a little bit goes a long way. When you apply it it doesn't feel pasty or oily. It actually feels like a powder. It makes my skin feel extremely smooth. I like that. And I definitely felt like my skin is thither after using this product. Specially around my cheeks. I can't precise how tighter it felt -- like they announce in the box. But I definitely feel it.

Overall I think it is a super nice product! I have recommended it to several friends -- some older coworkers -- and two of them actually bought the product and told me that they are loving it!

This product is actually on sale now in Continente, with 50% off, and if you would like to try it go pick it up! I am sure that you'll be very pleasant with the results!

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  1. Loved the review, looks like a good product.

  2. A minha mãe é que tem usado mais mas realmente também acho que deixa a pele bem suave! E gosto do cheirinho!

  3. Deve ser um bom creme, um dia tenho de experimentar. Obrigada por seguires, segui também!
    - Ana Rita

  4. Gostei muito do post, excelente review...conheço a marca e tenho vários produtos mas esse nunca experimentei.


  5. Parece ser bom :) eu confesso que neste momento ando à procura de um creme para peles mistas e ainda não sei qual escolher eheh

  6. Gostei de conhecer. Eu já usei um assim para peles mais maduras por engano de quem me ofereceu (ehehe será um boca!!) e não me adaptei nada bem! Mas fiquei curiosa com este.

  7. It's look amazing! :) I like L'oreal so.. Maybe I will try it.

  8. Gostei imenso deste post, é sempre bom sabermos estas opiniões!

  9. O produto parece ser mesmo bom :), mas como eu tenho a pele um pouco oleosa/mista não iria funcionar bem comigo.
    Blog: Life of Cherry

  10. Já ouvi falar tanto da Youzz :D parece ser um bom produto!

  11. Já tinha ouvido falar, mas ainda não experimentei, pois tudo o que uso tenho que falar primeiro com a Dermatologista por causa do acne.Mas deve ser bom ;).

  12. A L'oreal é uma óptima marca!~

  13. Oh, adorei o post :)


  14. Beautiful review. L'Oreal has some great stuff. Lovely blog here btw! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  15. Óptimo post! O meu está mesmo a terminar, vou ponderar comprar esse :)

    Estou a seguir :)
    Um beijinho,

  16. Awesome review! I'd love to try this cream!

  17. Dizem que é ótimo, ando cheia de vontade de experimentar!

  18. Adoro os cremes da L´ORÉAL, e esse deve ser maravilhoso :)
    Beijinho <3



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