Thursday, March 10, 2016

Empties #6 | Random Randomness

PALMOLIVE Nourishing Delight with Honey and Moisturizing Milk Body Wash. I just loved it. I've been completely addicted to this range of body-washes. I love the fact that they contain natural products, and they all smell divinely! On my last empties post, I've shown you the one with 100% natural olive and this time I tried the one with honey and they are both just so luxurious! I'm in love it these! Will I repurchase it? Hell yes! 

- SENSODYNE Gums Toothpaste with Fluorine.  You all know I have braces and it is very important to keep your gums healthy when you are having work done on your teeth. Well, it's important to keep your gum healthy, period! They are what holds your teeth up, so you should treat them well! This toothpaste is my favorite one and if you don't want to get some fancy one from the pharmacy, this is the best option. It was actually recommended by my dentist and, yeah, it is great to prevent bleeding and sensitivity to cold and hot. It tastes just like regular minty toothpaste, and it gives you a super fresh, clean feeling after brushing. Will I repurchase it? Definitely!.

- ORIFLAME Sweedish Spa Exfoliating Massage Bar. I made a full review on this product, in case you want to read more about it. I'm just sowing you here the package it came in because, you know, the actual soap-bar is gone! I loved it. It really cleaned my skin very well, giving me an "oil-free" feeling after using it. You feel like you don't have any grease or dirt on you. But it is a bit drying, you should use some moisturizing after. The little massaging domes, they melt away after one of using it every day. But the soap it self lasted me around 4 weeks. Just one advice, don't use it one your face. It will make you break-out like crazy! Trust me. Been there, done that, regretted like hell. Will I repurchase it? Maybe.

- LABELLO SOS Lip Repair. Okey. This little baby thingy as been a life saver. I've talked here on the blog on how much my lips get dried-up during the night because of having braces. Some of you suggested me to put a thick coat of Vaseline on my lips right before going to bed. But I HATE the taste of it. So I did a bit of research and found this product. It has Dexpanthenol, which is a healing compound, used to help heal wound and burns. So this really works! And the best part, it has a very sweet minty taste and smell that is just awesome. It's clear and it gives a very nice shine to my lips, like a lip gloss would. But it is very sticky so I don't use it during the day. I apply it wright before going to bed, a thick coat and just sleep in it. It makes wonders. Will I repurchase it? Already did. Can't live without it anymore.


  1. Sou louca por essa embalagem da palmolive :)

  2. À uns tempos atrás testei esse lip balm sos da labello e foi o que realmente melhorou os meus lábios, pois estavam bem secos e cheios de peles a cair.... recomendo! Beijinhos

    Visite Lusitana*Blog

  3. Yes Palmolive nourishing delight is great, amazingly works =)

  4. obrigada pelo comentário <3
    nunca experimentei nenhum destes produtos por acaso :)

  5. Acho que tenho de comprar esse labello. Os meus lábios precisam vezes demais de um SOS.

  6. Loving this random randomness! Have a great weekend!!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  7. Adoro os geles de banho da Palmolive!!

  8. Wonderful post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

    Vildana from :

  9. ADORO Palmolive :) quanto ao resto gostei de ler ;)


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