Thursday, April 28, 2016

Braces | Week #22 Update + Check Up

I'm not in a very good mood today. I'm feeling tired, and annoyed. It has been a very rough week for me. So excuse my objectivity.

During the last weeks I had no pain at all. And everything was going great. I was pretty much able to eat anything, and the brace were not bothering me at.

But, today was appointment day. And I think today the doctor was feeling productive because she worked a lot on me. Any way, let me sum it up:

  • I thought my top teeth were good. I was wrong. They need to be shifted, because the top canines are supposed to rest in the space right before the bottom one and mine don't do that .So she removed two brackets and she glued them back lightly raised, to create a wider arch. So one of my teeth (tooth number 13) is going to be all weird during the next month, at least. And since it is shifting already it hurts like crap. Makes my whole face hurt. She prescribed me some paracetamol. I wish she had prescribed me some oxycodone, it would make this whole experience so much fun!
  • Good news: if this painful process works, I won't need to remove any teeth -- which I bet is even more painful soooo *fingers crossed*.

  • She added brackets to all my last teeth. I didn't had brackets on the very last one, nor top or bottom. But now I do. Now, the wire pokes my cheeks and it is supper annoying.

  • She told me my gums are not very healthy and that I need to go to see my dental hygienist. I kinda already knew that. I've been slacking on my "routine".
  • I chose hot pink elastics (again). I like it. I think the color blends nicely with the rest of the inside of my mouth and I think so far it's the best color I've chosen.
If you any tips on how to handle the pain, let me know. I've heard salty water helps. Anyone confirms?


  1. Querida compreendo perfeitamente o quanto deve estar a ser complicado. :<
    Eu ainda não coloquei aparelho, porque tenho de fazer um tratamento antes e ando a passar super mal, para não passar ainda pior com o aparelho!

    Força querida tu vais conseguir e vais ficar ainda mais linda!!! :D

    *hugs da Naipes*

  2. good luck with this painful process, this time will pass, easy for me to say. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment.

  3. Sempre tive brackets em todos os dentes, desde o início e é uma pain in the ass aquele ferrinho a espetar nas bochechas! Era das piores coisas de ter aparelho e cheguei mesmo a fazer feridas enormes no interior da boca por causa disso. Hurts so fucking much.

  4. Eu já tive aparelho e sei o quanto dói ao início ou quando nos fazem estas alterações no aparelho. Mas de resto, o aparelho não me incomodou muito e não sei assim de nenhum truque para abafar a dor. Espero que passe depressa. Vais ver que no final é recompensador! :)

  5. Felizmente não sei o que isso é. Mas para tudo temos que sofrer um bocado não? Vai tudo dar certo...

  6. Though period for you but you can make it :)

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  7. que sorte já não ter que usar isso xD nunca tive muitos problemas com o aparelho, a não ser quando o arame se soltava e me arranhava as bochechas, nesse caso costumava usar pedaços de algodão húmido para colocar entre o arame e a bochecha e assim não arranhava xd
    nunca usei elásticos coloridos, mas tenho pena, pq fica mesmo giro :c
    beijinhos, Noelle :)

  8. I also wore braces. I remember the pain ... but everything went and I have straight teeth, hurray! :)
    And I also loved the hot pink elastics ;)
    NEW POST in my blog "Demilla". Welcome!

  9. Yikes, I would sleep off the pain... Ice cream and milk shakes helped. Or at least it was a good excuse!

  10. Ainda bem que não passo por isso, já o meu irmão, coitado, está como tu. Odeia o aparelho e tem dores horríveis. Mas isso acaba por passar, mais cedo ou mais tarde. Força!!!

  11. Hello!

    I hope you're all right with you !


  12. por acaso nunca ouvi isso da agua salgada, sera que resulta mesmo?

  13. nunca tive aparelho por isso nao compreendo a tua dor mas imagino que seja um pesadelo às vezes. Mas pensa que no final vai valer a pena

  14. Yikes. This is why I didn't get braces. :(

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

  15. Eu já tive e compreendo-te! Mas é por uma boa causa :)

  16. Já tive aparelho há algum tempo, sei que custa mas totalmente compensa! ❤

  17. Thank god nunca precisei de usar aparelho!

  18. Great post ♥
    Follow-follow on GFC :)

  19. Não imagino o incómodo que é ter essas dores! :/ Espero que melhore rapidamente!

  20. r: também tenho desses ahahah :D

  21. I love to read all about this updates! I'm sorry it hurts. I'm sure it will be worth it!

  22. Se há problema chato é problema com dentes. Boa sorte!


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