Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Guys Gift Guide | Tommy John

Lets just get something straight -- buying gifts for guys is hard AF, okey? Specially if it's someone close. For example, last week was my BF's birthday. And I had no freaking idea what to get him... I ended up buying him a gigantic cake made entirely of candy -- which was a pretty fun, and original gift, and I know he loved it, but it wasn't exactly the best gift ever!

Since I don't want you to be giving lame gifts to men of your lives -- BF, dad, brother, stepdad, best-friend -- I've created a gift guide that I believe is suited for men all age, very classic and masculine.

One of the brands I'm showing you here is Tommy John. If you don't know Tommy John, it's a men's underwear store, that make super high quality underwear, Super comfortable “wedgie-proof” underwear, and undershirts that fit perfectly. My BF actually has a couple of boxer-shorts from this brand and he says it's the best he ever tried and that he is only sorry that he can't find them in portuguese stores! You have to check out their website: first because hot guys in underwear,! and second because they have some pretty funny commercials!

I hope you enjoy my suggestions, and let me know  in the comments what do you think is a great gift for a guy! I'm always looking for new ideas!


  1. Great gift guide dear! I agree with you,it's always hard to find a proper gift for your bf,dad,best friend etc.

  2. I love quirky socks. My husband really loves strategy board games. So I usually opt for something like that. It gives us new things to play all year. :) But he also likes concert tickets... so we do that a fair amount too! :) I did do the Lego Space Needle for him once before a trip to Seattle, and I think he had a good time with it! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. Ahaha! Adorei o LEGO :D
    Eu já seguia querida :D
    Beijinhos ❤

  4. Hi dear! Thanks for visited my blog! I follow you back ;)Kisses

  5. I actually got my wife that lego set for Christmas per her request

  6. great post!!

  7. Adorei as meias, lindas!

  8. obrigada *-* que tenhas tido um excelente dia :)

  9. Esse Lego parece muito legal.


  10. Obrigada pelas palavras! Sim, vai-me fazer mesmo bem! Mas que ótimo post, é terrível comprar prendas para rapazes!
    - Ana Rita

  11. São boas opções de prendas para Homem :)

  12. Great post:) thanks for your visit, yes i follow you since many times with the name De, hope you follow me too kiss

  13. Adorei as tuas propostas! Livros, relógios, música... poderão ser também possíveis alternativas...

  14. O Lego está demais:)
    Bom fim de semana;)

  15. Realmente é sempre complicado! Ainda bem que dás uma ajuda :D


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