Monday, November 14, 2016

INBOX | Dresslink goodies

I think I have a problem with all these online Asian stores that have all the things you can imagine in the world. I love expensive stuff, but I also love super cheap-y things, that look nice, and that I can wear, get dirty and used-up without feeling guilty.  I made a small order from Dresslink and I'm in love with what I got. 

This small black messenger bag is now my favorite bag ever. I use it every day -- it's small enough to keep it in my laptop backpack during the day, but big enough for me to carry my wallet, phone and keys for when I go out for lunch or a drink. And it looks way more expensive than it was! I love it so much!

I also got a KJ lippy. It's a fake, yeah. But I have to be honest, it works really well. It's super matte, it lasts hours and the color is super nice. I have no idea how it compares to the real deal, but I am so happy with it!

I also got a bunch of feet masks. These are supposed to work as the super famous "baby-feet" masks! What they are supposed to do is to make all your feet dead skin fall off, making your feet perfectly smooth! I haven't tried them yet TBH. Mostly because I haven't got the time, but also I'm a little bit scared. But I am going to do it and I'm going to show you all the progress, I swear!

The last thing I got -- and that to be honest it was a little bit disappointing -- was this mint green shoulder bag. When I saw it online I truly though this was bag -- I love the shape and the color, and it was the item that I was more excited about! But it turns out that this is more like a cosmetics bag. Although it has a place to add some straps, it didn't came with any. The lining looks really cheap and I don't really like it.

Just one last thing --  Once again I had a lot of problems with custom authorities. This package was stuck for maybe two months, and when I got it, I noticed that it had been opened (w/o my authorization or knowledge) and this really sucks. For me this is really the only issue with these online stores. I hate having to deal with all these bureaucratic issues. Argh.


  1. A mala e linda adorei as tuas novas coisas
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    Tem post novos todos os dias

  2. Bags are sonice, especially the blue one xox

  3. I love this bags!
    Of course I follow ;)

  4. Adorei a mala, sem dúvida muito prática! Já estou a seguir o teu blog para não perder nada :)

  5. A mala é perfeita.
    r: Num terraço acho que era boa ideia :D

  6. Eu também quero fazer essas máscaras para os pés mas mete-me medo.... xD

  7. Eu adoro estas lojinhas, especialmente comprar estas "chinesisses" no ebay. Têm de tudo, é tudo barato, há coisas que não lembram mesmo a ninguém mas acabam por fazer imenso jeito. Enfim, há de tudo! Adoro porque é como dizes, depois de me fartar de usar ponho de lado e pronto, sem sentimentos de culpa.

  8. Amazing... I love it!!! :))

  9. a mala e super gira, e muito pratica

    Com carinho, Renata Prado | Entre Zombies e Unicórnios |

  10. Que malinhas mais lindas!

  11. I love the bag! And I cant wait for the feet mask review, I'm followin you:)

  12. Great post dear :D

  13. Aii que coisinhas tão boas, esse batom da Kylie <3 <3 <3
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  14. Great picks, love the black bag!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  15. Gostei muito das coisinhas!

    PS: não conhecia o teu blog mas já estou a seguir!


  16. No geral a encomenda esteve à altura, a mala é o máximo!
    Evito encomendar coisas de fora por causa desses problemas, são realmente muito chatos :/


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