Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Review | L'OREAL STYLISTA #sleek & #beachwaves

I have crazy hair, and I need to control this mess every day because I need to look super cute and presentable for work. Let's just say I have to put quite a lot of heat on my hair on a daily basis. I blow dry my hair and straighten it with a flat iron, at least once a week. And if the weather is crazy -- to humid for example -- I need to touch up the ends or the around my hair. So yeah, you can imagine how excited I was when I got these in the mail! 

These two cute bottles are a part L'ORÉAL's new line -- Stylista. Basically it's a series of hair styling products, each one designed to help you achiave a specific look.

I got the two products that are more relevant for what I do with my hair -- The Sleek Serum and The Beach Wave Mist.
My hair is naturally wavy and I don't have problems with volume. But as I've said, I do straight it very often. And I do like a very sleek with super straight ends kind of look. And oh yeah, The Sleek Serum really helps you achieve that! You're supposed to apply the product onto damp hair and blow dry it with the help of a brush. And then use a flat iron to make your hair flat and sleek and beautiful. This serum offers heat protection up to 230ºC and it helps avoiding frizzy hair. Applying it is really easy. I use it mostly onto my ends -- mainly because I'm always crazy scared that'll get oily roots. It feels nice, smells really good, and a couple of pumps are good enough to cover most of my hair. And this product really makes a difference. It's hard to explain, but I feel like it gives weight to my hair. And this extra weight helps pull down the hair, leaving you with a really perfect straight and sleek hair. It's really awesome. I love this effect! However, the effect does go away really fast. It definitely doesn't last all day, and if the weather is too humid, it just vanishes. I often straight my hair at night, right before going to bed, and of course this doesn't survive a full night of sleep. 

As for the Beach Wave Mist, I use it when I'm bored of having flat hair. It is also really easy to use -- just shake well and spray it at the ends of fully dry hair. Than, style it until you get the desired effect. And I've done it two ways: first I tried just using my hands, applying the product just to very ends of my hair and scrunching it up to get some waves. This totally gives me beach messy hair. But I like my beach waves to be more controlled, so I've tried using my curling iron to get some well defined waves. And yeah, it work pretty well. The waves hold on really well, and it looks natural and flowy

I honestly really like these! And as for the price -- they are tho a bit expensive. Each little bottle cost 5,99€ but I feel like they actually last a long time. I've used my sleek serum quite a lot and I still have half bottle. 


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