Monday, June 4, 2018


For a while now, I've been getting my eyebrows threaded. BUT that hurts like hell. I mean. LIKE HELL. It hurts so much that I was literally trying to wait the most possible amount of 
time between apointments because I was litreally dreading the pain. So I decided that it was time to move on. And also, I felt like my brows were getting thinner -- the girls there get carried away sometimes.

Anyway, I just wanted to give the Benefit Brow Bar a try out and see what I might be missing.

Actually this was very much a spare of the moment decision... I was walking around El Corte Ingles, swatching everything at the Sephora Counter as usual, and I noticed that they have a Benefit Brow Bar there, so I made an appointment for the next day.

I got there right on time and sat at the bar. The first thing she did was asking me if I had any allergies or if had done any treatment to my face recently. Next she cleaned and prepped my skin, and followed with the brow mapping. She marked 3 lines on my brows, representing where they should start, end and where the highest point should be. And then she proceeded with waxing my brows according to those markings. The first thing she did was applying an oil to my skin to insure that the waxing product only grabs onto the hairs and doesn't pull on my skin. The product they use is not exactly a traditional wax, it's more like a paste infused with zinc oxide, which is great for your skin. And the waxing per se is really gentle. Believe me I've been getting my brows waxed for a very long time, and this was one of the more gently waxes I've had.

She was picking up the wax from a large wax pot, BUT evrytime she would dip in the pot, she would use a new wood stick: She picks up wax with the stick, apply it on my skin and trows away the stick. I mean it's a little wasteful but this way the pot isn't actually shared by a bunch of people. It's pretty hygienic. And even when applying any product to my face, she'd use a long q-tip, with the same method. 

After the waxing she applied a little cream and, since I told her I don't fill my brows -- just comb them with tinted gel -- that's exactly how she finished them off. She also covered some of the redness on my face with a bit of concealer and powder, and applied a little bit of bronzer just to give my face a little color -- and that made me feel brand new!

The only thing I didn't like about this experience was the fact that the brow bar is right in front of the entrance. I mean, everyone passing by could see me. I felt a little uncomfortable having her wax my upper lip while a few dudes were walking around, you know. But I can live with that. Specially because I really liked the end result. Oh and another thing -- yeah, this is a little bit expensive. Upper Lip and Brows costed me 25€, but she did my make up and gave me some tips on how to comb my eyebrows. She also gave me two samples of their eye-cream -- I DIDN'T KNEW BENEFIT HAD SKIN CARE!! And I ended up buying the eyebrow gel and the concealer (they were both on my wishlist for a while, she didn't push me into getting any product.

Honestly, if you can afford it, I really recommend this service. It's definitely expensive, but it's definitely worth it. Specially if you are a bit sensitive when it comes to facial hair removal.


  1. Ando há que tempos tentada em fazer as sobrancelhas num sítio profissional (nunca fiz, faço sempre em casa - já fiz tanta asneira!), mas ainda não me senti segura em deixar as sobrancelhas nas mãos de alguém. Demorou algum tempo a ter umas sobrancelhas normais outra vez, portanto tenho imenso medo que me façam alguma coisa que não gosto e ter que esperar novamente anos a ter as sobrancelhas como quero e gosto. Esse stand da benefit parece-me excelente, mas também não estou ainda na posição de gastar tanto dinheiro para fazer sobrancelhas! Vou ter que continuar a procurar alternativas.

  2. Great review! It looks very good!

  3. eu só fiz lá uma altura achei bom e até passei a usar cera - em casa - mas depois de começar a fazer threading descobri que é muito mais rápido, económico e a mim dura-me pelo menos mais uma a duas semanas sem parecer horrivel...


  4. Adorei o post! A Benefit é espetacular! xx

  5. Love learning about this!

  6. I always get my brows done at the benefit brow bar!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  7. Hii! Adorei o blog e já estou a seguir <3

  8. Adorava um dia experimentar fazer lá as minhas sobrancelhas.

  9. Eu ando mesmo tentada a experimentar um Brow Bar, só oiço maravilhas.. E agora tu também *.*

  10. Admito, arranjo sempre sozinha as minhas sobrancelhas! Mas adorava poder experimentar um dia o Brow Bar e ter ajuda profissional! :D

  11. Parece-me um ótimo serviço! E também não sabia que a benefit tinha skincare :o

  12. nice review ....
    i followed u n hope u will do the same ...

  13. Leio muito sobre os serviços de sobrancelhas da Benefit, mas é a minha mãe que mas costuma fazer desde pequena... Depois comecei eu também a fazer-me a mim mesma com a pinça.

  14. Acho que a pior coisa a que me podem submeter é a tirar as sobrancelhas com linha, juro que são os piores dez minutos! Prefiro mil vezes tirar a linha bikini a cera do que me sentar na cadeira da Wink. Gosto imenso da linha de sobrancelhas da Benefit mas nunca experimentei os serviços

    1. yep, é doloroso para caraças! se quiseres experimentar tortura medieval, sugiro que experimentes fazer o buço com linha ahah ;)

  15. Este serviço da benefit é de facto muito bom!!


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