Tuesday, April 16, 2019

REVIEW | SEPHORA PILLOW BATTLE Body Mist & Exfoliating Body Granita

I used to be a huge fan of Sephora bath products. I don't know if you remember but Sephora used to have a rainbow wall of bath products! They had five or six types of products, from shower gel, body scrub, moisturizer, hand-wash, hand-cream, and they had like 12 different scents of each product and each scent corresponded to a different color. So you would go to the store and you would see a wall of perfectly lined up colors of products, from lighter to dark. Picking a scent was the hardest thing in life!

But recently when Senhora revamped their own products, they got rid of all this huge mess of colors and scents and they launched only a few products. They still have 6 different scents, but this is way less than they used to have before, of course all color coded. And on my last trip to Senhora, I thought that these smelled so good that I had to bring them with me!

This line is composed by a few different products --  a body mist, an exfoliating boy granita, fresh moisturizing body milk, fizzing cubes and fizzing stars, nurishing shower balm and a melting shower jelly. As far of scents go, they have 6 available online -- although I'm pretty sure my Sephora only had 3 when I got these -- Rollin' Morning, Pillow Battle, Let's Have Fun, Beach Vibes and Moonlight Swim.

I got the Pillow Battle because I honestly absolutely loved the scent, and of curse because it's this cute pastel pink. And I got the exfoliating body granita, because I used to be OBSESSED with Sephoras's body scrubs. And because I absolutely loved the scent so much, I also got the body mist. And I honestly wish I could share this scent with you -- It's fresh and cozy, slightly sweet but not too much. It smells of clean sheets and relaxation.

I was actually very intrigued with this granita. I never heard of anything like this. But it's basically a scrubbing jelly. It fells like gelatin and it has this small red-ish beads to scrub away all your death skin. And yep, I really liked it -- as you can see I have used it quite a bit! It makes my skin all smooth and leves it smelling amazing. I particularly like to used it when I shower at night, because it really leaves a nice light scent on my skin and on my bathroom!

The body mist, well, it's a body mist. I works almost like a perfume but it's lighter. The smell doesn't linger for as long as a perfume would, but it feels really good on my skin. I've also sprayed on my bathroom towel and it just fills my bathroom with this cozy smell that is just so comforting!


  1. I wish I could smell this because it sounds divine! Thanks for sharing this. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

  2. Tal como já te disse, fiquei com vontade de experimentar o esfoliante. Gostei da tua simples opinião sobre a bruma ahaha realmente, o código de cores da Sephora é bastante "inteligente" e tem lá cheiros incríveis e produtos com composições relativamente boas. Vou ter que andar a pesquisar mais quando o meu stock estiver a acabar.

    Ricardo, www.opinguimsemasas.pt

  3. Ainda não experimentei nenhum destes produtos. Uso o esfoliante da Rituals e estou bastante satisfeita. Tenho uma bruma da Victoria's Secret que o cheirinho até dura bastante ao longo do dia :)


  4. Não conhecia esses produtos

  5. Muito curiosa com esses produtos! Beijinhos*

  6. Great post dear!



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