Tuesday, June 4, 2019

REVIEW | GARNIER Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Protecting and Hydrating Mist

SPF is very important in our lives. Regardless of being commuting to work in sunny Lisbon or sunbathing in the Caribbean, winter or summer, we know that sun protection should always be in our minds – and most importantly, in our skins!

But we all fail to re-apply, or even apply in the first place SPF because of its inconveniences: stickiness, heaviness and some times interference with your make up. I'm definitely guilty of that! I often don't apply sunscreen in the morning simply because it's an extra step and I don't want to get my hands all greasy.

So I have been on the hunt for the perfect sunscreen. One that takes little space, is easy to apply and that you can take away with you on a daily basis! And I think I've honestly found the most practical SPF around and perfect for us city folks that are always on the run -- and that can also be applied on top of makeup!

Garnier recently launched here in Portugal the Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Face Protecting and Hydrating Mist with SPF 50 (what a mouthful!). A super light sunscreen that can actually go over makeup! 

It's truly amazing: super light and supper efficient. It dries instantly without a hint of heaviness, greasiness or stickiness in sight. And it comes in a tiny tube perfect for caring it around on you hand bag!
You just shake it well, close your eyes and mist away. It's a very fine mist that lightly covers you face, it does not leave a white cast on the skin, and it does not affect the makeup that you may have applied!

The product is defined for sensitive skins, and it has a very very VERY light floral fragrance that just goes away almost instantaneously. Also, because it's a mist, its application make you fell all refreshed! It feels really good when you are out in the sun and you apply this fresh product that not only cools you down but is also protecting your skin!

I've became a huge fan instantly. A handbag sized SPF50 spray that you can use to top up your sun protection is just perfect! It's super practical even if you have kids or you play a lot of outdoor sports! 

I would also recommend this product for man that have a bald-spot and don't want to apply regular sunscreen on their head -- because you know, hairs and all. Guys going bald usually have big issues with getting sun burned on the top of their head and I think this product would be just perfect for them! 


  1. Wow I didn't know Garnier has a sunscreen spray! I might need to try this as this seems to make reapplying sunscreen so much easier!

  2. Adoro e recomendo os produtos da Garnier, são excelentes!!

  3. Também descobri esse spray este ano mas em Espanha, depois é que o vi por cá à venda. Acabei por comprar mas o de marca branca lá do supermercado de Espanha, ainda só usei uma vez. Uso sempre o em creme da garnier SPF 50 e gosto muito, pelo menos resulta na proteção :)

  4. this is the perfect spf for me then! xoxo https://ratsonthemoon.blogspot.com

  5. Se não estou em erro usei um semelhante da mesma marca e gostei bastante!

    Ontem é só Memória | Facebook | Instagram

  6. É fantástico! ;)

    Blogue Recanto c/tempero

  7. Não conhecia, tenho mesmo que experimentar, tendo manchas no rosto, preciso de estar sempre protegido. =)


  8. Não leves a mal. Escreve em português. É melhor chegar a menos gente, mas sem erros.
    Felicidades com o blog e obrigado pela informação.

    1. Olá Anónimo/a.
      Se fosses leitor assiudo/a do blog sabias que não escrevo em inglês porque quero chegar a mais gente, mas porque nasci nos estados unidos e a minha "primeira lingua" não é o português. Apesar de falar fluentemente portugues e de já cá estar ha muitos anos, o meu cérebro ainda fala inglês. Tem erros? De certeza. Escrevo sempre a pressa e quase nunca revejo os meus textos. Mas obrigado pelo feedback ;)

  9. É o que estou usando para este Verão!... E estou adorando!...


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