Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hero Pouches | Breakfast on the go

Have you noticed that since I've stared this new job, I've been busy AF?
I thought I was a busy person before, but I was so wrong. I spend 15 hours a day on my office --  no joke. And I try to sleep as much time as possible. There for, most of the day I end up skipping breakfast. I just have a bucket of coffee, and that's it. This is a really bad habit, I know. Normally I like to have cereals in the morning. But since I often choose to sleep 15 more minutes instead of having a proper breakfast, don't have time to do that anymore. I even started to take cereal-bars with me to eat in the subway. But then, I found out about these pouches!
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These are so easy to carry around! And the best thing is that it has milk and it doesn't need to be stored in the cold! 
I have to admit, I was super scared of caring these in my backpack -- the thought of one of these burst and flood my computer is extremely scary! But it turns out these little things are stronger than they appear!  They taste soo good : my favorite one is the Muesli with chocolate! It's chocolaty enough, without being too sweet. I really really like it.

You should definitely try these. I promise you'll not be disappointed.


  1. hum deve ser bem deliciosos, ótima dica!!! bjs

  2. Comigo resultou mas deixei mesmo até o produto secar totalmente, cerca de 20 minutos ou 30.
    Beijinho, Something Contemporary ♡

  3. Nice post dear! I'm always hungry during morning...

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  4. Tenho tanto de experimentar, devem ser uma maravilha <3
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  5. Nunca experimentei mas deve ser super bom :)

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  6. Lovely blog, followed ya, would love if you could follow back =)

  7. Já tinha visto falar disto noutro blog e já tinha ficado com curiosidade e agora ainda mais. Eu preciso mesmo disto na minha vida!!! Eu sou dessas que tem de ter aqueles 15 minutinhos a mais para todo o cerebro funcionar de forma impecavel o dia todo e sempre com um sorriso..Opahh com a neura é que não dá mesmo:)
    Resumindo, 15 minutos a mais na cama...dá para saltar o pequeno almoço e quantas vezes vou a comer qualquer coisa sem jeito pelo caminho a conduzir...
    Por isso super impecável isso para mim. Está na secção dos cereiais e snacks certo?

  8. I don't spend 15 hours a day in the office, but my job and my life outside the job keep me busy enough. Getting enough sleep, or at least as much as possible, is very important. Just like you, I prefer to sleep 15 minutes more in the morning rather than sit at the table and have a proper breakfast, so I usually have breakfast in the office, a light breakfast -- fruits, granola bars, croissants, while I already start working.

    That's my life. :)

    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  9. Great post Dear

    Have a nice day! :)

  10. Parecem tão bons! Tenho mesmo que experimentar porque também não costumo ter muito tempo para comer :)

  11. É algo que tenho sempre em casa, assim como os de fruta. Quando não tenho tempo de tomar o pequeno almoço antes de sair é o que levo na carteira.

  12. Podiam ter uma opção para celíacos!

  13. Epa eu ando curiosa, tenho de ver se trago um para experimentar!

    Dash of Wonder

  14. Nunca experimentei, mas são bem práticos :)


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