Saturday, December 31, 2016

So today is the last day of the year. And looking back I can definitely say that 2016 was just a crazy year . Not only for me, but for the world it self! So many unusual things happened. So many sad things, so many funny things... But I think overall I can't complain.
I wanted to thank you all for being apart of my year, and I'm hoping to keep seeing you around in the next one.

What are you guys doing for NYE? I'll be spending the night with my BF at a family gathering.
I hope you all have an awesome fun evening  ;)


  1. Feliz Ano Novo! Vou ver o fogo de artifico em casa com a família e dormir "cedo" já que começo o ano a viajar!
    Por onde anda a Sofia?

  2. It was a really weird year... 'till the next year, good NYE
    Kiss kiss :D

  3. Happy New Year. We'll be spending the time in the apartment watching tv.

  4. Espero que tenhas um ótimo 2017!

    Há Q&A no blog, faz a tua pergunta! É o último dia.
    Feliz ano novo!!
    That Girl

  5. Happy New Year! Wish you all the best in 2017 :) I'm glad found your blog ♥ keep it up !!

  6. Happy New Year <3

    May you and your family enjoy every single day of 2017 <3

  7. Um excelente 2017. Cheio de paz e coisas boas!

  8. Merry everything to you too! :) Wishing you a happy new year, and all the best! Have a great 2017!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  9. Bom ano! Que seja um ano particularmente feliz.

  10. Este ano teve muitos pontos baixos para o mundo em geral, esperemos que 2017 seja melhor neste aspeto.
    Um bom ano para ti :)


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