Saturday, May 20, 2017

EAT | Butchers, Lisbon

This restaurant was on my list for some time now... I read about how great it was and how tasty their aged beef was, and I was extremely curious to try it out. Oh, and that's not a typo, they serve aged beef. Beef aging basically means waiting a couple of weeks between the time that the piece of meat was extracted from the animal and the actually cooking of that meet. It's allowing the meat to start-- kind of -- rotting up, but in a controlled manner. Sounds gross, right? But, oh, it's worth it! This process makes the meat extremely tender, and allows for the concentration and saturation of the natural flavors of the meat! Makes the meat so tender, it melts in your mouth.

This restaurant is located in Parque das Nações, on an area that is almost exclusively offices. In fact, it is place on the ground floor of a huge office building.

We went on a Saturday evening, around 20.30 pm. The restaurant wasn't full. I was expecting it to be packed, but no -- strange, hum? -- We had no reservation and we didn’t have to wait for a table.

The restaurant has a really nice ambiance. It's a large, open dining room, modern, fancy and romantic. The lights are deemed, the tables are far apart just enough for you to feel like you have some privacy. I asked for the Butcher's Stake and the boyfriend had the maminha. The meat is served over a very rustic-looking wood cutting board. Both dishes came with some delicious sweet-potatoes fries and a green-salad. We also asked for garlic bread, but that never arrived to our table! The wine menu was huge, complex actually and full of expensive wines that we'd never heard of. Both our dishes were extremely flavorful. Both were at perfect temperature, tender and super juicy. For desert we had the Butcher's trio. Nothing to rave about.

I know we were there for the meat. And yep, that was great. But overall I felt like it is truly an overpriced restaurant. I felt like they even had too many waiters, some of them were just walking around. I'm all about good costumer service, but that many waiters was just absurd. And I was really unimpressed about that garlic bread situation: asking for something that never arrived to the table and that is even charged on the bill is unacceptable for a restaurant like that.


  1. Looks delicious !
    I'm following you hope u follow me back :)

  2. Olha, o meu homem vai querer lá ir de certeza. Mas fiquei um pouco de pé atrás com o facto de ser caro para o que é :\


  3. obrigada pelo comentário <3
    uau! mas que excelente aspeto :D

  4. Tem muito bom aspeto, mas sou daquelas pessoas que não gosta de ver sangue na carne. Bem sei que fica mais tenra, mas faz-me imensa confusão. Realmente esquecerem-se do pão de alho é muito mau e ainda por cima ter aparecido na conta...

  5. Que bom aspeto!!


  6. epah, de repente fiquei com fome... e inveja que ainda não consigo mastigar bem carnes... =(

    R: eu não percebo bem como aquela náscara pode não funcionar...aquilo arranca literalmente os pontos negros =P

    Já conheces a página do TehTeh Uncovered? deixa o teu Gosto!


  7. I can't believe that they tried to charge for something that never arrived. It's too bad it wasn't the best experience since you said the food was good.


  8. Gostei muito do post!!

    Mil Beijinhos,

  9. This is such an awesome post! Have a great new week. :)

  10. Que bom aspeto. Patece-me um ótimo sítio para comer ;)
    Beijinho, Kati

  11. Great post! If you want that we follow each other let me know by leaving a comment and also, I hope you'll click on links at the end of my last post... If you do,also let me know :)

  12. Já lá fui e senti o mesmo. A comida é razoável e o ambiente é bom mas dá um ar pretensioso que não me agrada de todo.

  13. Não conhecia (porque também sou cá do norte), mas preços muito altos não me chamam à atenção :D
    Beijinhos <3

  14. Good service is getting almost impossible to find any more. I like garlic bread very much, would have bugged me too. The meat looks great but that aging thing sounds a bit dicey :) Great review! Thanks for visiting my blog. Following yours now.

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  15. Oh my. This looks inviting. Yum!

  16. Obrigado :D

    Beeeem, pelo aspeto dá mesmo vontade de provar :D

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  17. Aaaaargh como eu quero isto! Já! Pretty please?

  18. Esse bife está a pedir tanto para ser comido em 3 tempos! :)

  19. Que aspecto!!! *.* Mas realmente pagares caro e teres coisas que não chegam à mesa e que mesmo assim cobram porque não se aperceberam do erro é inadmissível. O serviço conta tanto quanto a qualidade da comida. Eu não importo de pagar bem caro por uma refeição top mas o serviço tem de condizer ou então não tens vontade de lá voltar.


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