Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone // Cine-Concert

Last Saturday was the Harry potter And the Philosopher's Stone cine-concert, and of course I had to go. I got this tickets two months ago, and I'd been super excited ever since!

It was at Meo Arena, an huge -- HUGE -- concert venue. On the stage there was an orchestra -- a fairly big one! Honestly I thought that the orchestra would be smaller -- and on top of the stage there was a screen, an enormous screen playing the movie. And the Orchestra was playing the soundtrack along with the movie.

We got there late, because I'm always late for everything. The tickets I got didn't have assigned sits, there were just for Balcony 2 which is the furthest away from the stage as you be. Since we ware so late, when we arrived the lights were all off and the movie was already in the Zoo Scene. So we ended up just sitting in the stare case, and we saw the fist half of the movie from there. An the intermission, when the lights turned on, we were windblown -- this huge arena, was full, I mean completely full. There were no open sits, in fact there were a lot of people just  much like us, watching the movie sitting in the stairs!

It was really cool. I like it. I honestly paid more attention to the musicians than to the movie it's self. I paid much more attention to the music. Much more than I've ever paid before! There were parts of the movie that I didn't even remember having such awesome music going on! The orchestra was playing louder than the movie and you could tell that some sounds of the movie were removed so that the music being played could be more clear. At the end, while the credits were rolling, the orchestra played a bit more, and everyone had their phones out with the lights on, waving around to the sound of the music, it was really cool.

I though that it was going to be mainly people from my generation, because we were the ones who grew up with Harry Potter, but no. There were a lot of kids, young kids. And there were a lot of people wearing t-shirts and even fully dressed up as Hogwarts Students -- with robes, and wands!. It was cool, and magical. I only wish I had better seats.


  1. Oh, I saw adverts of simialr concert,when I was in Poland ** must be magical!

  2. Fico tão feliz que o Harry Potter esteja a passar para os mais novos! Deve ter sido incrível!

  3. Deve ter sido mesmo giro, quem me dera ter ido!!




  4. Eu sou fã de Harry Potter... adoro... Fiquei bem curiosa quando vi cartazes do concerto... deve ser lindo.
    Fiz boa viagem. Obrigada. Ainda estive mais uma semaninha de férias... mas já voltei.
    Beijinhos grandes
    Ana Negrão Makeup

  5. I've heard of the concerts but I don't think they've come to anything close to me

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  7. I really like you :)
    Happy weekend!

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  8. Hello dear,
    you have such a fantastic blog and great post, i love Harry Potter.
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  9. Deve ser uma experiência e tanto!

    r: Muito obrigada *.*

  10. Omg, nem sabia que se tinha realizado o evento, adoraria ter ido :o
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  11. ADORAVA TER IDO! Ai, este é daqueles que me custa mesmo não ter comprado bilhetes.

    Marli, do My Own Anatomy 🌻

  12. deve ter sido fenomenal!
    xo, Ana Rita Leite

  13. Queria tanto, tanto ter ido!!!!!!

  14. Quem me dera ter ido, infelizmente não deu jeito :S


  15. Tenho uns amigos que também foram e disseram que foi brutal :D

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