Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Review | ACH.BRITO Pumice Stone Soap

You know how much I love scrubs and exfoliating products. And I've wrote about many different products here on the blog, I've tried many body and face scrubs, but I don't think I've ever encountered a product like this before!
This is a soap from a centenary Portuguese brand - Ach Brito - and it's a Pumice Stone (in Portuguese: Pedra Pomes) Soap. What's so special about it? Well, it's a hard soap that has pieces of stone in it, made for full body scrubbing. It can be used on your harms, legs, feet, hands, and of course, face. It has a supreme decreasing power and it's amazing when it comes to remove dead skin and yucky stuff from your pores.

It is made of coco nut oil and grounded-up pumice stone. Yes, when you are using it you can actually feel a very thin sand being released from the soap. And yes, I've been using it on my face. And to be honest I don't think I've ever tried such an effective and cheap scrub, that really helps me get rid of all the nastiness on my face. Because it's a soap, and a solid peace, it's really easy to reach all the contours of you face, specially around the nose and chin.

The soap can be a bit rough if you are not careful when using it directly on your face. But you can control the pressure you use when exfoliating. I use it directly on my face, but if you have sensitive skin, pron to redness, you should be careful. If you feel it's to abrasive for you, you can always lather it up on your hands and use that on your face. It will work just fine too.

I also really, REALLY like to use it on my body -- I scrub everything. It is really good at removing and helping avoid in-grown hairs. And of course I love to use it on my harm-pits to insure that everything is clean and bacteria-free.

I bought one for my mom too, who is always scrubbing her feet to get rid of callus and dead --yucky-- skin and she said that it works actually very well. It’s not as abrasive as a file but it’s great for some day-to-day scrubby-scrubby action.

And lets just take a second to appreciate the packaging, ok? The soap comes in a beautiful, vintage looking paper box that I just can’t seem to trough away because of how cute and adorable it is. And it smells really good. It has a light warm woody scent that perfectly combines with the coconut oil giving the soap a very soothing scent. Smells of something that will clean you soul. Love it.


  1. A experimentar. E essa embalagem é tão linda.

  2. Parece óptimo! xx


  3. por acaso deles nunca experimentei nada :) apesar de dizerem que tem produtos excelentes


    Mimi in the Mirror

  4. Esse sabonete já é uma lenda...


  5. Amazing product, look so interesting and really useful!
    love to try! Great photos!

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  6. Eu por acaso nunca experimentei este, mas já experimentei outros da mesma gama e gostei bastante ^^ São mesmo classy *.*
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  7. Não conhecia, mas gostava muito de poder experimentar.
    Beijinhos :)

  8. Muitoooo fã da marca e dos sabonetes Leite de Burra.

  9. Não conhecia o produto e não sou realmente de usar muitos sabonetes. Mas parece-me ser bom!

    Beijinhos, A Namastê

  10. Os sabonetes dessa marca são fantásticos!

  11. Wow, que linda embalagem, que diferentão esse produto. Fiquei curiosa pra testar!

    Brilho de Aluguel

  12. Very interesting product! Never tried a peeling solid soap, it must be very practical!
    And its scent must be awesome!

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  14. ADORO!!
    Os melhores sabonetes de sempre!!

  15. This sounds like an neat product. I HATE dead skin on my body so I always scrub like crazy, haha.

  16. Nunca experimentei este produto, mas a embalagem prende logo a minha atenção! :)

  17. It loojs great :)


  18. Nunca experimentei e acho que nem o conhecia, mas fiquei curiosa! Obrigada

  19. Parece ser super interessante, não conhecia o produto embora já tenha ouvido falar da marca :)

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  20. Eu já estive com esse na mão mas acabei por não comprar. Mas da próxima vez vou lembrar-me do teu post :)


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