Monday, October 9, 2017

Review | MAYBELLINE Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Getting out of the bed in the morning has not been an easy process for me lately. Yeah, I'm back to being sad, and feeling alone, like my world is falling apart. The only thing that keeps me motivated is my job -- I really like what I am doing, even though I come home every day very tired. And because I am always tired, I get HUMONGOUS dark circles under my eyes. And because getting ready in the morning needs to be a swift process I've narrowed down the products I apply to my face to 7: Moisturizer, Concealer, Powder, Bronzer, Mascara, Brow-stuff and Lipstick . And that's it -- takes me two minutes tops, and I don't go out the door looking like a zombie. Here, the concealer is the star. I've been using the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer for a while now and I it's amazing. I love it specially for how easy it is to blend!

It has a dome shaped, dense but really soft, cotton puff, where the product will be disposed. You twist the top a couple of times, and the product rises to the puff. It's cool. 
As for the consistency, it's not to thick nor too creamy, and it blends perfectly. Really fast. It gives me a medium coverage which is exactly what I'm looking for, since I'm not wearing a full face of make up. It just hides my dark eyes, without looking too heavy or cake-y. But you can totally build it up if you want to. It honestly doesn't have any smell. I also like that. I got the shade light. And it works fine for me.
Like so many other concealers, it tends to crease a little bit. To avoid that I just apply a little bit of powder over the areas I applied concealer and it's good for the day. 


  1. Já ouvi falar muito bem deste corretor e estou com vontade de testar. Eu tenho olheiras desde sempre, quer durma muito ou pouco, quer esteja bem ou cansada, etc etc. Duas coisas pretas enormes debaixo dos olhos, uma shit. Nada do que tenho usado cobre bem sem dar aquele efeito argamassa :) estou curiosa com este.

  2. Já ouvi imensos reviews positivos sobre este corrector, mas ainda não consegui experimentar. Espero que o teu dia melhore ;)

    Muitos Beijos!
    Stephanie's Daily Beauty

  3. Parece óptimo! xx

  4. Por acaso esse nunca experimentei!

  5. Deve ser maravilhoso! Beijinho <3


  6. Amazing product, dear! So lovely and interesting! I still didn't try them but i've read a lot posts about them! Must have it. So nice review, lovely photos!

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  7. I have not tried this concealer before but I know my mom has and she really likes it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this product with us!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  8. obrigada pelo comentário <3
    ainda não utilizei, mas quero muito :D

  9. Amazing review dear! Great product <3

  10. Não é a primeira vez que ouço falar deste produto mas nunca calhou experimentá-lo.

  11. so glad this worked for you. i've always heard great things.

  12. Eu também prefiro produtinhos que não tenham muito cheiro, sabia? Amei saber mais detalhes desse corretivo, curiosa pra testar ele e ver se funciona pra mim...

    Brilho de Aluguel

  13. Já ouvi falar muito bem deste menino, curiosaaa que eu ando!! :D

  14. This is by far one of my favorite concealers! I love it *-*

    | xoxo Donatella ♡ |

  15. Beautiful post, I like the corrector

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  16. Parece interessante por causa da esponja

  17. Nice ptoduct!

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  18. i want to try this. i need to hide so many flaws on my face. ahahha. but the product sounds nice :)

    xoxo, rae

  19. Nunca experimentei este corretor, mas agora fiquei com curiosidade!

  20. Já ouvi falar tanto deste corretor, mas sinceramente, nunca o vi À venda :(

  21. A par do da Catrice, este é um dos meus favoritos...
    Acho que tem ótima cobertura, um aplicador maravilhoso e é baratinho :)


  22. Tenho este corretor há séculos e nunca uso.. esqueço-me sempre! Obrigada por me teres lembrado! :)



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