Monday, November 20, 2017

Because this blog is not just to talk about stuff I like, but also to show you things that disappoint me...

I bought this buffer brush from H&M a while back. I don’t use it that often, because I honestly prefer my beauty bleander to any brush. But I like to use this one to buff out my bronzer when I put a little bit too much. I only use it for that. And I think I’ve washed this brush maybe twice since I got it. And look at it state. The wooden handle is chipped and the part that holds the bristles is all loosened. I remember that this brush was’t that cheap: I don’t remember exactly how much it was, but I think it costed me close to 10€.

I’ve always liked H&M make up and accessories, even before they re-branded their beauty section. But this is the second make up related product that I get from them that I don’t like. 


  1. Eu tenho 3 pincéis da H&M e não tenho razão de queixa. Mas esse realmente ficou feio!
    Rtissima Blog

  2. Os pincéis da MAC valem o investimento e no natal costumam ter uns conjuntos que compensam bastante!!

  3. Não sei porquê mas nunca tive tentada a comprar este tipo de artigos na H&M, por mais que goste da marca. Beijinhos*

  4. Por acaso eu tenho algumas coisas da H&M e até gosto, mas nunca experimentei os pincéis. Mas realmente não está muito bonito :\



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