Thursday, December 7, 2017

How to take care of an expensive bag

Recently I bought my first expensive leather handbag. It's something that I've wanted for a while, finally I felt like it was the time to splurge. It's a Furla Like S in Onix. I spent a lot of money on this bag. And I want to give it the best care possible. I've done some research to see how I can ensure this handbag will last me a long time, and always look good. 
Here go some general tips.

The first tip is really basic: Be extra careful! Not that I'm not careful with my other handbags, but just try to avoid careless mistakes! To be more specific: 
1. Avoid handling your bag if your hands are dirty or if you have lotion on them.
2. Avoid squishing your bag or stuffing it with too much stuff, avoiding stretching it out. 
3. Avoid -- at any cost -- getting your bag wet. Apply regularly an water-repellent spray.
3. Keep your bag out of direct sunlight, or heat sources.
4. Rotate which handbag you carry regularly so that they don’t wear out too quickly.
5. Use a suede brush to clean and revive suede.
6. Regular use of a leather moisturizer will keep the leather supple and free of cracks.
7. Wipe your bag down on a weekly basis (when in use) with a soft cloth.

Keep the inside gunk free: Use pouches to store cosmetics and liquids, which will protect the handbag lining from spills. Avoid click pens at all cost, go for pens with caps instead. Better yet, put those in your pouch too, in case of dreaded ink leaks. And candy! Don't put candy in your bag. Just don't. 

Store them properly: up right position inside the cotton dust bag they normally come in. Good substitute: cotton pillow case. Never, NEVER, store them in plastic bags, because it this traps moisture. Cross the handles over each other to avoid wear on the bag and unclip any removable straps. If the bag needs something to keep it's shape up, stuff it with scarfs, or a t-shirt, or acid-free tissue paper -- it's really inexpensive on eBay, and you can keep using it over and over. I asked for some in the store where I bought my handbag and they were super kind and gave me enough to stuff my bag.

Products that were recommended to me:
- BÚFALO Leather Protection Spay. This spray nurtures and protects the leather and it can be used on anything that's made of leather around your house. It's cheap and It really helps keeping your bag smooth and beautiful. I got it a local supermarket.
- Waterproof spray for leathers. I've gone thought many cans of this -- from may different brands, I always get at my local supermarket... I apply it on shoes all the time too. It's perfect for suede!
- Magic Eraser (also known as melanine sponge). Bought a bunch of them off of eBay, really cheap. It's great for cleaning hardware and little decorations. Also works really good on shoes btw. You don't need any product, just a tiny but of water and it just makes everything shinny and lovely again.

How do you take care of you bags? Let me know your tips and what works for you in the comments!


  1. UAU, a mala é linda! Adorava que este post fosse útil para mim mas não tenho nenhuma designer bag :( (yet eheh).

    1. estas dicas são boas para qualquer mala que tenhas :)

  2. These are very good tips! I change my bag once a month to help keep them looking nice. I also like to protect and condition them. And I also use a pouch for lipsticks, pens, lotion, etc.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. Que mala tão tao linda :) belas dicas, talvez um dia venha a precisar... :P

  4. Uma coisa que faço para proteger da humidade é colocar aqueles pacotinhos de sílica que vêm com alguns artigos dentro do roupeiro
    Por onde anda a Sofia?

  5. nice items!

  6. Adoro a mala. Nunca tive nenhuma mala muito cara. Mas um dia terei a minha Louis Vuitton (cliché I know) xD

    1. heheh xD uma louis vuitton é bem mas cara que esta xD

  7. Para mim, quer seja uma mala cara ou barata, tento sempre cuidar bem delas, porque comprei-as por gostar muito delas! :)

  8. Your purse is gorgeous!! Thanks for the awesome tips!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. Que excelentes dicas :D
    E a bolsa é tão bonita!

    Um beijinho

  10. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing these great tips with us. The post is very useful.

    I just found out your blog and I looove it, so I follow you now. :)
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    Wish you a wonderful weekend! ♥

  11. Oh thanks for sharing this. Really very helpful!

  12. Ela é linda!!
    Tenho de dar essas dicas à minha mãe, ela tem uma elenco em couro muito linda, mas acho que não usa nenhum produto para a manter bonita. Vou traduzir o post para ela <3

  13. A mala é muito gira! Boas dicas! :)

    Aqui está a review sobre a tangle teezer que pediste : *

  14. Desculpa nao falar deste teu post mas não sei inglês.

  15. A carteira é linda e sim senhora, óptimos conselhos (;

  16. obrigada pelo comentário <3
    adoro malas e também tento cuidar bem das que tenho :D

  17. Adorei a dica!! Ainda não conhecia a marca e produto. :)

    Um beijo,

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  18. Adorei as dicas! Sinceramente, Às vezes desleixo-me com as malas! :X

    Honey and oats is my favorite secret ahah :)

    The Midnight Effect / Instagram

  19. Excelente post! Faz imensa falta termos este género de informação, afinal as malas mais caras são para conservar com todo o cuidado. Adorei as dicas.


  20. Não tenho assim uma mala dessas, mas de qualquer forma são dicas ótimas para quem trata as malas como se fossem filhos ahahah (eu). Adoro, beijinhos :)

    Cristiana -


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