Monday, December 4, 2017

Review | ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Pallet

Lately I've been hearing -- and reading -- a lot of good things about Zoeva products. Everybody talks about how great their brushes are, and how good their pallets are... So yeah, I caved in and I bought a pallet. Honestly, it was kinda of hard to choose one, Zoeva pallets are all so beautiful. From what I've seen, their pallets are all really complete,  meaning, I could do a complete eye look without needing any other shade. And this of course, applies to the one picked up.

I ended up getting the Cocoa Blend Pallet. Which is inspired in one my things in the word -- Paline Chocolates! 
Honestly, I feel in love immediately with two metallic shades on this pallet as soon as I saw it: warm note and pure ganache. And even tho I'm not too into really bold eye-looks, I have to admit I'm absolutely dying to wear these two on my face.

First of all, just take a good hard look at this mother fucking packaging! I honestly think it's the most beautiful pallet I've ever seen. I love how the gold picks up and reflects the light... I love the pattern, I think everything about it is just stunning.

The pallet comes with 10 shades, which is pretty good. It has 4 fully matte shades (bitter start, beans are black, substitute for love, and freshly tosted) 5 metallic shades (sweeter end, warm notes, subtle blend, pure ganche and delicate acidity) and one shade that I think we can call glittery (infusion). 

-- here are some poorly performed swatches, as usual. enjoy --

All the shadows are super buttery. They glide on very easily and they are super blendable. Really. I've been fooling around with this pallet a lot -- manly because I want to create a cool look to wear at my office's Christmas party this year -- and even these eye-shadows are super pigmented, they blend almost seamlessly with almost no effort. I am so in love with warm notes and pure ganache
Oh and one more thing -- although this is inspired by chocolates, it does not have that disgusting, sweet, chocolate smell that the too faced chocolate pallets have. Thank god, because I hate that. It's so nauseating. 

Overall, this pallet is awesome. And it is not that expensive. I believe was 27€ or something around that. I really think these shades are perfect for everyday, but also for when you need a little unf. And  I need unf  in my life. Don't you?


  1. Já tenho essa paleta há 3 anos e amo!

  2. Ok, convenceste-me! Andava a mirar esta paleta já algum tempo mas fui deixando passar, desta vez nao me escapa!

    beijinho grande

  3. It's so pretty! It reminds me of the modern renaissance palette!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. Ai que essa paleta tem mesmo cores bonitas
    confesso que dessa marca nunca testei nada
    CantinhoDaSofia /Facebook /Intagram
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  5. Também não acho que seja cara! Realmente a pigmentação parece fantástica, ando doida para experimentar as sombras da Zoeva *.*
    Blog An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram | Facebook

  6. lovely post :)

  7. Que paleta linda! As cores dela são tão bonitinhas!! :D
    Já ando há algum tempo de olho nessa lindona ahah vai ser desta que a vou experimentar!
    O Blog da Sofia

  8. Essa paleta é lindíssima! As cores são top top ;)


  9. Its truth I heard great things about the Zoeva brushes, but I didn´t know about this palette! Super cool colours, its a pity Im a little broke hahahh

  10. Anseio imenso por uma paleta da Zoeva! É daquelas coisas que ainda continua na minha lista de desejos há bastante tempo.

    Inês Pinto Osório
    For girls

  11. Eu amooo esta paleta, também a tenho e uso-a non stop mesmo! Boa compra <3

    Get Up, Makeup || Facebook || Instagram ♡

  12. Gostei muito da palette, é super gira!
    Começei a seguir o blog

    Um beijinho,

  13. Cocoa Blend, a paleta que quero ter da Zoeva, :D é lindissima, das minhas favoritas


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