Thursday, January 18, 2018

EAT | BAO, Lisbon

Being the weird person I am, whenever I see Ramen noodles, I just can't resist. I love the warmness of a nice bowl of hot, yummy, spicy noodles. And yes, this is the second time I talk about noodles here.

This place is called BAO Lisboa, and it's inside Amorerias Shopping Center. And although it has the configuration and logistics of a fast-food place -- you pay, you get a plastic tray, you get your food and you walk way -- it isn't. It's actually owned by the Sushic group, a chain of fancy-ass, expensive, mind blowing sushi restaurants. 

Their main hing are bao buns -- a type of steamed bread, used in various Chinese / Asian cuisines. It can be filled with so many different variations of ingredients, from meat, crab, vegetables, etc. I used to eat this when I was in Paris -- I used to go this Chinese place in Belleville, where everyone was Chinese, and where they had super cheap Chinese food, including an amazing Cha Siu Bao that only costed 1€. I used to go there all the time, and I would eat a bowl of rice and one of those hot meat filled bread balls and I had an amazing meal for 2€.

Anyhoo, this place has all different kinds of bao, but the day was gray and cold, and I was really in the mood for a nice yummy bowl of noodles. The noodle soup, is served in a big large ceramic bowl, with two asian style meat balls, soybean spouts and a perfectly poached egg. The broth is dark, deep, shinny, and full of flavor! It's good, makes me feel warm inside. It's not as good as the one from KOKORO but it's cheaper and much closer to work. It doesn't really have a lot of meat -- the two meat balls are rather small and if you need a lot of protein to go about your day, you are going to be hungry. It his very warm, and flavefoul. And gets even better with a few drops of Sriracha Sauce!


  1. Esta, por acaso, nesse sentido, é ótima :D

    Nunca provei mas fiquei muito curioso :o

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  2. Confesso que nunca experimentei ramen noodles, mas estou sempre a ouvir toda a gente a dizer que adora.

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  3. hmmmm agora ficou-me a apetecer comer isso! x

    E. ♥ Meet me for Breakfast

  4. Nunca provei mas tem muito bom aspecto.

  5. Nunca provei mas talvez gostasse!
    Termino aqui o nosso passeio pelo LUSO:

    Ovo estrelado só há um mas … experimentar esta sugestão pode ser bem agradável:

    Bj e ... sinta-se bem FELIZ!!!

  6. Hmmm, tem bom aspecto!

  7. Ainda não experimentei fiquei curiosa

  8. Já lá fui, não comi o Ramen, comi Bao, mas fiquei fã do sítio :)

  9. Ui adoro Ramen, o bao parece ser dentro da mesma onda

  10. Nunca lá fui, tenho que ir experimentar, nem nunca provei ramen :)


  11. Que aspecto... :)
    Um beijinho,

  12. Estou tão curiosa com este sítio! Mas não me parece bom em relação qualidade/preço, apesar de nunca lá ter ido...

  13. Parece mesmo bom!!! Ando há procura assim de um sítio, mas no porto

  14. Ainda não encontrei nenhuns noodles que me cativassem mesmo. Já experimentei aqueles embalados de fazermos em casa e não consegui mesmo comer. Mas também tenho que admitir que eles têm um aspeto maravilhoso.
    Sara Meireles

  15. Wonderul post darling, so nice,original and interesting!
    I just follow the blog, follow back?

  16. Nunca comi nada dessas coisas xD Mas... que tem bom aspecto, tem! xD


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