Thursday, January 4, 2018

Flormar Haul

One of these days, after work, I went for a walk at a small shopping mall right in the center of Lisbon – Campo Pequeno Shopping Mall. I like to go there. It’s under the gorgeous Lisbon’s Bull Fighting Arena, and it is really a super small shopping place. But, it has really good stores! And it happens to have a Flormar store. I've walk through it so many times and I had never even got inside. But on that particular day, I was walking around and I remembered that I’ve thinking about buying a Gel Eyeliner, and so I went inside. There was this super nice boy that immateriality came to help me. Frankly, I like to be on my own, and just walk around, do a bunch of swatches, and only ask for help if I need it. But you know, I told him what I was looking for. And he pointed me out immediately to the display. I asked him a couple of questions, like if the product was good, easy to apply, and he end up showing me some other products. Since I was in the need of a new foundation, I asked him what would he recommend. I had never tried anything from Flormar before, but I’m always reading great things about it and I thought that since I was already in there I might just give it a shot.

Smooth Touch Foundation, shade 7 Golden Neutral 
Invisible Loose Powder, Silver Sand
Gel Eyeliner, Gel Black
Trio Contour Palette
Mascara Spider Lash

I told the guy what I like in a foundation – natural looking, medium coverage, oil free, easy to blend. The guy garbed a bottle and told me to sit in the make up chair to color match me. We tested out two shades, and we settled for the lighter one. He said, since I was already there, that we would do the rest of my make up. Cool right? So, I sat down, he applied the foundation on my face, while giving me some general tips on how to do it – nothing that I didn’t knew already. He applied foundation, then loose powder, and because I was unsure about the shade --  and just looking way too pale, he applied some blush, some contouring and some highlight. I liked the result. It’s pretty similar to what I often do on my own. But I ended up buying pretty much what he used. I went there to buy a cheap black gel eyeliner, and I left with a bag full of products that I’m excited to try out. He even throw in a mascara. 

Well done Flormar, you are hiring good professionals!

 -- Oh, and Flormar, feel free to invite me to one of those cool PR events I've seen you trowing! I would love to go!  --


  1. Nunca comprei nada da Flormar!

  2. Não és a primeira a falar bem do rapaz do campo pequeno! Ando super curiosa para ir lá experimentar o atendimento. Nunca experimentei nenhum destes meninos!


    1. A sério? Não fazia a mínima idea que o rapaz do campo pequeno era conhecido! Ele foi mesmo muito porreiro :)

  3. Ainda não experimentei nada da Flormar e tenho de o fazer!! Beijinho *

  4. Já ouvi falar tanto da marca mas confesso que foram os poucos os produtos que usei
    gostei das tuas compras
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    Tem post novos todos os dias

  5. I have some Flormar products too. They are really nice and afordable :)

  6. Tenho alguns batons e um pó da Flormar que adoro, é mesmo bom! x

    E. ♥ Meet me for Breakfast

  7. Estou cada vez mais curiosa com os produtos dessa marca! Beijinhos*

  8. Nunca comprei nada lá, mas só por essa simpatia e profissionalismo, já vale muito =)


  9. O eyeliner em gel é ótimo, costumava usar lá no curso *.* também sou como tu e gosto de andar mais “na minha”, mas as vezes aparecem empregados tão simpáticos que não da para recusar :P
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  10. Amazing makeup, look so useful! Great post dear, so nice and interesting, love it!
    Have a nice day! ♥

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  11. I've never heard of this brand before! I'll need to look up. Thanks for sharing!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  12. Nunca experimentei produtos da marca. Fico à espera da tua opinião

    Por onde anda a Sofia?

  13. Adorei esta publicação! O que achas do gel eyeliner? Precisava de um novo e estava a considerar esse!

  14. Ando curiosa para experimentar produtos da marca!


  15. Deles tenho 2 vernizes, mas gostava de experimentar a maqilhagem.

    Beijinho || Daniela Silva | Blog

  16. This is nice. May you have a more gorgeous year. Happy 2018!

  17. Abriram há pouco tempo no Algarve, mas já visitei 2 e sinceramente, nada de negativo a apontar! Não me convenceram assim tão bem ainda ahah, mas tenho 1 blush que adoro e um batom igualmente bom. Fiquei curiosa com o eyeliner! :)

    Automatic Destiny

  18. Nunca usei essa marca, mas já ouvi falar muito bem :)

  19. Ainda não experimentei nada da marca, mas tenho que o fazer!
    Já te estou a acompanhar por aqui :)
    Um beijinho,
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