Monday, July 2, 2018


Last Saturday I went to Rock In Rio Lisbon. For those who live in another planet, RIR is a recurring music festival that started out in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, of course) but that eventually branched out to a few other locations worldwide, including Lisbon. It takes place every two years, since 2004, and usually it spreads across 4/5 days. The only edition I've missed was the fist one, but since than I've been attending at, at least, one of the days. This year was no different. 

I choose to go on June 30 because I really wanted to see Katy Perry live. I'm not into a lot of pop stuff, but I like Katy Perry. I like her music, I like her vibe. I like the message she spreads... And I was dying to see her live. I like her so much that I can't even explain how excited I was when I saw her on stage, on the flesh, with my eyeballs. It's stupid and crazy but yeah. I was for real excited.
I was also pretty excited to see Hailee Steinfeld whom I also really like. And of course Jessie J, who is an awesome performer, and even only knowing three songs from her set, I enjoyed her concert very much.
I took a ride at the Ferris Wheel, I danced, I dunk, I took a ton of pictures and I even wan a free eyebrow wax service from Benefit! It was a day well spent!


  1. Gostava de ter ido ao Rock in Rio, talvez vá daqui a dois anos!

    Ella Morgan

  2. Gostaste de ver a Katy Perry ao vivo? Vi na tv e achei tão fraquinho... Visualmente, é bom, mas ela a cantar ao vivo deixa muito a desejar, na minha opinião.

  3. We love this Post, wonderful!


  4. It's amazing that you were able to see so many great performers! It definitely sounds like an incredible day.

  5. I like Katy Perry but I was not digging her new short hair. I don't know if she's changed it since last year or so

  6. por acaso este ano não vou a nenhum festival de Verão, mas gostava de ir ao Meo Marés Vivas ver novamente Kodaline, confesso que nunca fui ao Rock in Rio (:

  7. São sempre eventos excelentes!

    Eu já há algum tempo que não vou a concertos, qualquer dia tenho de ir novamente :)

    Beijinhos e bom fim de semana <3

  8. Que saudades tuas pá! Como é que estás? Gosto de ver que te tens andado a divertir! Beijinhos grandes

  9. nunca fui ao RIR, queria muito ter ido ao deste ano, a Anitta arrasou, assim como o Bruno Mars e muitos outros artistas! deve ser uma experiencia incrivel!

    Uma Africana Blog


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