Friday, September 28, 2018

FASHIONMIA | Cute affordable coats

Autumn is finnaly here. The time for cute boots and over-sized jackets has finally arrived... well not really because here in Lisbon we still have extremely hot days, with the temperatures going over 30ºC.

But since I'm already craving for cooler mornings, I decided that it was the right time to tell you all about Fashionmia and their Black Friday Outwear Sale!

Fashionmia it's another one of those websites that we all know and love because they sell cute and trendy clothing at some really affordable prices. They have an HUGE variety of products, but today we are going to talk about **trench coats for women --like the link**

I absolutely love long coats. They are the most comfortable thing to wear, when you have to get up super early to go to work. While I was browsing trough Fahionmia's I fell in love with these three. These are are so cute and that are absolutely perfect for my life.

1 - 2 - 3

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The fist one is a very simple, elegant coat, perfect to go over a nice dress. I love how it's this blushy-coral ton, not too pinky nor too peachy. Really beautiful.

Another one that really caught my eye was this furry grey one. It just looks like the most comfortable thing in the world. Cozy and warm and fluffly. I could totally see my self wearing it. It's so edgy and trendy.

The last on is another very classic looking jacket... but with a twist! It has the color and shape of a traditional trench coat, but if you take a closer look at the picture you will see that it is actually made of a slicker material, it's supper fitted and it looks edgy and elegant at the same time! Love it!

I have to warn you --  these are not super super cheap, so some quality is expected. And I know that most of the time the pictures can be deseeving. And I bet you won't be seeing anyone with a jacket like yours walking down the street!


  1. Não vejo a hora de usar casacos!

  2. Eu adoro as roupas das estações mais frescas! São lindas e os casacos também! Adorei.

    Ella Morgan

  3. Tão giros :)) Adoro o verão mas já tenho saudades de vestir um casaco mais quente!

  4. Não conhecia a Fashionmia! São super queridos os casacos, bem femininos :)

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  5. Oh que tem peças mesmo giras
    Novo post //Intagram
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  6. Já conhecia a loja,tem peças muito giras.

  7. São muito giros mas não tenho vontade de voltar aos casacos quentes, passo bem com os de ganga e blazers finos

  8. O de pelo parece ser tão fofinho!

    Yellow Rain

  9. Gosto do 1 e do 3, ms com este calor não apetece nada!!

  10. também acredito que sim ehehe :)

    o cinza é lindo!

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  11. Que lindos! Gosto de todos, mas o do meio é mesmo maravilhoso!

    Beijinho grande e boa semana <3

  12. Lindas sugestões :)


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