Monday, October 8, 2018

REVIEW | LIERAC Body-Slim Minceur Globale

In case you haven't noticed, I've been dragging my lazy ass to the gym whenever I can.
I've wrote about this before. I don't think I'm fat, I just want to be healthier. I spend all day sitting down and I feel like that takes a tole on my body... 
I'm drinking more water, trying to eat better, and exercising of course. And even tho I'm seeing results -- I can see that my abs are more defined I still felt like some extra help is welcome. 
As you know, I've started to take Cellulase Pears, and in addition to that I started using a sculpting cream.

I asked around which one I should get, and of course my favorite pharmacist -- Mr. O Pinguim Sem Asas -- recommended me this one - LIERAC's Body-Slim Minceur Globale

I've been told that this is a starting out product -- which means that it is the ideal product if you want to start battling cellulite and you want to actually see some results.
I've been using it for a while now -- my tube is actually almost over --  and yes, I can definitely tell a difference! 

It's texture is really nice -- it's a very lightweight pink lotion. Really easy to apply. It feels very silky, not too tick or creamy. It dries down really fast -- and it doesn't leave any stickiness or wet feeling. 
And the smell -- I love the smell! It has a slightly medicinal smell, not too intense, with a hint of raspberry. And after you apply it to your body it almost changes to a very light fresh fruity scent. I like it!

But to make the most out of this product, you have to be careful on how you apply it and what you do with it. You can't just lightly rub it in and hope for the best, because that won't work. To really make it work, you'll have to:

- Apply the product at the end of the day, after the shower --  I usually do it after the gym.
- Exfoliate your skin at least once a week to help improve the penetration of the product
- Massaging the product in to insure good penetration, stimulation of circulation and to help release the fat cells. Oh, and when I say massage, I mean self-inflicted torture with my knuckles on my tights. And yes, I've been told that this is supposed to hurt. This type of product can't just be smeared on you skin! You have to work it in.
- Drink a lot of water to help with the draining
- Exercise. As much as possible.

Honestly, I am always a bit skeptical about this sort of products and I can't really say if it is this product, the Cellulase Pearls, the exercise or just the combination of it all. But yes, I'm seeing good results! I have less dimples on my butt and that curve that goes from the begging of the leg to the butt is much smoother and defined. But yes, less cellulite that's for sure.

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  1. Desconhecia o produto,...
    Espero por ti em:

  2. Obrigada pela sugestão!


  3. tenho uma ótima opinião da marca, :D por acaso acho que nunca experimentei nada da mesma [já nem me lembro -.-]

  4. Amei a sugestão! Nunca experimentei nada da marca mas deixa-me mesmo curiosa *.*
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  5. Thanks for the heads up on this product!

  6. obrigado, querida :D Também é o meu self-mood ehehe

    ando curiosíssimo por experimentar essa marca :D

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  7. dry down so fast means good.
    Have a great day

  8. great post, love it :)
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  9. Fiquei com muita vontade de experimentar, parece ser ótima!!

  10. eu tambem estou outra vez a usar uma coisa desse género depois do ginásio...mas não tenho grande fé...é daqueles de efeito frio, e por alguma razão não sinto o efeito na maioria dos sitios onde uso...e depois devia usar 2x por dia em vez de 2x por semana =P

    mas minha querida, pessoalmente acho que esse teu, com esses passos todos, dá muito trabalho =P


  11. Oh uau, eu nunca confio neste tipo de produtos mas se tu vês a diferença é ótimo!! Vou investigar mais sobre isso ahah

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  12. Estou muito curiosa por experimentar este produto mas o facto de ter de massajar. Ninguém tem tempo para isso xD

    Yellow Rain

  13. Penso que já tinha visto a marca por aí, mas não estou muito familiarizada. No entanto, esse produto tem bom aspeto. :)


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