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LUSH | Favorites

I know I'm always raving about Lush products. I like that they are natural, I like the concept of the brand, I love that they are package free. But you know, there are a lot of products from Lush that I don't really care for. There are a few Lush products that are a staple in my bathroom, but there were a lot of them that I've tried and hated.
I'm weird with smells. And we all know that not all Lush products smell amazing.  But there are a few that smell like heaven and that I absolutely love.
In terms of smell of a bath product -- I like products with a fresh smell, that smell like clean, so I always go for the things that smell like lavender, lemon, or cotton. And my favorite Lush products are products that make me feel relaxed and clean, and that don't have a weird smell.

And no, this does not include bath-bombs or bubble bars. Even tho I've tried a few, I din't really enjoyed them that much. I believe that it kinda of goes against the brand's concept regarding ecological and sustainability issues. Why would you fill up a bath tube with water just to make it cute...? It's a waste of water and honestly think it goes against the whole eco-friendly thing.

-- NEW Shampoo Bar --

I've tried different shampoo bars over the years, but the  NEW Shampoo Bar has always been my favorite.It smells like cinnamon and clove and it is suppose to help with hair-fall and breakage. It comes with no packaging and it used to have an actual stick of cinnamon embedded on one of the sides, but it doesn't anymore. Now it comes with a cute and important message.
It's pretty simple to use -- I just use it like if I was using a regular bar of soap, but on my hair. It ladders up pretty easily and it makes a really cute pink foam that makes your hair smell amazing. And I've also noticed that with this shampoo my hair absolves less water -- I don't know why, or how, I just know that I feel like at the end of the shower my hair is not as wet as it is when I use other types of shampoo.

-- Serendipity Soap --

Serendipity Soap it's my favorite soap bar from Lush. Honestly, I think I hate the smell of most of them. But this  one smells like heaven.
It's a soap --  a regular soap bar --  that smells like lavender. Showering with this soap is really relaxing, and the whole bathroom gets filled with this comforting lavender smell. It does something that I like -- makes me feel completely clean, like all the oils and dirt were completely removed from my skin.

-- Enzymion Face Moisturizer --

Usually I'm not the biggest fan of moisturizers. I like very light  products, that get absorbed really quickly. And the Enzymion Face Moisturizer is exactly like that. It has a very fresh smell, and it is very very fluid. It has a completely mat finish and it's not oily or sticky. 
It's an expensive product but a little but goes a long way -- because it is so fluid, just a small amount it's more than enough for your face.

-- Mint Julips Lip Scrub --

I'm a bit crazy with exfoliation. I like to scrub all the dead skin of my body. Including off my lips. When I had braces, my lips were always dry and disgusting, so I began exfoliating them. The Mint Julips Lip Scrub was my best friend. It's a sugar scrub that you can actually eat -- it's just sugar and oils. All Lush's lip scrubs are sugar based and they just change the flavor. My favorite is this one -- that smells like mint and it leaves a nice tingling feeling on my lips.

-- Sandstone Soap --

And still on scrubbing products -- I absolutely love this Sandstone Soap. It's my latest obsession... It's the scrubbiest soap that Lush makes. It is made of sand. Like beach sand. After using this, your bathtub will look like a beach... It's rough, but it really scrubs you off. 
It is an awesome product BUT it's expensive and you can find cheaper ones on the market that do the same thing, but once in a while I like splurge on this one.

Have you tried any of this products? What's YOUR favorite Lush product? Let me know all in the comments!

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  1. Quero tanto ir à loja da lush em lisboa!!! Este ano quando lá fui, nem deu tempo para visitar, mas quero muito.

  2. Si te digo que aún no he probado nada de la marca y que tengo unas ganas locas ...Besitos

  3. Nunca experimentei nada da Lush, mas fico sempre muito curiosa :)

    Visita-me ❤ Freedom Girl

  4. Parecem-me bem interessantes as sugestões!!!bj

  5. eu tambem adorei o tempo em que usei o esfoliante de lábios da Lush, mas o meu era outro sabor =P


  6. Ando muito curiosa com os produtos da lush, mas não tenho nenhuma pertinho de mim :/

    A Maiazita

  7. Nossa que produtos interessantes! Amei bjo

  8. The shampoo bar sounds really interesting! I haven't tried anything from Lush but always hear about how great the products are.

  9. Já ouvi falar mas não conheço ainda nenhum produto, cada vez mais curiosa! Beijinhos*

  10. ando muitoo curiosa com esta marca, :D falam tão bem

  11. Uau que produtos maravilhoso amei os seus favoritos,
    obrigado pela visita e bom final de semana.

  12. Gosto do Serendipity Soap e adoro a Tea Tree water deles e a minha máscara favorita para o inverno é a Rosy Cheeks

  13. Também sou esquisita com cheiros! Nunca experimentei nada dessa marca, mas parece-me bem! :)
    O diário da Inês | Facebook | Instagram

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog! We have a Lush shop in Antwerp, and it's simply divine just walking past it, as it smells heavenly. I have tried some of their products, but never tried their shampoo bars, even though I have friends raving about it. I love cinnamon, so maybe I should give it a go? I'd buy the Serendipity soap for its name only. It's one of my favourite words in the English language! xxx

  15. Nunca testei nenhum desses produtos, mas parecem ser muito bons!
    Um beijo grande e muito GORDO

  16. It was such a joy reading your blog, love all of your sharings!

    GoBestShops👗 | Review
    Jewelry Blog 💍 | Sunflower Ring

  17. I totally agree with you. Lately Im really into sustainable/ecological consumption, not only in beauty but in fashion as well (In fact I'm starting a section in my blog talking about that, in case you want to check it out) and I want to get some products from Lush, but I never think about the bubble bombs. I just think is a big contradiction with their whole message and philosophy.


  18. I totally agree with you. Lately Im really into sustainable/ecological consumption, not only in beauty but in fashion as well (In fact I'm starting a section in my blog talking about that, in case you want to check it out) and I want to get some products from Lush, but I never think about the bubble bombs. I just think is a big contradiction with their whole message and philosophy.


  19. well written review.
    Thank you for sharing.

  20. Desde que te sigo que me deixas sempre a babar pelos produtos da Lush *.* Ainda não comprei nada da marca, acreditas? :x
    Blog An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram | Facebook

  21. eu gosto muito dos produtos da lush, expecialmente os sabonetes sao fantasticos, por acaso nunca experimentei nenhum shampoo em barra!


    Mimi in the Mirror

  22. Tenho mesmo que experimentar algo da Lush. Espero que nos próximos tempo consiga ter essa oportunidade.

    All We Need Is... | Facebook | Instagram

  23. I don't usually buy on Lush, because I don't have a shop near, but they have very interesting products. I've never used a shampoo bar.
    Have a nice day!

  24. Ainda não, mas um dia vou perder a cabeça eheheh

    adorava, também, experimentar mais produtos da Lush *.* Creio só ter experimentado um :(

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  25. I like Lush, I had bath bombs and they were amazing.



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