Monday, March 11, 2019

REVIEW | NIVEA Peel-off Urban Skin Detox Mask Mattify

I'm always looking for face-masks that are cheap and easy to do, that don't take too long to dry and don't make a huge mess. I really enjoy doing a face mask, at the end of the day, right before getting into the shower. It's a good ritual that helps me relax after a long hard day. And I really like the  Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox Masks. So the other day when I saw this one I knew I had to pick it up and try it out. 
This is the Urban Skin Detox Peel-Off Mask. It's a mattifying mask, with Black Rice and Green Tea Extract and it claims to remove dead skin and traces of urban pollution, minimize the appearance of pores and remove excess shine and oiliness.

Similarly to the Pore Minimizer, this mask has a gel-like consistency -- it even smells a little bit like hair gel, which is kind of weird --  and it's black. But it's not as black as those peel-off charcoal face masks, because it's very shear. 
This mask is very simple to apply and it doesn't make a mess. I usually squirt out an almond size amount on the back of my hand, and I use a little synthetic brush or just my fingers to apply an even layer all over my face, avoiding my eye area, eyebrows and lips. Because of its consistency the mask stays pretty much where you putt it doesn't drip or slide, so you can actual go one with you life while you wait for it to dry. It didn't stained my brush or my nails and it didn't make my sink all black! It was really easy to wash off the brush, putting the brush under running water was enough. The mask takes  15 to 20 minutes than you can peel it off. 

Because this mask has this opaque black, it makes you look like your face very dirty. And it will make super noticeable any facial hair you might have! So definitely do not use this if you are planning a pampering night with your SO.
You'll know that the face mask is dry because its texture actually changes -- this is pretty standard for a peel-off face mask -- you will feel like it is pulling your face, and if you try to open your mouth you will feel it resisting the movement. At this point the mask will feel very rubbery and when you don't feel any wet spots you know it's ready to come off. Taking the mask off was very easy -- and sometimes these masks do not come out in one attempt, or leave patches on you face but this one came out really easily. When the mask is fully dry, the edges start do pull away from the skin and you can actually roll them up until enough has lifted off you you to grab it with your fingers and slowly peel it off. It's really satisfying to do this.
If any pieces of mask are left behind, you can just wash them off with a cloth and some warm water.

I always say this when I am reviewing a skin care product but don't expect to see amazing instant results, because that doesn't happen. I didn't really noticed anything with the size of my pores but I did noticed that my skin was really matte. It felt like the oils were really stripped off my skin -- specially in my t-zone. And I was really happy about that. My skin felt clean, oil-free and healthy.


  1. Não conhecia :o geralmente não ando muito a par dos produtos de rosto da NIVEA :x
    obrigada pela partilha



  2. Confesso que não conhecia esta máscara, mas parece-me que ia gostar do efeito. Pele limpa e saudável é o que se quer!

    Um beijinho,

  3. It seems a good product, thanks for sharing.

  4. Fiquei com vontade de experimentar, ver se vejo à venda! :)
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  5. I love Nivea products. Must try this mask!

  6. Já não faço uma mascara peel-off há imenso tempo! Fiquei interessada pelo efeito matte, normalmente uso máscara de noite :)

  7. Tenho de experimentar, exactamente porque sou muito fã de máscaras assim, fáceis, rápidas e eficazes, sabes?


  8. I love Nivea. Want to try this mask!

  9. Thanks for the review! It looks awesome :)

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  10. Por acaso nunca encontrei esta máscara à venda, ou então não me chamou à atenção haha

  11. Todo es estupendo! Feliz fin de semana y gracias por pasarte por mi blog! ♡♡♡

  12. Gosto muito da marca, mas este produto não conhecia. Obrigada pela partilha :)

  13. Não conhecia, mas parece ser ótima!

  14. Sem dúvida alguma :D

    Por norma a minha pele não se dá muito com produtos da nívea :( ainda assim, fiquei com curiosidade de experimentar :D

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  15. Nunca experimentei mas parece bastante bom.

  16. Nunca usei... Ando a usar uma da Garnier que gosto imenso :)
    Um beijinho,

    1. Great product. I like the products of Nivea so much.

  17. Adoro máscaras faciais, mas ultimamente ando tão preguiçosa para as fazer... x)

  18. Parece ótimo esse produto.
    Feliz dia do blogueiro!
    Big Beijos,
    Lulu on the sky

  19. wow great review..i want to try this on..


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