Monday, March 4, 2019

SixthContinent | HOW TO GET 50% OFF ON GAS and other stuff

I'm always very skeptical about Free stuff. I know that no one just hands you free stuff... And I'm not the kind to be looking for cheap deals. However, I've recently found of a site where you can buy gift gift cards for as a price lower than their face value. What does this mean? It means you can buy a 20€ gift card for half the price. Oh yeah. And one of the best deals they have -- valid in Portugal -- is a gift card for Cepsa! Yes, this means free gas! And this is why people are really raving about! I don't own a car, so for me this deal is useless, but I've bought a two Media Market gift-cards and I use them to buy some small appliances. And yeah, it's legit!

SixthContinent is an Italian online platform operating since 2013. It presents it self as a frugal social network, where part of its profits return back to the users. I know, it sounds far-fetched but hear me out. When you buy a gift card trough the website, you get cashback and credits that can be applied to your next purchase. You can even get this stuff for free!

SixthContinent basically distributes 6% of its profit trough all the community, and of curse the value dependes on how much was spent:
- 1% goes to all the country members that made the purchase
- 1% goes to the member that invite the user that made the purchase
- 1% goes to the member that invited the store
- 1% is divided by all the people you follow on the "Social tab"
- 1% goes back to the user that made the purchase
- 1% goes to SixthContinent.

Using this website my seem a little complicated at first, but trust me, it's worth learning how to use it.
You start by creating an account, using a valid email and your personal details. It's important that you use your real info. After your account is all set up, the website gives you 5€ + 5000 points for you to spend, and an extra 7400 points you fill up all your info.

There are two types of currency in this website -- Points and Credits -- and both can be used to reduce the price of whatever are you are buying. For example, if you have 12.50€, you can buy a 25€ Media Market card for half the price. If you have enough to cover the 25€, you can even get the card for free.

-- With my current balance I could buy a 25€ gift card and only pay 14.50€ and still get 1€ credited back into my account --

Every day the website makes that profit distribution and every day you get a few earnings. It averages on 0.40€/day -- which means you will receive at around 12€/month to spend. Without doing nothing. 
Also, if you login every day they, offer you 100 points/day + 500 points/week + 1000 points/month. It's nice but it it's not really worth the worry. If you happen to be able to login, do it, otherwise don't worry about it.

There aren't that many gift cards available in the Portuguese store. The Media Market one is cool, because you can buy bunch of stuff on Media Market. But the really good is one the one for Cepsa -- that as you can clearly see is a crowd-pleaser.

In the Spanish store you have an even better card -- an Amazon Spain Gift card! There are stores available for multiple European countries -- Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, etc, with different gift cards available, however I don't know if they're valid for Portugal. But the Spanish Amazon Gift Card you can definitely use on Amazon ES to buy some goodies -- I'm actually saving up to get one of those next! 

The bonus that they give you for signing up, it is only valid until the end of that month, and that's why I'm writing this post today. You should sign up and you can wait until the end of the month and then you can buy a gift card using your sign in bonus plus all the daily earnings that you are getting without doing nothing. The earlier in the month you sing up, the more daily earnings you'll get, the more money you'll have to spend.

Have you ever heard about this website? Have you tried it before? Tell me all about it in the comments!

-- This post is not sponsored in anyway. I learned about this website from the blog Poupa E Ganha and they have written a bunch of post about how much money they've saved using it. You can absolutely read more about it on that blog -- it's in portuguese -- 


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  2. wow this sounds wonderful. I will definitely check it out. happy Monday dear. xx

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  3. Great post.

  4. Muito interessante, é a primeira vez que ouço falar disto! :)
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  5. a cobertura é bastante elevada, mas nem se sente nada na pele :)

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  6. Não conhecia! Tenho de experimentar!!!

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  8. r: Confesso que também fiquei com essa opinião, não é que as pizzas fossem más. Até eram boas, mas que já comi melhor já. Acho que foi mesmo por ser massa fina.
    Obrigada pela tua sugestão, já apontei na lista para lá ir eheheh

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  10. Utilizo o SixthContinent desde Agosto de 2018 e já poupei um bom dinheiro! :)
    Uma excelente oportunidade para poupar, principalmente no combustível.


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