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REVIEW | ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Iluminating Pears

If have been around for a while, you probably remember that I had - a long time a go - a sort of partnership with an Oriflame Consultant. She was a super nice girl, help me set up a giveaway and gave me few products to try. And at the time, I chose the products I wanted to try, and I chose products that I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed by. And I remember that the products were good, but just OK. Not mind-blowing, not life changing, just OK.

And a while back, a friend of my mom's showed me the catalog, and she pushed me into buying this and honestly -- What a waste of money!

These are the Giordani Gold Iluminating Pears. For what I noticed from the catalog -- and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong -- this Giordani Gold line is supposed to be Oriflame's high end line of products. They look more fancy and are more expensive. These light-diffusing multi-coloured pearls are hand-crafted in Italy and ideal for accentuating and freshening complexion -- or at least that's what the brand states.

-- without flash --

They are in fact, really pretty in their little black and gold jar. The pearls are in 4 different shades -- like color correcting shades -- ice-white, peach, green, purple and a nudy-shade. And the idea is that you swirl your brush around, pick up some products and apply it as a highlighter or even as an all over the face powder. But here's the thing -- I don't think that the glow is enough for it to be used as highlighter, and I think that all over the face it's just too much... You can see from the pictures I took. The one without flash -- it just casts a super with shadow on my skin, and on the one with flash you can see that it gives a really light glow only on some parts. And this was really fully packed on my harm. I masked a small area of my arm with little hear sticker so you can clearly see the difference where I've applied the product, and even though the glow is really pretty in the picture with flash, I hate how it looks in person! It just makes me look white pale. 

-- with flash --

This was not a cheap product -- yep, this thingy costs 31€! And I feel that, for THAT amount of money I could have bought a much better product, with higher quality and much better performance. I was already kind of expecting this, but yet I gave it benefit or the doubt and bought this product. I thought that because it was from the more premium line, it wouldn't be a failure, but I guess I was wrong.
What do you think?


  1. Que produto fofo, com essas perolas, só por isso já comprava xD. Mas esse preço, realmente não é muito barato...
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  2. Good review 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  3. Eu também já as comprei mas numa promoção acho caras demais para o produto que é.


  4. Não percebo nada disso porque nunca usei =P


    P.S: Não sei qual utilizam, mas penso que deve ser o SAP. Temos o HANA e o ONE.

  5. sorry you didn't like it. my ice cream post went off too early, so you will see it again in a week, thanks for commenting today.

  6. I think like you, is not a bad product... but maybe you can obtent better things for less money.

  7. Oh how disappointing! It's always a letdown when something photographs well but doesn't actually perform well. (Or vice versa.)

  8. Nunca achei muita piada estes produtos, sempre achei que não funcionassem hahaha

    xoxo ♡
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  9. Unfortunately it happens that sometimes we spend a lot of money but we are not happy.
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  10. Adoro iluminador, ando mesmo viciada em produtos deste tipo... já não consigo viver sem maquilhagem e o iluminador é o meu produto preferido do momento!
    Não tenho nenhum assim em bolinhas, desse tipo tenho é bronzeador (tem também algum brilho mas é mesmo mais para dar uma corzinha mais saudável).

  11. Adorei a resenha, parece ser um ótimo iluminador

  12. Oh it reminds me with the blush from Guerlain!

  13. Utilizo mas poucas vezes, mas é um ótimo produto!!

  14. Por acaso não uso nada disso... mas parece fixe!

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  15. Não conhecia, mas parece bastante bom.

  16. Achei muito lindo, não conhecia ainda.

  17. valem imenso a pena :D

    por acaso já tinha ouvido falar...

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  18. Gostei do efeito na pele. Também já experimentei pérolas (mas bronzer) e gostei muito*

  19. Confesso que não conhecia... pelo que gostei imenso, de ficar a par do mesmo, pela tua experiência pessoal...
    Que pena não ter correspondido às expectativas... para mais sendo uma marca tão conhecida!...


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