Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Braces | Week #1 Update

My first week with braces is over. It has been a rough week, thankfully I have been super busy and I haven't had time to complain or to deal with it too much.

Let's start with the good stuff. I can already see differences! Actually I could see them after just two days! I wasn't expecting it to work so fast. Now, I have a small gap between my front teeth. When I floss, the string enters the space between my teeth like butter -- no resistance at all --  and this didn't used to happen. My teeth were completely stuck together. I have to admit, this is super impressive! 

Unfortunately,  I have way more bad comments to make. First, it is super hard to eat. I have been eating soup and baby-food all week because it is super hard to chew. My front teeth hurt if I even touch them slightly and it is impossible for me to bite. My back teeth have the rings that hold everything together and when I -- try to -- chew, the rings get pressed into my gum and it hurts a bit. Also, I keep hurting and cutting my tong in a metal thing that is stuck to the ring but on the inside -- near my tong. Over all I can say that the pain have been decreasing but it's still uncomfortable. Most of you said that with time I'll become more used to it. -- fingers crossed!

Oh and let'snot forget the mess. Food gets stuck in the brackets. All the time. And its disgusting. I have to clean my teeth right after every meal. Oh yeah, and brushing is a very complex process now. It takes me at least 10 to 15 min to have everything properly clean. I brush my teeth like I would normally do, then each individual bracket and I use an intra-dental brush to clean behind the wire. Plus floss, mouth wash and gum-gel. I know I am a bit obsessed when it comes to self-hygiene, but a I have to be sure that every single inch is clean, and that I don't have any disgusting little piece of food stuck in my mouth. I've set an appointment with my dental hygienist to see if I am doing what I'm supposed to do but it's only in January. Any tips on this subject?

I also want to thank you all for you nice works, tips and support! Thank you :)


  1. Com o tempo habituamo-nos a tudo. Ainda bem que andaste ocupada na primeira semana.

  2. Boa sorte !!! Vais ver que é uma questão de hábito :)

  3. No dia em que pus o aparelho, o senhor meu pai decidiu fazer um churrasco.
    Com barriguinhas daquelas que custa a trincar, mas são super boas.
    É escusado dizer que passei uma semana a não comer como um ser humano normal.

  4. Oh y best wishes for you
    With luck with braces!

  5. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)

  6. Muita sorte! Vais ver que será por uma boa causa :)

  7. Espero que tudo se vá tornando mais fácil. Não fazia ideia de que os resultados eram tão rápidos. Durante quanto tempo é que terás de usar aparelho?

  8. Habituamos-nos a tudo...o tempo ajuda.boa sorte.

  9. O primeiro mês é sempre o mais complicado mas depois tudo melhora ;) Boa sorte!

  10. Very nice !!Thanks for stopping by my blog and leave a nice comment , happy weekend!!!kiss!!!

  11. O que custa é o inicio.
    Boa sorte :)

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