Friday, December 25, 2015

Stuck In My Head | Under Cover of Darkness

I few years ago, I got really drunk one night and started to cry because I couldn't marry Julian Casablancas. I think deep down in my heart he is the love of my life. And he loves me too. I know. We are soul mates. He just needs to see me somewhere and he'll feel it to.
Please Julian, bae, give me motivation to go back to work. 


Get dressed, jump out of bed and do it best.
Are you OK?
I've been out around this town
Everybody's singing the same song for ten years.


  1. Obrigada pelo miminho que recebi querida! Adorei mesmo :)

  2. Great video, great song, great band.
    Hope you had a great Christmas (drunk or sober -- ha)
    Now back to our regularly scheduled program . . .

  3. Hahahaha, morri XD


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