Friday, January 22, 2016

Promdresses with PromTimes!

My blog is not even close of being a fashion blog. I've never posted an ootd or anything similar. I have shared with you stuff that I've bought, made some wishlists. But it's not like I am some sort of fashion, very à vant garde type of girl. I share what I like and my experiences. So when asked me to write  post about them I was a bit unsure about what to say.

Prom? Oh yes I went to prom. It was awesome. I partied like a rock star, and had a really awesome time! Do you wanna know what I wore? Some designer dark blue skinny jeans, super high black heals and a pink corset that I had specially made for me - really I picked the fabric,  and I payed a lady to make it to fit my body perfectly. It was not the traditional prom look, but I never liked being a sheep, ok? And besides, this kinda of look was very trendy! Everybody on TV was dressing like this ! I looked cool, I felt like myself and I don't regret what I wore. But if my prom was today I would chose a totally outfit! I've chosen some dresses from that I love and that I would totally wear! offers a huge variety of dresses. They not only have all types of dress, as they also offer the same model in a rainbow of colors, so you can choose the perfect dress in the perfect color. They also fit the dress to your size, if you want! They give info about how to size yourself and how to take your measurements! This is awesome. A fitted dress without having to go and deal with the big mess of shopping? What more could you ask for?! It's the perfect online shopping experience!

Apparently I'm into sweat heard necklines, because all the dresses I've chosen have this feature.
I really like this very fitted watermelon dress. I think the rushing is really beautiful and very flattering. This would be a great option. It would also be awesome in black!

Another type of dresses that I really love are these A-shaped ones. I like that is fitted on the top, and slightly more flowy at the bottom.The first one it's in on of my favorite colors -- olive green --  but I think that it would be just the perfect black dress to have in my closet for any occasion. The one with the pink skirt, is a slightly more fun, I think. But I think this royal blue color is just so beautiful and fun, as well as the beading on the top.


I also really liked this two with a fuller skirt. The pink one just reminds me of a Modern Disney Princess. I love the beading on the top and the high waist! The second one, just screams fun! It makes me think of a rock star ready to have the best night ever! I love the corset on this one also, the beading is just so amazing!


Did you went to prom already? What did you wore? 
And if you are going to prom, what kind of dress are you thinking about wearing? If you need some inspiration, browser though! I am certain that you'll find something you love!


  1. em 2005, quando foi o meu baile de finalistas, queria um muito parecido ao azul petróleo que a senhora loira veste. Acabei por levar um nada a ver ahah

  2. OHH, a minha "prom night" já foi há algum tempo mas os vestidos são de facto lindíssimos!

    Catarina ♡ |

  3. Não fui a nenhum dos meus Prom's :)

  4. i loved this :) kisses dear

  5. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  6. Que vestidos lindos. *--*
    amei as inspirações.
    Beijos. ♥

    Diário da Lady

  7. tenho mordida aberta e cruzada, o que na prática quer dizer que os meus dentes de cima não alinham com os de baixo e os dois não fecham completamente entre si... e que tenho queixo de bruxa, pronto xD


  8. Love post dear..Have a Great Weekend
    kisses, Epsita

    New Post:

  9. De todos, o meu favorito foi o último, super elegante e engraçado! eheh
    Um beijinho grande, linda! :)

  10. Gosto do vestido roxo que lindo.
    R: Não levo nada a mal obrigada por me corrigires estou a ponderar escrever só em português e ter um tradutor automático para todas as línguas.

  11. I love the blue one!!! wish i could have a prom again haha

  12. Um aparte - Sempre te imaginei assim bem parecida com a figura da tua foto identificativa =)

  13. usava o primeiro:) Gostei de conhecer:)

  14. Tantos vestidos giros!!
    Grande beijinho,

  15. Your idea to wear black, sounds the best. The little black dress is always good-looking and suitable.

  16. OS vestidos são lindos! Eu fui ao baile da Faculdade com um vestido comprido e vermelho :) E também me diverti imenso!

  17. Adorei o modelo do verde, mas noutra cor era melhor!


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